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PROOF: Short Game is MOST Important! | Swingless Golf Club Finale

PROOF: Short Game is MOST Important! | Swingless Golf Club Finale

– Welcome to the Sand Hollow Golf Resort in Hurricane, Utah. Today we have the
EzeeGolf Swingless Driver. It is so wacky. You’ve seen us do a main
channel video on this. This is part three of
our competition of robot or EzeeGolf club versus Lincoln. All right, Lincoln. What’s the score right now? – After the 12th holes we’re even. – [Man] What do you think
about this course so far? – This back’s really cool to play, it’s like, look at that, hit off those rocks, that things gone. – [Man] (laughs) Hit off the rocks. Seriously that is a cliff right there. The hole is down that way
and look at these cliffs. Giant cliffs over there. All right, this is the last six holes. Oh, what a pretty drive. This hole is 308, 221 to the bunker. If you haven’t seen from other videos, this is how you adjust the distance. I’m going full throttle. All the way on that distance. (clicking) Ohh, didn’t shoot. (clicking) Uh oh. Looks like both of our balls went right. About 96 yards away with a, with a heavy cliff on the backside. You want to keep this
thing at half an inch to an inch away from the ball. There’s a lot of grass in the rough. I don’t know how this is
going to impact it but there is a bunker right next to the hole. Right in front of it. – [Lincoln] Bombs away! (clicking) – [Man] Oh no! Oh that’s so short. That’s right in the bunker. Dangit, first time in the bunker today and I have to hit out of it. Not with this club, it’s too close. Great bounce. That’s a great shot. Look at that. Out of the bunker! I’ll knock it out of the bunker! Head’s up! – [Lincoln] There’s a
cliff he might hit it over. There’s a good chance of him to hop it. That’s usually what he does. (wind blowing) – [Man] Get out! – [Lincoln] First try, almost. Almost first try. You know? – [Man] All right, this one’s going out. – [Lincoln] And he’s out! – [Man] Dangit. – [Lincoln] Let me just keep running. Ohhhh, he almost made it down this hill. – [Man] Yeah, but you got
an uphill putt coming back. There’s worse shots you can have in life. (laughing) I thought it was
going to spin around the cup. You kind of hit the right side of the cup. – Yeah.
– Great shot buddy. Nice par. – Thanks. Maybe not that way. Where you going? – [Man] Not sure. – [Lincoln] Oh, that was a
bad camera angle, I’m sorry. – [Man] Well, I made
it, so it’s all right. There we go, for what? What did I just make it in? I gotta count them up. – [Lincoln] Seven. – [Man] A four and a seven. Plus three. Holy cow. Was the swingless golf club
to blame for that hole? – [Lincoln] No. – [Man] Not necessarily, I mean I wouldn’t have hit in the bunker I don’t think if I were hitting it normal. It would have been on the green. I’m just not great out of the bunker. So you still need to be able to know how to play with your short game in order to be able to play well
with this EzeeGolf club. Okay, so we’ve got a 394
yard really tight fairway. There’s the hole way down there. Tight fairway, cliffs on the
left, weeds on the right. (upbeat music) Ohh, you’re flirting with that cliff. – [Lincoln] Nice shot though. – [Man] Hey. There it is on green grass. All you have to do is aim with this thing and I can’t even do that right. Geez. Oh boy, all right. I just barely made it. Look at the cart path right there, here’s the ball. There’s Lincoln over there
by the edge of the cliff. And then there’s the hole down below. Okay, here we go. Bombs away! (click) Oh, it’s going toward it. Keep it on that hole. Stop! No, don’t! Don’t go down that cliff! Stop! (groaning) You can’t get backspin
with this thing like a regular iron you can hit
it up really high and plop it and let it do its little
thing but this is just a straight, and it rolls forever. I got 134. Here’s Lincoln on a little
bit of an uphill swing. All right, whenever you’re ready. Knock it on the green. – [Lincoln] Going bit left. Outside of the green. Oh, no! – [Man] You know this is
a first class golf course when the toilet restroom
comes up on the GPS. That’s pretty fancy. The only problem is the toilet
restroom is not that fancy. (laughing) It’s up for two port a potties out here in the middle of nowhere. Hey, there I am on the back! I didn’t fall off the cliff. Slow steep graded. Wedge, putter. Dangit, how I am going to make up strokes when you’re on the green
and I’m off the green. I’m like coming out of my shoes. Maybe it’s gonna be better if I just don’t even wear shoes
on this hole ’cause it’s like they’re sliding. Oh, that feels so much better. All right, up hill. Gotta get this close. I gotta swing hard. – [Lincoln] Oh, it’s too hard. Oh nevermind, that’s a good shot. – [Man] We’ll just leave
those shoes there for later. Oh that slowed down so much. Ooh. – [Lincoln] That’s like half way in. – [Man] That’s good. Dang. Bogie bogie. Lincoln’s still up by three. What I think is the
hardest hole on the course is the next hole. It’s only a par three. It’s one of the most beautiful holes There is pretty much a green to hit it on. And then cliffs to hit it on. You have two options. Look at these red rocks. Keep your hands inside
the ride at all times. There’s your hole. Right down there. Just cliffs everywhere. This is one of the prettiest
holes on this course. Hit in between two rocks. (light music) Get on the green baby! Oh my gosh! Did you see that? – [Lincoln] Yeah it went
way up there on that hill. – [Man] It went passed
the bunker in the bushes. – [Lincoln] You can find that though. That just dropped. – [Man] That went up there. Wow. This course is amazing. In the summertime, it gets so hot here in Southern Utah that
nobody really visits. And so you get really really cheap rates. You just gotta be used to the heat. Lots of sunscreen and
lots of drinking water. I still need to find my ball. Here’s Lincoln. – [Lincoln] Wow, that’s fast green. – [Man] I gotta find my ball. Oh, there it is. I see it. Oh gosh. This is where my ball landed. Right there I see the logo on it. So there’s the ball. There’s the green. Lincoln looking for some
