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Pretend Super Cool Toy Store Sells Awesome Bloss’ems

Pretend Super Cool Toy Store Sells Awesome Bloss’ems

– [Lucy] This video is sponsored by Spin Master.
– Tic Tac Toy. – Ooh, I have been waiting for these Awesome Bloss’ems to arrive. You know what, I really should try one out before I put it on my shelf. I’ve heard that these
are simply sensational. Free up some room for my planting session. ♪ Doo, doo, doo, doo ♪ I can’t believe that I’m going
to actually grow my own doll. How cool will that be? Ooh, a pink seed. Pull the tab, put the seed inside the pot. And now for a little sparkle soil. Ooh, it’s so sparkly and purple and fun. Time for the magic words. Plant the seed, make water flow. I have the magic to make
Awesome Bloss’ems grow. Watering leaf. A little more water. (upbeat music) Wow, my doll blossomed,
it actually happened. And wow, she is super
fierce with great style. I wonder if she’s even
scented like a real flower. (gasps) She is! These should fly off the
shelves of my toy stores. Or do I wanna find a
way to keep them myself? Hmm. (upbeat music) – These are magenta lilies
that I grew from a tiny seed. – And these beautiful plants
need lots of direct sunlight. – Wow, girls, I’m really
impressed with your green thumbs. – But my thumbs aren’t green. – Well, that’s just an
expression that means you have a natural talent
for growing plants. – Oh, that makes sense then. – But when I assigned you to complete this gardening project, this wasn’t quite what I had in mind. – It wasn’t, what do you mean? – Yeah, what did you have in mind? – Well, this isn’t an
ordinary school, you know. This is a toy school. So as your teacher, I need to evaluate you on your toy gardening, not real gardening. – Oh. – Oops. – Okay, it’s time to put
together the terrarium play and display area, add
some nice floral ambience. And the watering leaf
doubles as a cozy hammock. All right, cutie pie, I’m
going to bend you at the waist so you can relax inside your hammock. I’ll just pop out your
pillow and your bag. Here you go. Now, I’ll pop the dome on you, and I can display you on top
of my cash register today. Hmm, I’m going to need
to have a little fun with some customers today so that I can collect and
grow some more of you. These are Awesome Bloss’ems. They’re edgy, scented, fashion-forward, and full of surprises. – You grew those? – I sure did, from a seed. – Amazing. – Yep, there’s 26 dolls
you can grow and collect, and they come from five different worlds. – What are the worlds? – Good question, Maya. The first world is So Wild. This cutie patootie resting in the hammock is from the So Wild world. – Cute, what’s the next world? – The next world is Sweet Chic. This doll with an Awesome
Bloss’em on her head is from that collection. – Is Posh Floral the next world? – It sure is, Maya, and this
trendy girl’s from that world. – Ooh, love her. – Me, too. And the fourth world is Fierce Petals. – Can we see a doll from that world? – Of course, check out this fierce girl with the glittery hair. She’s a rare. – No way! – And that leads us to our
last world, Fashion Buzz. Doesn’t she have the
most fashionable outfit? – Totally. – I hope I have a green thumb
on growing Awesome Bloss’ems. – Me, too. – Well, we’ll find out soon enough, because for homework today,
I’m going to have you girls stop by the local toy store and purchase five Awesome Bloss’ems each. – That sounds like my kind of homework. – Tomorrow I’ll instruct and then quiz you on your ability to grow Awesome Bloss’ems from each of these five worlds. – I just love toy school quizzes. (mellow music) There we go, I think my
little wheelbarrow display is quite charming. (upbeat music) Ooh, I better get back to the register. I see some customers approaching, which means it’s time for some fun. – Oh, look, there they are. – Hello, and welcome to
my super cool toy store. I see you two are interested
in my newest Awesome Bloss’ems. – Yeah, we’re gonna be taking five each for a toy school project. – Wonderful. Let me know when you’re
ready for me to ring you up. – One, two, three, four, five, I think I’m ready. – Great, I’ll take your money, please. – Oh, of course. – Okay, perfect, and I’ll go ahead and bag those up for you,
just hand them over here. Yeah, just like this. – Oh, thank you so much. – Not a problem, there you go, dear. – I’m ready to pay for mine, too. – Perfect, perfect, more money for me. And I’ll bag yours up too, little missy. – Oh, thank you so much. – Mm-hmm, no problem. – I can’t wait to see
which dolls we grow, Maya. – Me too, I hope I get the ultra rare doll with the real diamond on its tiara. – Perfect, they aren’t
paying attention to me, which means it’s time for some fun. – Oh yeah, Miss Lucy said
there’s 3,000 of them out there. – Fingers crossed. – Okay, here is your bag, little miss. Just make sure you don’t open it at all until you get to school tomorrow. No need to peek inside,
just keep it closed. – Um, okay, thank you. (upbeat music) (laughs) – Oh, how I wish I could see
