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Rarest Catches – River Monsters

Rarest Catches – River Monsters

Looks a bit like a fish, but it’s got hands and that’s exactly what this is got go look at that look at that look at that It’s ok. Ok Suddenly Silence Because everyone on the boat realizes. This is something special Is this a positive idea is that yeah? It’s the first time this species has ever been filmed I’ve landed bigger River Monsters, but none more rare This is a Glyphis little shark very rare species We’ve got a real positive. Id on this the shape of the notch just when the tail and also the the anal fin First one caught on camera You can count the people who have landed one of these on the fingers of one hand, right? But we need to work fast this shark is so rare. We’re only permitted to handle it for 60 seconds So is it a killer? It’s a powerful predator with super senses and all the right weaponry But we’ve only just learned this shark even exists And as yet we don’t know enough about its behavior or how large it grows to make that call wait I need the gloves. Until this fish is analyzed by Dimitriy I’ve no idea how radioactive it is and what risk it poses to me. So this is s this is the psAlm long Dark Tapering body shape the Wide head slimy skin tentacles teeth a bit like a worn down brush Yeah, absolutely positive Id I’m finally holding the biological black box I’ve been searching for I may have caught bigger, but never a fish as extraordinary as significant as this Dimitri’s research will later reveal that far from being the mutant giant of science fiction This Chernobyl catfish is under half the normal size for its age It’s stunted flesh harboring sixteen times the usual level of radiation If that’s a very big spirit that is in a weeding skate, so Norwegians gave This bizarre creature of the fjord floor was first described here in trondheim. It’s an extremely rare sight at the surface The fantastical imagination of the nordic map makers now seems quite tame compared with the reality of what’s down there So very impressive looking on wall very strange-looking animal very rare as well apparently Frederick’s saying only four of these caught on [wooden] line before So we’ve got to remember we got to take a tissue sample These things don’t come to the light very often at all Frederik works with the scientist at Tromson University who collects all the data from his caches of sharks and skates? It’s the right color for the fish that I want The skin underneath certainly, it’s got that rough feel but it’s completely the wrong shape skates are flattened Sharks, and this is a very strange-looking skate, but it’s It’s still not the fish I’m looking for This fish was born in darkness. I may never have seen daylight before those eyes are very very luminous There can’t be any light down where this thing moves, but this thing presumably mauritius would see something We don’t want to overly stress this rare visitor to our world. We have to tag it and measure it as quickly as possible 125 across four foot across by nearly six foot nose to tail Sharks and Skates are among the few fish that can survive being brought up from such depths They haven’t evolved that gas-filled swim bladders of other fish that can rupture on the way up That thing is a bit like an alien a real weird looking thing living in a weird environment some people spend their lives waiting for such a chance encounter with a monster both here and at Loch Ness The big Greenland Shark still eludes me that thing is actually rarer Where’s the show? I have caught a hanzaki better known as the giant Japanese salamander one of the largest salamanders in the world And the creature that I believe is behind the cap a legend They get bigger than this, but while this creature is aggressive even though. We mean it no harm The good thing is that these guys unlike fish are just as at home on land as they in the water Pretty soon he calms down those are Hanzaki Noodled And I’m very pleased even for my gloves on I wet my hands stayed away from that mouth He wasn’t too amused by the fact that he was just pulled out of his hole like that but this I think Is the creature I’ve been after? Looks a bit like a fish, but it’s got hands and that’s exactly what this’s got Mr. Toshimoto is monitoring the health of the hanzaki population along this river Or it’s nearly ten pounds. Measuring weighing and micro tagging every one of his caches counting all the digits all normal So that when he recaptures them he can build up a clear picture of how this incredibly rare animal is faring in the wild best part of a yard long and Now we have collected a new one for his study This is animal that hasn’t been caught before it doesn’t have a chip in it. So that’s a really good capture Normally, I wouldn’t be allowed to touch this but the fact that I’m acting as Mr. Toshimoto’s assistant means that I’m able to work with this animal there are only a few pockets of these endangered giant salamanders left in the wild these creatures that haven’t changed since the age of the dinosaurs their survival is an important part of Japan’s natural heritage, and When I try to release it this national treasure still makes one last attempt to bite me before disappearing unfazed by his capture


“We need to work as quick as possible”
Appears to sit and talk about the fish while it’s just sitting there for a while

How would you guys like it, somebody pulls you out of your life, chipping you, damages your skin, using you like an object and not as a lifeform?


I guess it goes to show you how vast our world is 🌎🐵🐻🦁🐯🐶🐺🐹🐭🐰🦊🐨🐼🦓🐴🐮🦌🐲🐉🦖🦕🐢🐊🐍🦎🐘🦏🐪🦍🐧🦈🐬🐋🦀🦑🐙🦂🕷️🦋🐛🐾

It’s a very aggressive fish even though we mean it no harm, from the salamanders perspective he was j chillin and you came in and sneakily ripped him out of the water then put him in a net lol, he don’t speak fuckin English he doesn’t know your not trying to end his life

Imagine if a smarter species came along from somewhere, plucked us from the streets and cut pieces of our flesh away for testing.

Only permitted to handle it 60:$3conds pours the shark a shot and shoots the breeze they order pizza take a few zannys and ended up in the county one chick talking pregnancy one fish lady talking bout we wrecked her car whoa wat a wild sharky type night

Stares skate in the eyes man wtf u talking bout I was born in the darkness I might have been born at night but not last night playa

i know he doesnt mean anything bad by it, but it's really sad that we even have to tag these creatures for conservation reasons when if we just left well enough alone we wouldn't have to do anything, and could just experience these animals in their natural environments without impacting their numbers.

the irony is sad: we cause extinction in some species, and therefore we need to terrorize and traumatize them by basically temporarily asphyxiating them and giving them a plastic earring so we can track them. lol. how about we just collectively stop messing with nature, and ourselves?

What if, all the things that this man released, decided to meet up and get together to form a river creatures congress that helps the "monsters" that were abducted by these humans, measured, experimented on and then released.

oH We MeAn iT nO HaRM
Proceeds to take fish out of its home put it in a net and hold it by its tail while its struggling for help

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