Pregnant Baldi’s Basics in Real Life Kindi Kids Toy Scavenger Hunt!

I think I’m the weirdest intro ever You guys you might be wondering what these toys are behind them and I’m gonna show you a little bit really quick because you’ve never Seen these before cuz they don’t exist yet until today you guys these are the candy kids We’re gonna be doing lots of videos around them. They are super cool They got bobble heads and then we got some accessories petkins and stuff to go with them Really quick Madison because we got to get this video going. All right Madison tell me their names Oh, wow, alright guys, so I got to tell you what we’re doing today today We are gonna try to do a Baldy in your life video. So we have got our Layup court set up here. We got our little Baldy because we want him. We’re trying to welcome him into our Kindergarten school house of Legos so we have got all these candy kids just sitting out here Waiting for Baldi to come and take him Because you guys have been wanting us in your Baldi video for so long and he just doesn’t show up So we figured we got to entice him with some really cool toys. So that’s what we’re doing today Let’s go inside our Lego fort really quick and show you guys around the schoolhouse. All right girls. Let’s go in the schoolhouse Oh wait Madison. You should pick an apple for them You can’t pick it up with it’s a fake tree really yeah, I’ll pick one What sniffing huh block that’s the Apple Apple picks it from the Apple chain All right. They got me. It’s a Lego. All right, let’s go on Into the schoolhouse the building schoolhouse. All right. So first thing in the schoolhouse you girls have this little Would you say they’re puppies? All right. So this is their puppies what? Yes, what’s this hole in the wall? I’ll make a dog door what it’s not a door. It’s a doggy door. We got a carrot All right. Nice. Chair Madison. What’s this over here? These are hamsters. Dr. Prang. What are they? Oh, man All right, so we even got a chair set up over here and the desk for Baldy and then you guys over here We have set up a bed because the best way to get Baldy to show up It’s to go to sleep and then wake up. He should be here, right? Yes, not so calm. Yes. Well, obviously it’s not gonna be comfy Chinese Legos All right, you girls it’s time for bed. All right train you go lay down in the Lego bed and Madison since you like to fall asleep anywhere You can just sleep right there in that chair cuz I know you’re just gonna fall asleep. Okay? Mom it would be kind of funny if Baldi had a big tummy like you me as Baldi, that’d be funny, huh? Yeah What in the world why am I in my real but I should be sleeping in a Lego bed Madison’ let’s go see what’s going on. Okay? What are you doing here this is a kindergarten yeah No, I mean trendin monkey love Yeah, let’s go find out What do you girls need Boldi has a big fat tummy like mom like Baldy has a tummy like bomb Are you guys dreaming no, we’re not no not here Yeah, are you sure you’re not dreaming? How do you know for sure pinch me it’ll hurt See I bet feel think that means you’re dreaming Yeah, why are we in your dream just to follow us? You don’t know why what we’re talking about. Just come follow us Alright guys. So apparently we’re in Trinity and Madison’s dream and Baldy has a baby bump. Oh My goodness So, that’s Baldy, yeah and he has a big fat tummy like mom, yeah Oh my goodness it is Baldy. Wait a minute if it’s Baldy don’t we have some toys to find? Yeah what toys Let’s get him Yeah, where’s our prize Baldy you always give us a prize Oops, oh No All right, guys, I think we got to take these toys and put them inside our box for our Lego for it Okay, let’s go put them inside our Lego for it, but the doors closed Matson is there another way in? No. Yeah, there is follow me. Let’s go. Oh, we gotta go around the apple tree What what oh Man okay. So we got okay, so we got three of them already how many more are there girls? Four more okay. Let’s see Wait, we’re bald eagle Yeah, but where’s the big Baldy that looks like mom guys Now I woke up and mom is Baldy let’s go. Oh, I’m only wearing that we are hi You’re not going camping. I don’t know. Let’s go find out girls. Come on. Let’s go find her stuff. Oh No. Oh, no girls Go back In the doghouse Girls it’s just baldie mom Girls small DS gonna be so easy to get away from because now not only does he walk slow, but he also waddles Okay, let’s go let’s go Hi bottom, um, okay girls, let’s go find some stuff Whatta lien Baldy, oh man Nothing in there What all is it peppermint dusters that’s the shy one like you huh Madison Hurry hurry, let’s find some work Check everywhere Hey Carl’s hurry hurry, I think I hear his ruler coming closer. Nothing in the top. We’re good What is it Marsha male hurry hurry hurry hurry Girls what fall is coming? Okay, how do we get around him? The trick the trick. Okay, let’s go. Let’s do the chair trick Yeah, you’re not gonna do the chair trick. Shut the door on in Madison shut the door Alright then we got to figure out a different plan girls girls. What are we gonna do Travis your dream make something happen? Hurry up before you get that Come on Okay, go Oh my gosh not come for you guys Jen was right Okay stir here Baldy or no where the girls are at those we gotta find them? around the tree Girls where you at Go, come on hurry hurry – ma Bobby’s not huggable more fully you would stop. Okay go put those where they go girls Hurry I’ll stay out here. Make sure you feed your guinea pigs. You just feed your guinea pigs or your hamsters All right, we got two more cute kids Hmm I don’t think that was cereal up there Madison Matson that wasn’t just Her name In this life right here in Me life life. No, she’s in this box. No, you said you have very many life No, I have written a mini little shopkins. Oh, that’s right guys. Thanks know What she does she spins around and she lucky because she drifts over tough and she finds quarters Crazy drink ahead and put it in school. Hurry. Hurry. Hurry, get past that apple tree Oh No It’s your dream you tell me This ball is kind of weird, okay Does sound like mom trim. Can you make it dream a little bit more realistic? Sure Are you doing you’re trying to dream up a better Baldy I Want to take his mask off her with whoever it is I want to If he has a mask, I want to rip his mask off. I Think Welcome to my kindergarten that sounded more like came the army. You better keep dreaming training We’re still in my dream so I don’t get half the dream. Hey masa, you dream about it for Baldy Okay Madison, that’s not Bali that’s Spongebob What are you doing Don’t break character Bobby you’re in a dream. Mmm. Someone’s calling Right now my Bobby I mean the kids dream can I all right guys never this dreaming let’s get this toy back wait Just the last toy You don’t even know how Baldy works in your dream what’s supposed to happen when you find the last toy Walks like a penguin. Okay. Hurry. Take your doll up. Just get in there hurry. I’m gonna go through the door. I Beat you I came through the door Yeah, but I just walked right through it because it’s a dream try it just walk you it’s a dream. Oh No, you lost it you Lay back down so you can wake up Now severe training Germany Germany’s ready meet anyway Butler but now I’m gonna label this Well, that was a weird dream. And why are they here? Let’s get all this right back where they belong guys We Have a min we are marshal mallow do an Athena and Jesse cake? I got some like I said, we’ve got tons of fun videos playing with you So make sure you subscribe to the channel So you guys can see more fun videos that these girls are gonna be having with kindikids We’ve got a whole series of kindi kids coming out for you. So

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