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Powerslide RoadRunner 150mm Wheels Test

Powerslide RoadRunner 150mm Wheels Test

ola youtube my name is ricardo lino
and i am a wheel addict so the question is always the same can you use your
off-road skates in the regular surfaces something like cement tar yes you can
is it the same well not really we actually made a video in this channel
about skating with these wheels in the rain and they do work really well but
these skates when you have inflatable wheels in a hard surface it becomes
super super slow is there a solution yes it is and the solution is these are the
road runner 150 millimeters skates from powerslide they are super super heavy
because they are wider they have a lot more urethane and they allow you to roll
on this case when you buy these they don’t come in a six pack usually you buy
these wheels individually of course it comes without the bearings but it comes
weight a super wide spacer because again the
wheels are wider and it also comes with two little spacers that you put outside
the wheel now am I gonna put them now yes am I going
to film this video today yes but not just today basically I’m gonna put all
these rules in the skates I’m gonna take them out I want to skate them in a city
environment I want to learn not I want to see if it’s possible to go downstairs
I want to try to give a proper use of these skates and then yes then I’m gonna
get back here in the studio and I’m gonna tell you my opinion so stay there
and enjoy this one this is huge okay so just came from outside what I
even got one of the wheels loose just came from outside and yes I was testing
these the 150s weighed my evo trinity boot and let me tell you a bit about it
I have a little paper here and on this paper basically I wrote the things that
I actually wanted to try and I could actually say how I feel about 150 so I
wanted to try some slides I wanted to try just like a parallel slide acid
slide then I wanted to try some super slow strides I wanted to try some fast
tries like skating fast I wanted to try a trick or two I want to try crossing
when I turn skating some rough surfaces going down some stairs and even trying
just a little bit of like a grass ride just like if I need to go a little bit
off-road or something like that so now I can actually give my opinions about this
let me just put this one down because the table is too full and here’s the
thing is it too big it’s not easy to skate 150 s are completely different
from 125 this might seem weird it doesn’t seem like a big difference but
it is a huge difference from 125 to 150 it’s actually a huge difference and this
frame look there’s space here in between the wheels which makes it a tall frame a
super long frame and this is probably the most important thing the wheels are
actually super wide and these super wide wheels have a bigger footprint so tall
long with a bigger footprint you feel really hard to turn every movement is
actually super super slow do I enjoy it yes I did would I use it every single
day I don’t think so basically I think that
this could be the type of setup if you have a if you have an off-road setup and
if you want to take advantage of that off-road setup yes you can get these
wheels and use your skates on the pavement it’s actually a lot better a
lot faster than using the inflatable tires but as everyday skate it’s really
really heavy and really tall so yeah I guess that’s it it does work for slides
I’ve been finding out that usually the white urethane maybe it’s just with me
over the last few months but I find out that the the white wheels have a little
bit less grip I might be wrong but this is what I feel over the last few months
I felt it with the rosies X 35 and then I felt it with the undercover wheels
they have a little bit less grip but in my opinion that’s a good thing because I
want to be able to slide and I want to be able to maneuver my skates
I guess if this would have other type of you thing like a really really grippy
one would make it harder to skate because it’s such a tall set up I would
never ever advise you to skate this cage with a not supportive enough boot I said
it a lot of times and I I keep saying the same like the more supported boot
that you can get is actually carbon boot that’s it you can have maybe like a
plastic boot with a super tall liner laced all the way to the top but this
works and this is not a really tall setup it’s the Evo Trinity it’s not a
really tall boot but it’s actually super super supportive and I actually felt
more control in this setup that I would ever expect to ever I thought it would
be a lot harder to skate now I know that these skates are not allowed in
marathons and stuff like that from what I know the maximum wheel size that you
can use is a it’s a 125 and 125 s are not allowed if you’re gonna be racing in
a track if you’re gonna be racing in road they
don’t allow you to go 125 and on marathons they don’t allow you to go
bigger than 125 but I believe that this could actually work now the thing is
because you have such tall syrup I believe that if you’re gonna be skating
really long distances yes once you get the speed you keep the speed it’s
actually really cool it’s gonna make you flow around really easy the rough
surfaces become like smooth that’s cool but you work a lot more in your ankle so
maybe if you’re going to be doing a marathon probably after a while you
would start putting your feet in wrong positions and those wrong positions that
wrong placement of your food would be a lot more evident would probably not be
the best for a marathon and that’s probably why the biggest is 125 would
I’d love to try it yes I would I would actually like to try this for longer
distances the other day we did 10 kilometers me my wife’s and France
trying to I think you saw the last video skating tonight we were just trying to
get some money from these animal shelter and I did 10ks and I didn’t really felt
like nothing yes it’s heavy but we’re also not skating for wheels
it’s three wheels three 150s and my final verdict is I really enjoyed it
I wouldn’t use it as my only skate but if you ever off-road set up if you have
a 150 set up it’s actually a must because if you go out for the weekend
you can only take one pair of skates well you can take the off roads if
you’re going to go camping or something but at the same time if you think these
you can also use this case for something else now there’s something that I want
to try I want to try the off-road wheels in the front and in the back with a
urethane wheel in the middle I might try that soon but there will be another
video so if you do want to see that other videos that I’m just saying now
well subscribe to this channel give me some thumbs up if you like it if you
didn’t like it you can give me some thumbs down but let me know what it
didn’t like about this video and like I always say just don’t forget why we all
start skating and it is because it’s fun Cheers
and seasoned by the way there’s a lot of changes about to happen a lot of changes


try it both ways! ie, pneumatic wheel on the ends and pneumatic wheel in the middle. No idea what'll happen either way, never skated pneumatic wheels.

