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Rc Helicopter drone Unboxing gone wrong! Accident scary fail

Rc Helicopter drone Unboxing gone wrong! Accident scary fail

Hi, my name is Isabella And i’m Salvador Welcome to RageOn! today we have a special guest and his name is Antoine Hello, today i will help them to….. helicopter skythunder SO now i’m going to open the skythunder Let’s see what’s inside this box I have it over here SO in case you haven’t noticed he doesn’t speak English very well because he’s French yeah, that’s it Hello in the box, there is a new helicopter one remote to control it and one charger to “charge it” the brand of the helicopter is Skythunder and to operate you need to use four AA batteries and this helicopter can fly indoors and it can fly 5 to 6 minutes maximum SO if you want to know if it’s on you can see a little light over here OK so now we are going to try it out but…. we are going to be careful because the blades turn very fast and its dangerous so you guys want to back up? now sorry I’m going to turn it on I can’t see It’s on turns this thing on Oh my god I’m afraid Ok, I had terrible experiences with a drone before I hope its not going to end up like last time I think i remember the controls ok so now we are going to do TRY 2 TRY 3 ISABELLA what did you do You’re the worst pilot ever Look what you did Can i try another time? ah ah ah ah I want to try i want to try I’m boss It moved by itself! are you ok? battery is dead conclussion refund One, dangerous 2, fun with friends 3 scary Now if you would like to follow me BRAH!!!! Like, share , subscribe! and we will see you next time!

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