the face on that little one when she sees what’s inside
her bag tomorrow. (laughs) Okay, students, now that
you understand the steps to properly grow your Awesome
Bloss’ems, it is quiz time. – [Both] Yes! – I’m assuming you both completed
your homework assignment? – We sure did. – Wonderful, then please get out your Awesome Bloss’ems and we’ll begin. (upbeat music) – What? – Um, Maya, those don’t look
like Awesome Bloss’ems to me. – But I bought them yesterday. Addy was with me, too. She knows I paid for five
Awesome Bloss’ems, not rocks. – Well, this is quite unfortunate, Maya. I’ll begin testing Addy,
but you’re gonna need to get this sorted out. – Okay. – If you don’t have five
blooming Awesome Bloss’ems by the end of the day, I’m afraid you’re going to fail this assignment. – Oh, wow, okay, I better get
this figured out right away. (light music) – Poor Maya. – Hmm, open for yet
another day of business. I wonder what trouble
I should cause today. – I just don’t understand what happened. This is so not cool. I can’t get a bad grade at toy school. – Oh, it looks like my little friend is coming back for a visit. – Hi there, I was here yesterday to purchase some Awesome Bloss’ems. – Mm, you must be mistaken. I don’t sell Awesome Bloss’ems here. Mm-mm, never have. – Um, they’re right there. – Oh. – So anyways, I bought
five from you yesterday. – From me, mm-mm, no way. I was out sick yesterday, horrible cough. (coughs) I wasn’t even here, store
was closed. (coughs) – Um, yes, you were here. – Uh, no. (coughs) – Okay, well, when I
was at school yesterday, there were rocks in my bag. No Awesome Bloss’ems. (grunts) – Wow, well, it sounds
like you got ripped off. But I had nothing to do with it. Out sick, remember? (coughs) Whole store closed. (coughs) – I can’t wait to plant
my Awesome Bloss’em. Okay, step one, remove tab and plant seed. Okay, let me get the seed out. Pull tab and plant it in the pot. Okay, step two, fill the
pot with sparkle soil. – So far, so good. – Okay step three, say the magic words. Plant the seed, make water flow. I have the magic to make
Awesome Bloss’ems grow. Here goes nothing. A little bit more water. (gasps) It’s blooming! She bloomed, she’s gorgeous! Now to see what world you’re from. Let me rest you in your hammock while I check the collector’s guide. (gasps) She’s from the So Wild world. – Wonderful work, Addy. After you assemble your
play and display terrarium, we’ll move on to the
next Awesome Bloss’em. – Can’t wait. Get the floral accessories. Here you go, cutie. And here’s your pillow
to rest your head on. You look nice and cozy. – I demand a refund! – Oh, I am more than
happy to offer a refund with a proof of purchase,
do you have a receipt? – A receipt, no, you didn’t give me one. – Well, I’m afraid you’re
all out of luck then. I can only offer a refund with a receipt. Store policy, you know. – But you never gave me one! – Probably because you didn’t
actually buy anything here. – This is so unbelievable,
can I speak with the manager? – Oh, well, certainly, let me go grab her. – Thank goodness, I might
actually be getting somewhere now. – You asked for a store manager? – Yes, where is she? – That would be me. I’m the manager, store
owner, cash register gal, and well, pretty much
any other position needed to run this joint. – Oh, bother. – Wow, I got a pink egg this time. In the pot you go. Now a little sparkle soil. And time for the magic words. Plant the seed, let water flow. I have the magic to make
Awesome Bloss’ems grow. (light music) (gasps) Here she comes! You’re gorgeous. – What world is she from? – It looks like she’s from
the Fierce Petals world. – Fantastic. – Wow, she smells just like a real flower. And she looks as pretty as one, too. – Couldn’t agree more. Now, why don’t you get
her terrarium all set up. – Great idea. – Three to go. – Okay, Miss Lucy. I sure hope Maya is doing okay, though. – So you’re telling me
that there’s no one else I could talk to about this issue? – Hmm, well, there is my boss. – Are you your boss though? – No, she’s actually
just right over there. – Really? Well, perfect. – Just go right over
there behind that tree and I’m sure she’ll be
able to help you out. – It’s about time. – All right, time to move locations. (upbeat music) – Where did you say your boss was? Um, what just happened? Um, hello, where did you go? (groans) – Plant the seed, make water flow. I have the magic to make
Awesome Bloss’ems grow. (light music) (gasps) She’s blossoming! You just might be my favorite one so far. – Ooh, who’d you get, who’d you get? – I don’t know, but she’s so fierce. Let me check the collector’s guide. Oh, this is her, Posh Floral. – Wonderful, Addy,
that’s your third world. – Here’s your bag. (Lucy grunting) – All right, this looks
like the perfect location for my new toy store. That little girl will never find me here. – Where did that crazy lady go? – All right, time to get back in business. – Not there. I can’t believe I’m checking
all these places out here when I could be doing my