free balls over there on the edge of the cliff. Oh no, no, no, no. No, not off the cliff. I think I might have hit it off the cliff. Uh, that was a tough spot. I’m good? Yes! All right, I didn’t bring my wedge, so we’re putting. – [Lincoln] From the rough. – [Man] Don’t laugh at me bird. Uh oh. – [Lincoln] Yikes. This is a rough hole for you. – I’m losing it guys. (upbeat music) For par. Blasted it. Woo. (clink) Come on. – [Lincoln] Wow. – If you’re gonna play bad golf on a hole it better at least be a pretty hole. And this one definitely qualifies as that. Nice par four. We are done with the cliffs. Right there with you buddy. What a shot. I’m so good at golfing. – [Lincoln] Oh yeah, you’re so good. – I’m good off the tee. Way shorter than Lincoln. He’s way up there and I’m right here. 123 yards out. It looks so much closer than that. (click) The distance might be right on this thing when you hit it short distances but it rolls so much you
just can’t get it to stop. So I keep rolling it off the green. Kind of annoying. Lincoln’s 90 yards. Here he is. – [Lincoln] Chunked it! – [Man] Uh oh. – [Lincoln] Went right under the ball. (upbeat music) – [Man] Ohh. Where’d that backspin come from? (grunting) Putting from off the green
is always questionable. You should probably chip. The ball just got sucked into
that grass the whole way. – [Lincoln] Brake! Brake! – [Man] Nice shot. (clink) Five and five. Plus four. We’ve got two more holes to go. I’m hoping for Lincoln to
finish out with a couple of double bogies and me
finish out with some pars. So, Lincoln, help me out here buddy. – [Lincoln] No. Sorry. – [Man] On the 17th tee. – 17th tee.
– From “What’s Inside?” On YouTube. Lincoln Markham! This is around 500 yards. Like 400 and 90 yard par five. Lots of sage brush on the left. Fairway on the right. (clink) All right, right on the fairway. Smells like firecrackers again. (upbeat music) So what do you think about
the Sand Hollow Golf Course now that you’ve seen
pretty much the whole 18? – [Lincoln] I really like it. I want to play here more, really bad. Yeah, still hits. – [Man] Still hits like money! All right, right up
there next to the bunker. Right by my ball. Good layup. That’s pretty good. This is a par five so we’re both chipping to get on the green. – [Lincoln] Ooh I see I could have made it to the bunker about another inch. – Oh my gosh. You’re right next to the bunker. – [Lincoln] So much pressure. – [Man] So much pressure. Don’t fall in the bunker buddy. Watch out, the bunker! – Thanks. You really want to win, huh? (soft music) – [Lincoln] Dad, Why is it so short? – The safe play on this is to layup and then you can chip in or putt in. – [Lincoln] Ooh, they see me rolling. – Short game struggles. – [Lincoln] No, that was for birdie! – [Man] (laughing) So
close yet so far away. – That was for birdie. – [Man] Woo, what a shot. Ah, it’s so fast! I mean I hit it so fast! Oh my gosh, I’m now where
you were on your first shot. I’m falling apart here, Lincoln. – [Lincoln] Hey, you made it. – [Man] It’s really easy
from that side of the hole. I mean if I had 10 shots here, I’d probably make nine of them. I’m losing by five. Or the Ezee club is losing by five. It’s probably me actually
because of my short game. Final hole. Beautiful looking back at the clubhouse. We’re on the 18 hole. My initial thought is I’m really missing being able to swing the club. I like to be able to hit. So, playing 18 holes with this, it was cool at times, but because I know how to
hit the ball somewhat well, it gets maybe not as
exciting as the game goes on. I mean, just point it out there. Good luck ball! See ya! Bye! (soft music) Okay, so I’m down by four strokes and Lincoln just hit it in the bushes. This is my chance to come
back on the final hole. – Do you chip it in?
– Thank you Lincoln. – If you make this, and I double you could have a chance. – [Man] Oh no! – [Lincoln] That’s coming around! – [Man] Get over the bunker! My chance. I didn’t hit it in but
I can still beat you. Let’s see how many times it takes you to get out of the bushes buddy. (upbeat music) Lincoln, I think his
ball was deep in a bush, so he’s forced to play,
do an unplayable and drop. So he’s dropping right here. So, one, two, three, is right here. This will be your fourth shot. Still got a chance. Ohh, look at that. – What just happened?
– Look at that ground. You scalped it. Overall, Lincoln, I think
you played great today. – [Lincoln] I’ve had, this
putt is for double bogie. – [Man] Oh gosh. It might not even be on the green. – [Lincoln] It’s back, it’s off the green. – It’s off the green. Come back down. Ooh no. Nice save. Triple bogie. What am I at? So I don’t think I can, I can win? No. – [Lincoln] No you can’t win. – [Man] Ugh! (soft music) All right, I got a five on
that and Lincoln got a seven. Whew man. Lincoln. You’re playing so well. Who won? Lincoln won by three strokes versus the swingless golf club. The swingless golf club, my thoughts are, I think I’ve said it a few times today but I feel like it’s a really cool thing. It’s kind of a novelty thing. It’s not something that if you actually know how to golf that you’re gonna use. But I could see my mom wanting to use it. Or one of my daughters using it and then the can come
out and play with us. And just use that thing and
feel like they’re part of it ’cause they would be part of it. So, I said before this that my handicap, I’ve been shooting 84
to 90 on all my holes. I shot 90 today. – [Lincoln] Mm hmm. – [Man] I shot basically
what I usually shoot. So, did it make me a better golfer? No. It did not. – [Lincoln] Let us know. Do you like the golf course vlogs or you just think they’re kind of boring? Which one? – Be honest, if you want to
see more golf vlog content, we are golfing a lot. Lincoln especially is golfing a lot. – Mm hmm. – What do you think about
us just vlogging the course? And if you haven’t seen it
yet, go check out the video where we take apart this
swingless golf club. We still haven’t done it yet. We’re gonna go do that next. Thanks for watching. There is a golf course, three vlogs, one course, Sand Hollow Golf Course, one of the most beautiful
golf courses in Utah. Good times. – Yep. Bye! – Hey Lincoln. – [Lincoln] We’re right
next to the clubhouse. – [Man] This Tesla decided
to park by our Tesla. Aww, that’s cute.


