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this RC car has been through a lot
already it’s climbs clever it’s gone up jumps, it’s gone across water what else is
gonna do well it’s gonna go over top of this big jump ready ready oh I’m ready I
can’t wait let’s do it what is going on Sharer’s whoa welcome to the vlog welcome
to another awesome day we’re out here on the beach if you’re new here I’m Stephen
Sharer we’re gonna do some pretty big stuff so if you’re not already
subscribed hit that subscribe button we’re about to do some RC cars so I’m
insane jumps we got this whole Beach and we also have my brother Carter Sharer, what’s up
Sharers welcome to the vlog I’m Carter Sharer and this Beach is awesome we got the
ocean over there yeah we got this crazy ledge right here look at this it’s so
big then it’s like rock solid I can probably climb this thing ooh
Carter you know I won’t be getting up on that yeah let me try that again ready 1
2 3 I got it whoa oh yeah there we go okay I’m coming down ready let’s do it
hit three two and shares check out this awesome xmx car it’s absolutely huge
let’s drive this thing Oh No see what happened whoa the wheel
you broke it oh okay how did you break it we have even shot anything cool with
it yeah my car’s broken okay guys I’m running fair hey you get
that I brought it with me in my luggage all the way no Hawaii whoa yeah sure
myself Carlin & Jinger here today wait where’s Jinger where’s Jinger yeah we
are this one is awesome well before Carter’s X-maxx broke we did do a couple
cool things we even drove it off this cliff and now we’re down to one X-maxx so let’s
build some jumps let’s build some ramps for this and let’s see what it can do
gonna do a little competition shares jump vs. Carl&Jingers jump we’re each
gonna build our own jump out of sand and we’re gonna test the RC car gets it and
see how far the RC car can fly you’re gonna bring it Stephen because we know
our ramps and our jobs we’re pretty awesome jump so I’m gonna tell you right
now and for a bonus I’m gonna make an awesome job – lets get to work we have
the entire Beach out here let’s do it I’m gonna step up titling as much sand
as possible I’m gonna build a huge huge huge jump I just want the car to fly out
fit so what we’re gonna do is we’re just gonna steal a bunch of stephen sand but
we’re gonna pile it up taller than his so we go even higher and farther than he
does and for my bonus jump i’m gonna do mine over here and it’s gonna be so epic
so watch to the end because my jump is gonna use some of that cliff right there
it’s gonna be so epic we got our little helper child’s toys and games over here
are you gonna help us build our ramp yeah all right oh yeah I got the help of
Jackson over here stairs check out this job that’s getting here
in this is the bonus jump over here check it out and dig like a dog oh yeah sure that’s getting even bigger
we got loot joining us this is going to be the biggest jump coming right now
now shake share oh yes shares heart jump is done check
it now it looks like a normal jump from the side but it gets huge and it is
steep shares it is gonna work like crazy it even has something special in the
back check this out Oh what do we have here that’s how you know it’s a share made
jump oh yeah oh and then over here we have coral and Jin Joos jump we are
going for a really good angle and approach for maximum distance and we
even have an arrow so you know which way to go off the jump oh this does look
good it’s got a long running the ramp it doesn’t go as high as ours but it might
go farther we’ll see won’t wait we’ll have to find out and then shares over
here we got quarters jump it is uh it’s a little crazy to say the least I don’t
want to show you too much of Carter’s jump but we now have everybody helping
to build it it looks crazy that’s huge okay I think my jump is done let’s test
all these three jumps out yeah we’re gonna save cars jump for the last try
because the jump is so big the car might just break after it okay share so we
have three options for the car to go farthest we have Carl and Ginger’s jump
then we have my jump and then we have carter’s jump come right now which jump
you think it’s going to be the best hashtag Carla Jinger hashtag Steven or
hashtag Carter for his the rules are there are no rules whoever’s car gets
the farthest wins Carl you’re up first of you the honors of driving I get to
drive off my own jump oh yeah awesome even better Carl jr. are you ready to
test out your jump we’re ready let’s do this well that was awesome meeting all the
way to here it looks like the car veered off a little bit but it still made it
pretty far sure so it looks like the car hit the joke but it went off the side a