Nice skating on those. If you want to go faster and be more agile, I suggest tossing the middle wheels to save weight. I would still add 8mm spacers to keep the frame rigid or install tiny wheels with custom width spacers. Just avoid stair rolls afterward 🙂

Awesome, I would love to try that. Unfortunate that they're so heavy, I already heard this opinion. Wouldn't it be nice to have a possibility of thinner, maybe 135mm wheels?

Could you do the same test run with the 2 wheel Edge frame? I’ve been dying to see it. I think the frame is shorter and it cuts out the weight.

It's good to finally see someone give these wheels a spin! I would love to see Powerslide evolve the 150mm wheel into a marathon set up, something more narrow, with a larger stiffer hub & a bit less urethane.

Love the video, looking forward to seeing you mix the 2 wheel types.

Thank you

You could probably work a natural rocker in there by running no middle wheel for a few dozen km, I would think you could almost 3 wheel wizard if you managed a good rocker… sick video man

First time i saw you doing a mohawk, nice 😀
Did you ever get your Hands on the PS edge (2 wheeled offroad frame)? There are NO reviews or comparisons on the internetz
O. O" why?

Hey Lino. So i just bought some Powerslide Swell Trinity 100mm triskates. Very good skates and i like how stabile they are without it cutting circulation to my ankle like my older beginner skates. Only thing i still have with these skates is my feet start hurting after about 15 minutes on skates. What do you recommend for comfort and performance?

Hey Ricardo most of the times i skate with a big group of cyclists on the streets we do between fifteen to twenty miles and most of the time we do speed do you think with those one fifty wheels i will go faster by the way my skates are powerslide grand prix one twenty five.

i'm glad to see that you are going to make a full review on the rubber tires on pavement! Also gratz with powerslide official instagram posting a video of you rocking these huge 150mm monsters!
Do you think that if powerslide wanted, they could make it even better to skate if they made a frame specific to these huge wheels? what would be an improvement? making the wheels close to eachother with a shoter frame? making the wheels closer to the skate with a lower frame?In my skating experience i'm all about cruising smoothly through long distances, but as of right now i've only skated 80mm, wanted some 84mm 85a for my skates but those are hard to come by, also can only dream on getting the next 125mm

Você levantou um ponto nesse vídeo que me fez questionar: se você pudesse ter apenas 1 par de patins, qual seria o setup? 4x80mm? 3×110? 3×125?

Ricardo Lino – Very well done review, and thank you for addressing the fundamental questions that we all seek answers to. Your assessment with these larger wheels is right on point. Another point is the fact that as wheels get bigger, the amount of adjustability on the frame also must increase. I returned the Outback SUVs because the Trinity mount did not permit sufficient adjustment to use them – they actually had half as much movement on frame as my 125mm marathon skates, but actually needed 2x as much. Keep up the great work – you certainly are going no where but UP!

Hey Lino, have you thought about trying to put 125mm wheels on the SUV frame? I know it's kind of unorthodox, but it might be nice to have a very long frame with a lot of space between the wheels with the benefits of big wheels. I kind of imagine it as being an oversized version of the stock Katana 90mm setup you get with the HC EVO.

Yeah mix it up! Will be interesting to know how it feels to get different grip. I also thought about mixing for example regular wheels with storm surge wheels when being wet outside. Would you say that you get better support with the EVO then using Imperials?

hi lino, i have a question about the rollers, you have any recommendation for the Xuanwu rollers, i have this question because have a cost very low, and i need know the quality of this rollers, i link the exemplar of i want buy

Thanks for an awesome video!

My 4x110mm and 3x125mm are always harder to turn when they're brand new and after rotating them—I hate rotating my wheels for that reason. However, I suspect that these will maneuver much better after a few more hours of carving and distance.

Also, the frame length is in the range for marathon skates: they're 12.9" while most marathon frames are around 12.5"-13.0".

The real difference is the wheel weight—they weigh in ~365g (wheel + bearings) whereas my marathon 125mm + bearings are 186g (but worn down a bit—already rotated at least once). That's almost double the wheel weight! I would really like 150mm wheels to help with the bad pavement that I encounter on my commute and when traveling to new places.

Now I just need to find the right high-cuff trinity boot for the balance between distance skating (ventilation) and off-road (rigid). My metropolis SUV 125mm skates were great in the dirt-jump park, but too slow everywhere else (I'd rather be mountain biking on most mountain bike trails and I'd rather be on pavement with PU wheels).

I want to be pulled by my dog on skates, on concrete, grass and forest roads of dirt and small stones. I am not going to skate downhill, do tricks etc, I just want to go as fast and light as possible on these surfaces. Anyone know what would be best to buy kind is skate by all different kinds? Three wheels, two wheels? Brands? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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