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Real GTA Simulator!

Real GTA Simulator!

So I’ve never driven a car blind before but here we go! God damn! AHAHA! You’re gonna die! So today we’re going to try something that i’ve been wanting to do for a while It’s an idea I had called Video Game Simulator Wren was messing with his Tiny Whoop Drone and we thought it would be fun to run behind around with a camera as in a third person video game camera angle. So, I’ve decided to take it probably to take a couple of steps too far and I’ve built this rig here, where it has a radio-controlled camera, the battery and all the transmitters as well as a GoPro right here so we can record it. Somebody’s going to put the goggles on and they’re going to run a Grand Theft Auto obsticle course here while they can only see themselves from third person camera view. I have made Sam volunteer I have no idea what’s going on. Oh, so I can see myself Go and walk, let’s try it out! So your framing is pretty shit right now it’s canted making me kinda … there we go, that’s better. Up or down? Down. That’s better, yeah. I think you are right there, Uh, you’re a little bit off. There? Yeah. This isn’t a challenge for me So much as it is for me as for Niko. Stop running faster than this. Oh god! Dude This is gonna be a little crazy! So, what we’re gonna do in this GTA Simulator, Sam is going to have to mug Wren, Steal his keys to the car and jack the car, drive in about 40 feet down in this big empty street, hop out and then kill the one opposing gang member. With a Nerf gun, just like GTA! You didn’t say anything about driving a car Ok, let’s just do it. I’m just … let’s just … let’s go. Let’s just do it yeah! We’ll just see what it’s like as if real life was GTA. I’m ready to do this! Let’s do it. Let’s go! We’re loading in! I came in with a T-pose, then I gotta go limp. There. Dude, this guy wants to start some shit? Hey! I got his hand! Oh, right in the face! You got the keys! I got ’em! I got the keys! Let’s do this! Come on! Come on! Come on! Where is it? It’s right here! So, I’ve never driven a car blind before, but I can see the whole car right now. I can’t see the dashboard, warning signals or anything, but here we go! God damn! Ah haha! You’re gonna die! Whoah! Oh, this is so weird! Oh my god! I can’t see anything! There’s a car passing to our left, just so you know. No, we’re gonna stop. No, I’m not gonna… Where’s Wren? Hey Sam, we got someone coming up here. Wren? Yep. Oh, I see him! Alright, I think the car’s off, right? Oh, there he is. *Groans* I can’t see, Niko. Aim that shit, dude! I can’t … that’s right, there. Yay, I did it! I did it! You did it! Let me go and take his money! That was chaos. That was so chaotic. I loved it though. How was it? – Dude Sam, You shot me right in the forehead! Right here! Keeping up with the car is really hard. I’m starting to go faster then we discussed. It did feel like GTA. I’m going to try and operate the camera and give Niko the chance, I’m gonna try make a few improvements on the camera work, make it so it’s even easier for Niko to hit Wren in the balls. Alright, I’m legit nervous, Alright, cool. Let’s do it! It’s a WrenPC! Ready to load in? Yeah! What’s your character’s name? serverdude420 Loading in, go for it! That is so awkward! This is the one! It’s really hard! Go for it, bro! Got ’em! Got the keys! He’s moving! Oh my god! This is so intense! It’s actually… It’s easier than walking though. Like, I can actually see where I’m going just fine, I can totally see where my car’s pointing Alright. Yes! I did it! If I’m off center in the third-person camera, like, I can’t just flip the thumbsticks center forward, and make myself go straight again, like, I have to physically turn my body and go in a new direction and see what happens. I think we should up the stakes: GTA Online stlye! ‘Cause I actually built another one of these poles and we have another set of goggles. So we can do 1v1, third-person camera GTA fighting, It’s gonna be really janky. Let’s do it! Wasted. Alright, we’re gonna up the stakes here for the very end. Sam and I are gonna be cameramen, and we’re gonna be picking our soldiers. Sam, I will give you the first pick between Wren and Jimmy. Jimmy, let’s do this! Yeah! Let’s go! Alright, Wren, Man! I have Niko? We’re gonna equip both Jimmy and Wren with Nerf guns. Whoever shoots the other person the most by the time they’ve emptied their mags, wins the fight. The winner, get’s the hambone jar. No! No! That is… That, no… That means you could earn all your money back! Or you lose it! You see it? -Yeah, this is good. That’s a sweet in the pot. That was a hard landing! So, Wren fights the best when he is bleeding. So, we’ve made sure we scraped himself up, before we got started. We’re gonna crush this and Wren is gonna get all the hambones. When you’re aiming your gun, make sure it is a big obvious motion that I can aim down the gun like a little bit for you. Ok, alright. I’m gonna fly this right in, You’re gonna be looking down your iron sights as you aim. Ok? Ok. I’ll just walk around like this, Or you could just go like horse stance I’ll be directly behind you like this, So this time, we’re gonna show you the GoPro footage, because it’s a lot cleaner and nicer to look at. Alright, they’re ready. 3 2 1 Go! Give me that camera angle! Which one is Wren? Oh god! Wait! I’ll kill him! Solid shot! Niko, your aiming sucks! Ow! You’re out Jimmy! I’m out! Game over guys! Game over! It was good. It was good. Once I got my bearings, turns out I’m just the best. How many times have I hit him? Like a lot. ‘Cause you also got a direct like, a frickin’ direct forehead shot on. All I saw was Jimmy got a head shot on Wren and that’s it, that’s a win in my book, right there. -Yeah. Wren, you know it was a nice try. You hit me once, Wren, in the hand. Just once!? Yeah, just once. Wren, do you want those hambones? Yeah. We can probably talk him into one more round, If we swapped, and I fought for you. Oh well. I’ll probably do a much better camera job then you did. I’m not gonna argue with that, I don’t think you guys know this but, I’m a great camera man. 3 2 1 Which one is Sam? Give me some space! Give me some space! Wide angle! Get down. Get down. You getting some cover? Let’s go around, I don’t see… Whoo! My gun broke. Wren, point the camera! Never! I can’t retreat! Retreat! Alright. Alright. Yes! Fate decreet me over. Alright. That was great, we had technical difficulties but at the end of the day, I don’t think it was about the competition. Good old fun, shoot your friends with a weird camera setup setting. So, I can go home and say I was a winner, right? Yes -Yeah you beat me. Let us know what you thought of this little video game simulator experiment. We got some other cool ideas we’ll try down the line. Side-scroller simulator. Like Mario series, somebody running sideways through the camera, while you have to have the goggles on and jump over shit. Can’t, it would just make everyone throw-up Yeah, Like, there could be a Kooper shell and a skateboard coming at you and you have to jump over it, but you won’t actually be able to judge where it is. That’s one where we would actually wear the helmets. Yeah, we do have Mario and Luigi helmets. Thanks so much. Well, you’re gonna make another hambone jar after that one for sure. Yeah, definitely.


