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Powerslide Samurai skates – Speaking Specs

Powerslide Samurai skates – Speaking Specs

hello everyone welcome back again to
another episode of Powerslide TV today I want to talk to you about our
samurai complete skate the samurai complete skate is obviously one of our
highest end racing models it features a full carbon fiber shell and a microfiber
upper however one of the unique things about the samurai skate is that it also
features a very narrow fitting in the ankle and achilles area so this is
designed for people who want a little bit more stability and
support and maybe you’re a little bit skinnier in this area of the foot the
second point where it’s a little bit unique it’s slightly higher cut than a
lot of the lower cut and higher-end speed skates which are
traditionally a little bit more low cut that just offers again a little bit
more stability a couple of power straps on the front just just to make it a
really tight and secure fit the whole way around as I said it’s 100% carbon
fiber the shell so therefore it’s really really stiff but at the same time being
really lightweight the complete skate is completed by the powerslide triple x frame
so that’s obviously the best aluminum frame in the world super stiff super
lightweight it’s the frame all our racing team uses massive upgrade is
using matters famous g13 wheels so it comes fully equipped ready to
race and last but not least it comes with wicked Japan bearings so Japan
technology really high end race bearings so out of the box ready to go ready to
race if you need to customize it there’s a couple of different areas where you
can still do that obviously heat molding is possible we have various heat molding
tutorials on our YouTube channel for heat molding and this boot you should
always follow the instructions for that the second one is obviously we have our
X slot mounting so as you may have seen in one of these videos you can also move
the frame forward and backwards and also inside and outside of the foot so
there’s a little bit of information about the samurai skate I hope you
enjoyed it and remember we love to skate


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