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Pretty Sweet Bonus Footage – Girl and Chocolate Skateboards

Pretty Sweet Bonus Footage – Girl and Chocolate Skateboards

-You gotta go west, dude. You gotta head home, dude. Been on the road 30 days. -If that deer wasn’t there, I
would have never hit this fucking rock, dude. [MUSIC PLAYING – ZOOBOF,


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its bitchass Koston, who put probably the least effort into the "Pretty Sweet" video, which is an accurate reflection of the fact that he is getting old and is being forced to pass the torch to the new generation of young skaters, who make Kostons greatest achievements look like throwaway warm-up footy..

ur dumb. did you start skating a few years ago? You should watch older videos….these new breed wouldn't be skating how they skate today without the likes of koston and that era. Those new breed themselves all have mad respect for koston. He has earned not having to shred to the fullest anymore. And the fact he still skates at all after how long hes been fucking killing it is a miracle. Only thing I hate is haters, hater.

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