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PRANK, on my sister

PRANK, on my sister

what is going on guys today we are back
and today I’m going to be pranking my sister so today we have this bean bag cover so our bean bag can
roll out into a mattress so we’re gonna put the bean bag in here and see if I
can fit in with the bean bag so before this video starts don’t forget to Like
comment and subscribe turn notifications on comment when you
do that and I will possibly shout you out so lets go okay okay so I’m just about
in the bean bag now we just have to close it I’m gonna have two angles so
this should be a good prank so I’m any here it’s a little bit open
for now so I don’t suffocate and my mom is gonna push me down the stairs so this
should be a good prank just keep watching so we’re in, oh no she
pushing me oh no we’re going down, I’ll give you the outside look oh my gosh oh my gosh (SHHH your sister is going to hear you) this is scary, I’m moving forward guys Oh I’m bringing a bean bag so you can finish watching Moana What are you doing? We aren’t watching Moana, we are watching trolls, cuz Jeremiah wanted to watch trolls why don’t you come over
here and sit on the bean bag see you and Jeremiah can watch trolls, why are you filming me? Filming you? Yes, I’m just
holding my phone so I have my phone I’m in here, Oh Abigail you relaxing before your last before your first day of school why are you filming me What is that? this feels weird here what the heck is
that? what did you guess do to it? Where’s Jacob? What do you mean, where’s Jacob?
he’s upstairs playing his video games like he always is What did you guys do? Rosie what’s wrong Rosie knows something’s off What’s wrong Rosie? what did you guys do what do
you mean what did we do what did you see Rosie knows something’s wrong I know
that you guys did something to it what did you guys do? why is it moving What did you guys do? This isn’t normal, why is is moving It’s moving What did you? are you What’s in it? So stupid HIIIIIIII Dude, rosie was going crazy, ah my balls, I can actually sit like this all day That was honestly so fun Ok guys so that it is for this video Do not forget to leave a like and comment more video pranks I should do on my sister, don’t
comment that there should be no more pranks, yes there should

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