Awesome Bloss’em toys. – Sign looks good. – Wait a minute, there she is. – Register’s full. Now where’s my first customer? – Here I come. – Ooh, I haven’t planted a green seed yet. Okay, pull the tab, plant the seed. Now fill the pot with sparkle soil. Okay, time for the magic words. Plant the seed, make water flow. I have the magic to make
Awesome Bloss’ems grow. (light music) No way! – Wow, love it! – I’m digging all this
purple and the side ponytail. – Let’s see what world she’s from now. – [Addy] Ooh, she’s from Sweet Chic. – Oh, that’s wonderful. That means we only have Fashion Buzz left. – Ooh, I can’t wait for Fashion Buzz. But I sure hope Maya’s doing okay. She’s been gone for a while. – Okay, lady, nice try
running away from me. I demand that you give me
my five Awesome Bloss’ems I paid for, and I mean business! – I’m sorry, but who are you, and what are you going on
and on and on and on about? – You’ve got to be kidding me. – Kidding about what? – Yesterday I bought five
Awesome Bloss’ems from you. – Hmm, you didn’t come here yesterday. Definitely do not recognize you. – Well, I didn’t come here. I went to your store that’s over there. Until you moved it here. – Moved my store? I’ve never moved my store,
I have been in business at this exact location
for six straight years. – Um, no, you were over
there like just an hour ago. – Hmm, you must be mistaken. There is a store over there,
but my store is right here. – Okay, listen, this is ridiculous. I just want my five Awesome Bloss’ems. – Well, you are in luck. I happen to have some Awesome
Bloss’ems for sale right here. And since I like you,
I’ll give you a deal. – Can’t wait to hear what this is. – I’ll give you five
for only 25 toy dollars. – But I already paid for them. I gave you money for those yesterday and you gave me a bag of rocks. – Rocks in your bag? Well, you got scammed. You better march right back to that store and demand a refund. – But that’s what I’m doing now. – But you’re at the wrong store. – This is getting nowhere, I give up. – Well, that was easier than I expected. (light music) – [Addy] (gasps) She’s coming. (gasps) She’s from the Fashion Buzz world. – Ooh, I think you’re right! Well, absolutely remarkable, Addy. You officially have a green
thumb in toy gardening. – I’ve got a green thumb
and an awesome start to my Awesome Bloss’ems collection. – That’s true. – But what about Maya, will
she have time for her quiz? – Mm, she’s cutting it close. If she doesn’t get back
in the next 10 minutes, I’m afraid we won’t have time, and she won’t pass toy gardening. – Oh, she’d be so devastated. Come on, Maya, get back soon. – Well, since that little one already paid for these Awesome Bloss’ems,
somebody might as well go ahead and open them and
add them to their collection, and well, it might as well be me. – Free toys, free toys! – Free toys? Who’s saying that, where are they? – Free toys, free toys at
the Super Cool Carnival. – No way, the Super Cool
Carnival is back in town? Where is it? – Visit the Super Cool
Carnival just down the trail. – I can go get free toys
at the Super Cool Carnival and bring them back here to sell ’em for a profit at my toy store. – Better go now. – Okay, okay, I’ll be right back, my little Awesome Bloss’ems. – Perfect! I paid for these Awesome
Bloss’ems fair and square. (upbeat music) These are mine. I’m coming, Miss Lucy! Here they are, Miss Lucy, my
blooming Awesome Bloss’ems. – Wonderful job, Maya, now let’s make sure you’ve grown one from the So Wild world. I sure did; she’s right here. She has some wild ombre hair. And I’m digging that
orange dress she’s wearing. – I am, too. All right, let’s move on
to the Sweet Chic world. – Oh, I got a rare from that world. – No way, I wanna see it. – [Maya] She is gorgeous. – You’re right, she is, Maya. Check, and now let’s
move on to Posh Floral. – Oh, she’s relaxing in her hammock. And she’s one of my favorite dolls. See, she’s winking at me. – Wonderful, wonderful. Now let’s move on to
the Fierce Petals world. – You won’t believe this,
but I found the super rare. – No way! – [Maya] Here she is. – (gasps) Is she the one with the sparkly colored rainbow hair? – Sure is, check her out. I wish I had her outfit. – Me, too. – Me, three. Well, I guess that leads us
to the last one, Fashion Buzz. – She’s right here holding
her bumblebee purse. I think she has the coolest
bloom and she smells amazing. She’s one of my favorites. – Ooh, mine, too. – Well, wonderful, Maya. You officially have a green
thumb in toy gardening, too. – Does that mean I passed? – Passed? You both aced this quiz. – [Both] Yeah! – (laughs) Now, who’s ready to hear about this afternoon’s homework? – [Both] Me! – Wonderful, now that you’ve started your Awesome Bloss’ems
collection, your homework is to check out and have tons of fun on the Awesome Bloss’ems app. – Sounds like amazing homework! – Let’s hurry up and get home. – Okay, girls, and have a lot
of fun with your homework. (upbeat music) Super Cool Carnival? Super Cool Carnival, where are you? Cotton candy, games, prizes? Where are you? (light music) (tinkling) (light music)

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