You should try this but with a drone programmed to follow him! They make them for self made snowboard and extreme sports videos.

Would be interesting if the could cycle onto a separate feed so they could look down a guns sights

That was hilarious!!! I was told to quite down in my own house!!! Thanks for the awesome laugh😁

ok do this again except make yourself blind mice in a maze with the camera watching from above. see who can get the best times.

Should have had the GoPro on some mini gimbal at the end of the stick so rather than having to stay right behind him you could just reach behind him if he turns and the camera would still be level.

You guys should do a FPS video with the camera mounted on the gun streaming directly to these googles. Or a third person shooter with the camera rig bound to the back over the shoulder with a harness or something. Might be fun!

This is the best channel on YouTube, Niko bro it would have been hilarious if someone had jumped on top of the car like 20 times before finally entering the car, like what if grandma had the controls?

You should make a body harness to have the camera be attached to the person always in one angle. As for the car, it should have a rig attached to the trunk (but high up), and camera switched as the person gets in

Actually, place it in a laser tag arena and make it that you only can see yourself in third person? That would be a hell of a game. Real haptic feedback and out-of-body intense experience

Craziest channel on YouTube… Loved you guys since the rocket jump days. And still Loving you completely ❤️

Glue a camera on the weapon. It will be much easier to aim. And buy a whole fpv system:

I would like to see you guys do a Corridor length video simulating all the little quirks in the game. I know you already dd a few of them with Steven Ogg, but maybe another one with the little details of the gam, like how when anyone is drinking beer, they do a little dance, or when they are sitting in a car, how they will look down and brush their knee. I would do it myself, but I don't have the resources.

should of used that drone that has motion follow tracking on it,u can put a tag on back of his head and itll track that tags location exact point

This video is what's called a second person shooter. To learn more about second person you can search the video about it. It's amazing

I have a cool idea that builds off of this concept! Would it be possible to set up multiple cameras for a classic survival horror simulator? The wearer would see themselves walking around at a certain camera angle, then when they reach a certain spot, they would see themselves from a different camera placed somewhere else, mimicking changing camera angles. Then you could have some crew members act as zombies, walking around where the wearer of the goggles cant see due to the fixed camera.

It might be too complicated due to the need for changing cameras (or maybe a crew member can observe where the goggle wearer is moving and change it manually) but imagine how scary that would be!

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