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Powerslide Swell Black Road 125 skates – Speaking Specs

Powerslide Swell Black Road 125 skates – Speaking Specs

Hello welcome back to Powerslide TV
your favorite TV station worldwide today we talk about the Powerslide Swell
Road 125 it’s a new model and it’s built on our hybrid system so we have a soft
front but we have a hard shell inside it’s all lasted by hand so it’s really a
high quality product based on race technology so it’s made the same way
like race skates but with more comfort and more function in mind the Swell is
based on the Trinity mounting so we have three mounting points which gives you
more power transfer more stability you are lower to the ground and you have a
better push and less vibration along with this comes a new 3D casted elite
frame it’s super lightweight it’s casted in magnesium and it’s actually not only
used for fitness but a lot of our race team especially the girls like this
frame a lot it’s not super stiff so it’s a little bit more forgiving very nice to
handle and very nice to skate and very light it comes with a single axle system
ABEC 9 Wicked bearings and we have Matter wheels on it so we have the matter
image wheels on this 125 thanks for jumping in Scott and the lacing system
is a normal traditional front lacing system and then we have a 45 degree heel
strap which locks to heel really well into the shell and then on top we have a
buckle a ratchet buckle male and female and on top of it what some people
really like we have additional laces and eyelets under the cuff so you can lace
it up to the top and then you have more control or you can also adjust your flex
forward flex less or more another great feature of the Swell Road Skate is that
you have additional inner soles so some people prefer to skate it without inner
sole because it has already a built in EVA inner sole under the bottom under
the microfiber but for some people who have too
much room or want to have more control they can put in this extra Myfit inner
sole which is actually designed for skating it locks the heel really well
where it’s needed right under the ankle bone and it has
actually a really nice arch support and a front support so it’s really made
for skating and developed by an orthopedic guy and will fit like all
the Swell Skates and all the other Powerslide Skates too so this can be
additionally added in and on top of this the skate comes with a height
adjustable brake system which can be also easily mounted to every skate so it
comes inside the box and all the hardware is added on so just put it on
screw in the big ones inside the axle and the small ones directly into the
frame so all the hardware is included and if the brake is worn down you can
adjust it in height and lower it and you can also adjust the braking point and
the braking angle so you can have more or less power while braking and then
stop faster or more comfortable otherwise it’s really ventilated well
the flyknit really comes through we have like holes even in the microfiber
lining which is inside which is high quality and super long-lasting and the
fit actually is super super nice we have a recall padding which is a memory
foam which always adjusts to the shape of your foot and the new shell also features a flex cut so it’s a little bit more forgiving and a little
bit more comfortable than before so this sums up this great skate all parts are
interchangeable and can be changed like buckles cuff and other parts and all the
Trinity frames will also fit on this also shorter frames or other models like
this perfect skate for training and fitness intensive training and will
bring you everywhere where you want to go and will make a great spring and a
great year rolling so thanks for watching and keep on rolling and we love
to skate and we hope you too


I remember this came out RIGHT AFTER i bought a 12.5" trinity frame for my swell haha, if I had waited a few days, i would have been able to get this pair, such beauty! and i really love Swell, been recommending everyone ard me to go for Swell, so comfy yet so high quality!

waiting for road 125 to arrive to put it thru the paces, 1st 3 wheel skate purchased, all my skates are 4/110's

just used this skate today, after fine tuning the fit. the skate is very responsive, all in all a very good skate, upper half of boot is very stiff. the skate is very well built. My first 3 wheel skate, I love this skate

thank you, the skates are very nice after one day use they broke in alittle bit. turning is quicker than my 4 wheel skates

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