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Powerslide ROLLEROBICS Testimonials: Amalia from Brazil

Powerslide ROLLEROBICS Testimonials: Amalia from Brazil

Hi, Im Amalia from Guarulhos (Brazil). Im the mum of Sofia and Beatriz. After giving birth I was very unhappy with
my silhouette specially with my stomach. I was overweight and almost obese. Then I rediscovered inline skating. Best
thing of my life! Skating and nutritional re education made
me lose a lot of weight. But something was missing. I used to work out a lot the lower body but
I needed a workout for my upper body. For my back, shoulder, breast… Then I found Rollerobics at the internet. The Rollerobics practice is efficient and
very fun. Through skating Im getting to know myself
at 35 years old.


What are your thoughts on #rollerobics body transformations? do you have similar stories to share? Let us know and give us (and Amalia) a like! #powerslide #welovetoskate

Пышкой ты гораздо лучше выглядела, а сейчас как лесбиянка-феминистка.

I agree that there should be a longer video showing the different movements in a more structural way and also explain which muscles are being triggered. This is a good start 🙂 … I myself want to use my inlines for these kinds of activities as well!

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