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Powerslide ROLLEROBICS Workout – Activate your core

Powerslide ROLLEROBICS Workout – Activate your core

Hi everyone, welcome to the new ROLLEROBICS
training! Are you ready? The aim of the session is to strengthen quadriceps,
hamstrings and glutes while activating your core. Come with me! The session is divided into 3 parts. 1: warm up. 2: high interval intensive rollerobics training. And 3: the cool down. It’s time to stretch your body and say bye-bye
and see you in the next workout. See you soon!


Powerslide, I subscribe to your channel, but I would like for these rollerobics to be like a separate sub you tube channel. For the reason I can watch several of them in a row to make it an hour or hour and half workout. Like an aerobics workout DVD.

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