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Powerslide ROLLEROBICS Partner Workout 2

Powerslide ROLLEROBICS Partner Workout 2

Welcome one more day to a new
Rollerobics workout. This time I have the pleasure to be with Amalia.
Today we bring you a workout that will activate all the muscles in your body.
we will always do it in a guided way with repetitions
but this time we bring you the workout with music, so please
follow the music’s rythm, which makes it easy and simple
and here we are in this place with beautiful views.
Amalia, What do you say? Any tips? I recommend them to get ready because this season
I will go back to Brazil more prepared for everyone to experiment
and become stronger Main part The only block that
we will repeat twice We repeat the exercise again. Amalia just told me something really interesting and
I want you to know before the video ends. It as been very useful
to do this video together, because people will be motivated and they
will see it is so fun and can be done anywhere Also sometimes we are afraid of
trying new things but Rollerobics is something that can be adapted
to any person and level We work resistance,
strength, flexibility,… Why don’t you give it a try? we are doing the video and enjoying
and laughing while we workout If you like the video,give it a try! this workout is different from the others,
please give it a like and write your feedback and information about what you liked. Kisses! see you soon. Goodbye!


#welovetoskate ROLLEROBICS – A perfect workout to follow live. It will make your pulse accelerate.

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