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PROGRESS DAILY DECK | How to paint your old skateboard

PROGRESS DAILY DECK | How to paint your old skateboard

what’s up guys in this video I am going to be painting over my old skateboard deck I’m not sure what the design is going to be but I think you already know by the title of this video and I am going to show you every step along the way to do this yourself let’s get started so the first step is going to be taking off the tracks from the skateboard it’s basically just setting up the skateboard in Reverse so for this you’re going to need a screw gun socket wrench and obviously a skateboard you can also use the skate tool obviously it will save you the hassle of having to find out which wrench is a good one to and set up your skateboard [Music] the trucks are off just saved the hardware somewhere so you don’t lose it and end up not be able to reset up your skateboard afterwards and we are going to move on to step two next step is sending the ball down to even out the surface because it’s not a brand new ball so for this step you are going to use a drill with sanding discs or just a sender if you have one yeah the skeet ball again obviously my dad is going to be doing that because I don’t want to mess it up but you can just do it yourself you [Music] [Music] now you can see that the board is almost perfectly smooth we also send it out the edges because they were a bit used to so we are ready for step three step three is going to be applying a base coat of white onto the board so that the next layer of paint the actual layer that we are going to paint on sticks better to the bone we are going to use white paint obviously and a regular size brush [Music] cute [Music] so the first layer of the base coat is now complete the first layer is supposed to be a thin layer just for the ball to absorb the paint and then we are going to put a second layer it is right here that the paint dries in 30 minutes because we are going to wait an hour between each layer so that the paint is really completely dried and absorbed by the ball one hour later [Music] [Music] we’re starting off the second layer [Music] this brush is literally coming apart on this keyboard second code is now done willing to let it sit out for another hour and then come back to do the third code I’m Alice Lincoln it’s been an hour so we’re ready for the third layer of base coat we are going to paint it with the paint gun because we can but you’re not you’re not forced to do that you know like you can do a regular brush paint layer just like the two before but first let’s put on some more suitable clothes so that’s all current setup for the paint gun let’s get started for this you’re going to need a compressor and paint gun we get it you babe [Music] the base coat is now finished the board is going to dry out for the rest of the day and we’ll meet you tomorrow for the next step what’s up guys it’s the next day and the board has dried off as you can see it’s looking pretty good so now we are able to move on to step four next step is the beginning of the real paint job so for this you are just going to be needing your board and spray paint whatever base call you want first you have to seek the bottle for around one to two minutes [Music] [Music] [Music] first layer is done we have to wait 10 minutes until we can put a second layer on 11 minutes later [Music] we just spray-painted a test piece of wood to see if the clear coach is not going to mess with the paint so we don’t screw up the skateboard and will cancel out eleven minutes later second and third layers are done we are going to wait until tomorrow because he has to dry for 24 hours before I can get to draw with my paint markers on itself that’s it for step four the next day hello guys it is the next day and as you can see the board has dried off very nicely it’s got kind of a glossy effect which is pretty cool we are now ready for step five which is the actual paint job so for this step I printed out a program Cayley logo that I cut out with a cutter so that I can just lay it on the board with tape and just go inside I’ve got to paint markers that I’m going to use to draw inside I’ve got a pencil to do the outline first and obviously my board so first I’m going to tape the low down onto the bone [Music] foods right here and here so it should be Center now we just have to make the magic happen [Music] you probably don’t even see the outside that I’m doing right now it’s essential because when I take the letters off at least I have a mark to know where I have to color I’m not going to avoid a lot of trouble [Music] [Music] now that the base I’ll tone it down I can take the paper off and then just go at it with the paint markers [Music] I messed up a little but it’s not a problem because they go with water I’m going to get on my choice and that’s pretty much gone now [Music] so the design is pretty much done at this point I’m going to let dry little even though it’s pink markers dry really really fast that’s it for step 5 the paint job I’m going to do step 16 moments later for step number 6 which is the clear coat you are just going to need a bowl of spray clear coach so let’s get started this is not looking too good right now there P is not drying off the same color so I hope I don’t have to do all the paint all over again because it’s going to be extremely annoying hopefully plays completely dry it’s the same color [Music] 20 minutes later I let it sit out for like 20 minutes and I don’t know if you can see this but it’s not trying out the same color but it’s not even so I’m going to have to do the entire paint all over again this is what you get for being in patience [Music] I can feel what the mortar is slowly losing its pincer hopefully I still have enough to finish the design [Music] [Music] and women I am going to let this dry out for a shit-ton of time before putting the clear coat on again so I’ll meet you tomorrow two days later what the guys I’m back and it’s actually two days later because we couldn’t do that yesterday so we are ready to put another layer of clear coat onto the board because the last one saved horribly because the paint wasn’t dry enough so let’s go it looks good you can kinda see the cracks from the previous attempt I think we are not going to be able to feel them even though you can’t really see them anymore on the other s but this one cracked allele you can’t really see it when you’re not twenty centimeters from the ball like looking like that and if you know that there are cracks so I’m trying to start on how it turned out I’m going to seem a little edits of the board once the paint dries completely and that’s pretty much it for this video we do now you [Music]


Jill it was awesome to see you progressing with your skating over the past few months and it was awesome to see your board on Johns Vlog!! Stoked to know I’m one of your first subs.

For future reference, you should wait until the paint cures to add a clear coat which can take 3 days to a week. If not it could still crack.

Dude, you had a stencil of your logo – you should have just sprayed it!
Posca markers always leave subtle lines, and the way you were flooding the nib, you'd be better off with a paintbrush.

My question that nobody ever seems to answer with any of these "how to paint a skateboard" videos is IS THE BOARD STILL SKATEABLE? I want to paint a custom deck, but not if it's not going to be able to actually be used after it's painted. I don't want go to noseslide or boardslide a curb or rail after painting it and get stuck. Does it still grind properly or is this just a wall piece?

yo wait hold up bro wtf that skateboard is not old its barely scratched man kids in africa could be shreeding on that and u just paint A PRETTY MUCH BRAND NEW BOARD?!?!?

This looks really good but the style of this video is kind of annoying. I think it would've worked better to use a voiceover instead of switching to vlogging every time you talk. Good job tho bro

Why put sooo much effort and time in the look of a deck if it would be ruined directly if you do a couple of grinds

Very hard to sand a deck with a drill like that.. Must have taken a very long time.. Great work dad 🔨

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