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RACE!! Tesla Model X vs Can-AM Maverick X3

RACE!! Tesla Model X vs Can-AM Maverick X3

(rock music)
– That guy’s crazy. That is a cliff. – Crap! – Today, we are in this beautiful city of St. George. See the red rocks up there? My brother-in-law, he loves Side-by-Sides or RZRs or Can-Ams, whatever you wanna call ’em, and he has a Can-Am that is white, similar to this. We were talking about it, and the zero to 60 is pretty similar between the two, so I’m hoping that we can
do a little race with it. We’re just gonna go
riding out in the desert. It’s 110 degrees today. Listen to this noise. (whirring) I don’t know how loud that sounded. I did not up the sound at all. Let’s go walk by a couple of other Teslas. These are the Model S’s. This is like what we used to have. (light whirring) Pretty quiet. There’s some noise, but not as much. The Tesla Model X is significantly louder just when it’s parked, and I know it’s charging right now, and there’s some juice going in it, but even when we have
it parked at the house, because of the heat, I think the air conditioning turns on multiple times during the day. (upbeat music)
Can’t really complain. This is a beautiful car. Let’s go to the sand dunes, test this thing out, have some fun, bring you guys along. Can a Tesla Model X 100D beat a Can-Am in zero to 60? We’re gonna find out. (upbeat music) Alright, we made it. Is this not the coolest Side-by-Side machine you’ve ever seen? It’s called a Can-Am. Tires are nice and clean. They will not be clean in a little bit. He’s got the red trim on it. The pearl white. Is this the way it came with the white? – No, it’s custom. – [Dan] Custom! So, you’re like one of the only people in the world that have one like this? – [Sam] Yep! – [Dan] Woohoo! It looks good. Look at those shocks. Those are some serious shocks. Is it possible to bottom out those shocks? – Yes. – Really?
– Yeah. – Have you done it?
– Yeah. – Ha! What’s the zero to 60 on this guy? – 3.8. – I dunno, I think the Tesla with the all-wheel
drive is not gonna slip. There’s a good chance
we’re gonna crush it. Before we go riding out on the sand dunes, which we’ll show you some of that, we’re just gonna line ’em up, and just go, and see what it looks like. Here is the battle. Tesla 100D versus Can-Am Maverick X3. I think I said that right, right? Did I say that right?
– Yep. (Dan laughing) – We’re going right here to this gray box, right there. Where’s Sam? – Aha! – Alright man, are you gonna really try? – Yes! – (laughing) Yes. I asked him that same
question a minute ago. He’s like, “Heck yes!” Haha! – I hate losing! – [Dan] He does hate losing. – I hate losing. – ‘Kay, this is the spot. We’re right here. What’s the count, Sam? What’s the count? – Let’s just go on three, okay? – One, two, then three, you go.
– On three, go. Yep. Alright, one…
– Whoa whoa whoa, okay. – Two, three! (engines revving) – (screaming) He got the jump on me! (hardcore music) (engine revs) There it is! There’s the belt. It just blew! That doesn’t look good. – It has one gear.
– How’d you get that jump on me? – I cheated. Oh, that’s what you wanted me to say! – [Dan] (laughing) Dang it! – He cheated, but that looks bad. – [Sam] It’s probably worn. – That, kids, is why you do not try to race a Tesla. – There’s belt throughout the whole lane! Shoot!
(Dan laughing) – We still don’t know who won the race. Way to be, Sam. You gotta check Sam out on Treadscapes on Instagram. His Instagram, where he posts all these pictures. He’s always sending me
all these awesome pictures for like the last five years, and finally I’m like, “Dude, start putting this on Instagram. “They’re beautiful. “They’re awesome.” So, that’s what he’s doing now. He’s got a bunch on there. Go check him out. Leave a comment. Tell him that you came
from watching this video, and tell him, uh, “Sorry about the belt.” – (laughing) Yeehaw! Got her done. We gon’ go get ourself good time ridin’ back out there in the sand dunes. – Oh shoot, that was nuts. I used to be a daredevil. – Yeah, sometimes Sam