I don’t usually comment that much, but I wanted to say that I watched all parts completely and I enjoyed it a lot. Please make more. And have competitions. Show the nature. Great stuff.

sorry Dan I think your son going be a professional golfer but that Swingless Golf Club might be great for disable people

Love the golf vlogs! Reminds me of when my dad and I used to play together all the time! Keep the coming 🙂

The dad: “what’s your goals this year”
Lincoln: “shoot even”
Also Lincoln: shoots 14+
Dad: “you played great today Lincoln” lmao

Hey Guys! Your channel is really great. You inspired me to create my own channel! Would appreciate if you could subscribe😀

You know, this isn't the weirdest golf club I've seen. The weirdest one I've seen is one that has a cap on the top and you unscrew it then pee in it. Like What?
Also, please never make a video on that. 😂

hey nice videos you post just want to say thank you for bringing up my mood every time i watch one of your videos thank you so much for having a nice day

What's Inside, I love the golf vlogs even though I don't play golf. However, I've begun to understand golf by watching you play.

Continue making the golf videos, possibly on different courses as well.

I've never watched a full game of golf on TV (or played one) but watched and enjoyed all 3 videos, so that's saying something. Keep it up!

Great golf video. I never really am able to play golf due to a slight lack of interest but mainly because of an eye condition which gives me little ability to see small things at a far distance (imagine trying to find a golf ball…….and keep track of it…) plus I have pretty sucky hand-eye coordination thanks to my eye disability.

But if you are ever on a road trip or something and you happen to pass through St Louis, feel free to try the Bellerive Country Club. It is ranked the top course in Missouri according to Golf Digest and it hosted the PGA tournament last year. It is about 6 miles from my house and it happens to be near the TopGolf location in Chesterfield if you feel like using your platinum membership and want a little practice…..

They are very fun and you should do more. I like watching your golf videos. Lincoln skills are AMAZING!!! Nice job!

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