little bit and it went weird in there and flipped around in Atlanta so we’re
gonna give them a read oh let’s do it here you guys ready trying to eat let’s
try this again hit me
whoo okay that was crazy that was much better it looks like it landed right
here whoa that was awesome because the ramps are really narrow so we’re gonna
have to see how everybody else does Karla jr. did their job Steven it looks
like you’re up next Oh Cher’s I didn’t think about how
narrow the jump is mine is pretty narrow check this yeah yours is a little bit
bigger yeah sure as my jump might be bigger in terms of height but it’s
pretty narrow I thought she’d never driven one of these before so let’s hope
I don’t break it you’re gonna do that you’re gonna do good let’s do it all
right expects are you ready okay everybody Steve are you ready I’m
ready okay Karl ginger are you ready to see it as we give you a countdown
yeah give it down three to go come on Steve get new countdown ready
three Teva looks like it landed right here
that went farther than the core on ginger uh no I don’t think so no I think
there’s a bit further it looks like yeah we went a little bit further about this
far so this is where there’s planted this is
where Stevens landed it’s about this far away so close okay shares well there’s
one jump left and that’s Carter’s you’ve got to check it out oh yeah let’s do this this is gonna be
awesome share and shares this is the last in final jump
you saw this jump over Carl and Ginger’s jump whoa is it me then you saw the RC
car go over top of my jump now it’s time for the absolute ultimate
jump the RC car has got a jump off this giant ramp here and lands all the way on
this cliff you saw earlier when the car tried to drive up this cliff it was
pretty hard so we’ll even make it I have no idea what’s gonna happen will the car
even survive it could break just like Carter’s last RC car let’s find out
what’s gonna happen is everybody ready whoo okay let’s do it Steve get into
position RC car versus mega beach ramp let’s do
it I heard a crack I heard a crack okay I don’t know okay car are you okay we’re gonna have to try that again one
more time corner this thing we gotta get a little more speed yeah I’m gonna go
faster sure smash the like button with your notes we got to get this done let’s
do it let’s make this car jump move try number two you ready all right come on good one more tempered you’ve gotta go
mrs. gotta be last with shirts if you haven’t spent that like button you got
to smash it right now full throttle we gotta go full throttle he can do it yeah okay let’s do it set
up what works out here we go oh that was awesome
yeah work yes finally your car survived I can’t believe that it totally flew
over the cap I think it could have gone all the way over my head and it totally
landed up here that was awesome we tried to get a job Carl you know what
let’s stick Carl underneath it why not all right
shares if the car makes it over top of Carl you got to go to his channel and
you guys subscribe because this is gonna be crazy and if it nails me then you got
to turn on notifications – how’s that for a deal deal shares let’s see will
this actually go over Carl’s head I don’t know he’s pretty tall he’s way
taller than the job dad definitely don’t try this at home
Oh Carl’s underneath the ramp oh my gosh you guys here comes he’s making practice
runs right now this is really intimidating Carter let’s give it a go oh yeah awesome I don’t think I even
haven’t duck but I just got scared but that was so crazy
oh that was awesome oh yeah that was awesome
I was so cool alright shares well there you have it that was an RC car epic jump
first it’s the beach with coral and GG you got to go check out their channel
hey whenever Carl said you’ve got to hit subscribe on their channel they drove
the xmaxx across the water did it work I don’t know you gotta find
out go to their Channel and check it out Sharers and Carter drove his RC car
across the pool there’s been some crazy videos that we’ve done with it.



That jump was the most EPIC thing on your channel and you guys have done a lot of epic stuff! Y'all are AWESOME!!!

Hi my name is vorinca and your videos are epic and a you should post floor is lava but there is a twist to it in the pool with floaties

I love your videos I am just a kid just let you know I saw a hacker I punched him in the face and he did not mess with me ever again love you videos to Carter Stephen


Siam but I was gonna say the Bluetooth fidget spinner is super cool and say something when you get in OK and you better give me one if you don’t I’m a hit you

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