just breaks into Mater. Like, all out Mater. I’m just warning you. Whenever he’s in our videos, get prepared for Mater. We’ve got the footage. So, here’s what we did. We had a drone flying over the top. We had me holding the camera in the car while I’m racing. Not advised to do that. Probably not advised to even drag race, but we’re on a closed circuit road. A racetrack, right Sam? Okay, but we did have somebody else holding their phone and filming it, and we kind of forgot about the whole zero to 60 thing, and all we ended up doing was went from that box, the utilities box, to the road, where everybody was standing. And it was close, so, we’re gonna watch the footage for the first time. Oh, there they go! (laughing) Just barely! Look at that! – [Sam] Listen to it. Listen to it.
– Oh, yeah. – That’s where the belt broke!
– Listen to it! – [Sam] Look, you see
the suspension unload. – [Dan] You could see it drop right there. – Aw, I had it.
– It’s like, boom. Let’s watch that part again.
– Listen to it. (parts grinding) – [Dan] Ahh! (laughing) Right there! – Suspension just goes like that. – Oh, that was sweet. – So, when a belt breaks, that’s like your chain
falling off your bicycle. You have no more go-go, and that’s what happened, so… That was close, Dan. – This is it. Sam did really well, but the Tesla did not blow a belt, so I don’t know who the
real winner is here. – Ouch. – (laughing) No, that was fun, Sam. Thanks. Let’s go ride. We’re gonna go ride
before the sun goes down. The answer to the question
is the Tesla is faster in that range, whatever it was. Let us know in the comments below, should we do another race? Because, we’ll be down here again, and Sam kind of got a jump on me. I think if we went again, I might get a jump on him. – Kay.
– Kay, get ready for some beautiful shots of riding. I have to know how fast
I was actually going, so I’m gonna go back to the spot without Sam and I’m gonna stop, and I’m gonna go and
see how fast I was going when I hit that spot. There’s the box, okay. How fast were we going? (upbeat music) Okay, 72, we were going 72 right there. When we got to here, on my just dry run, I was going 72 miles an hour, so that tells me there’s a good chance you were beating me when we hit 60. – Whoo! – But we’ll never know
’til we do a rematch. – Okay, so we’ve got
these fancy headphones on right now. I can hear music inside of them. Sam and I can talk to each other. That’s a pretty good setup. (Can-Am running) (wind blowing) – [Dan] Go up that? – Oh yeah. – [Dan] What? – Look at that, man. That’s a cliff.
– Oh my… – Woohoo! Woo! – This guy’s crazy. That is a cliff. (upbeat music) (engine running) The sun is going down. We have lots of riding to do. We’re gonna shut the camera off. Let us know in the comments if you want us to race again. Go follow Treadscapes on Instagram. If you wanna see more of this white thing and more of our Tesla, let us know, but that was a fun race. See ya!


Sam looking to ride with someone in St. George next weekend. Would you be intersted in going to Sand Hollow? My company has a retreat down there and I want to bring my car but they want to golf and I want to ride. Let me know the best way to get intouch with you

Remember; The Can Am was a $24,000 machine at most in that setup the dude had, and the Tesla was a $80,000 car at the very least, and the Tesla needs a charge which takes 30 minutes every 200 miles, while the can am only needs a 5 minute fill up every 250-300 miles. The true winner has to be the Can Am by far. ALSO, the Can Am can go off-road all day. Gasoline will always be better than Electric!!!

The Noise Happens Becuse Da Car Thinks That A Kid Is Inside
So The Air In The Car Gets Colder So It Can Protect The Kid From Heat

I have 7 years experience drive my wildcat ….first chang belt install sport belt second dig race their is atricks turn 4×4 after 50 Unplug the four-wheel drive Make the drive rear and you will distroy tesla 0_ 400 meters

I came here to make sure he was driving a rediculous gull wing Tesla. Lambo and Mercedes both realized the sheer stupidity of verticle doors. Only ricers think doors in the air are hot. Doors like that paint a big sign on ur car. Dumb!

Considering that and an electric motor has 100% rated torque at any rpm that is impressive that any internal combustion engine has any chance.

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