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Powerslide R6 Marathon Trinity skates – Speaking Specs

Powerslide R6 Marathon Trinity skates – Speaking Specs

and yet again we’re back with another
episode of Powerslide TV today I’m here to talk to you again about another
one of our racing skates this time it’s a little bit more in the power skating
direction with that it’s designed to be a racing skate let’s say from here
down and then a little bit more comfort from here up so it’s especially
important when choosing the skate that’s right for you that you
choose something that meets your let’s say standard of skating not just
physically because I imagine some of you are very very fit but you also need to
factor in your technique level so for example if you’re just moving
out of a supermarket pair of skates you’re not going to jump into a pair of
full carbon fiber icons you need a stepping stone and that skate is the
marathon skate it’s the perfect skate for that because it offers support and
comfort with the cuff but also fast wheels and a strong and stable shell so
the marathon skate has been in the collection for a few years now
again another skate that’s undergoing a massive upgrade thanks to our
trinity mounting so perfect for outdoor road skating lowest vibration added
stability and also better power transfer features 125 Powerslide infinity
wheels which are made from super high rebound or race performance urethane and
last but not least wicked ABEC 7 bearings so very very fast rolling so
the whole complete package is really designed for people that I don’t know
skating a marathon a couple of times a year or just want to get outside and
skate long distances Powerslide we love to skate and as always with me don’t
forget to leave your comments in the section below because we want to hear
your feedback too


Hey Powerslide, I love this r6 marathon skates but I wanna ask if I can use them with a some frame 4 x 110 ? And Trinity have ones 4 x 110 for use in this skates? Thank you

I am planning to skate the marathon distance once a month with maybe 20 miles two weekends each month. I skate quad speed skates today so I will be moving up to a triskate with at least 110 wheels. I am working with Jurgen on boot sizing, but for skates in general would you recommend a “R” series model or a Swell model like Road, Black or a Grand Prix?

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