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Powerslide Race Attack helmet – Speaking Specs

Powerslide Race Attack helmet – Speaking Specs

Welcome again to another episode of Powerslide TV we do more than skates – obviously we have a full range of
protection and today we’re going to talk about our new Race Attack helmet all our
Race Attack helmets obviously pass all the major norms and certificates around
the world so safety is our number one priority and it should be yours too when
you’re skating because obviously on a pair of skates or a scooter or a
skateboard you can go fast so always wear a helmet when you’re outside
doesn’t matter if you’re a young kid skating or a world champion a helmet
will save your life one day in a crash speaking from personal experience it’s
really fitness skating helmet but it’s also used in racing and things – very
very lightweight thanks to its high density EPS cool feature of this helmet
is a safety feature it has a rear-facing led so a couple of different modes so if
you’re out skating in low-light areas or even dusk or Twilight when the
seasons are getting shorter you can know that you’re going to be a little bit
more seen and one other exciting point about this helmet it comes in a smaller
size so perfect for kids or women or ladies with a smaller head so
what we’ve tried to do and it comes in three colors so this is obviously the
black and blue model we have a white and pink model and a black and yellow model
too so again a super cool helmet for us very lightweight and also extremely safe Powerslide we love to skate!

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