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Hello Internet here is your Shitskater Alex! so much traffic. its so loud so here is my old deck, yes? its the Daewon Song Pro model here is my newest, from Real its the Brock Pro Model the funny thing is, the Skater looks a bit like me but he can do a lot more thats why he has his own Pro Model so like I said my old Almost Deck had 8.25″ width I wanted a big deck blabla so I can do better Ollies when rolling fast blabla more stable blabla now I’m more comfortable blabla wanted a smaller deck now blabla can you see me? I switch to hdr is it better now? oh they are cutting the grass so…the deck was a bit to wide for me at the end blabla I’m not a big guy blabla small feet blabla 8.25 is much but Daewon Song is even smaller then me blablabla the axes are off you can see its a Real Low Pro 2 that means it has a lower center of gravity “a slight nose to tail rocker” so it has more control I dont know I try to show it to you I dont know you can see it lays unstable my Almost Deck is flat on the table I go on setting it up done! now I put some stickers on it and then I test it I also never filmed here before I just practiced some Ollies it feels strange and my foot is hot from the fresh griptape its scrubbed hot now I look how the Shove its feel cause the concave is higher and the deck is more narrow if its spins more uncontrollably? or not, I dont know ok then I dont say anything, its so windy ok? I now jump here up ok its less wind now. Its the first time I try to jump a gap its a bit shorter then a board and this high but like always, when you ride up its sooooo wide for you thats the worst when you get stuck the Ollies are really dangerous at the moment, I’m not used to it that was nice! wooow what a nice triiiick woooow there is one thing I have to test definitely my Heelflips I really hate them so one time a day I land maybe one lets see If I maybe feel a difference with this one I really hate them duuuude haha oh what a stress so my lovely people I am tired I must say I really like this Deck now that I got used to it I thought it would be more difficult to ride a narrower deck but this feels so super I think I will always use now Low pro 2 I really like it and I also did some new tricks today that was not bad! that was a good day! thank you to the people who watched! see you next time your shitskater alex tschüss!


Alex, you burned that skatepark today! That Tailslide to fakie was awesome! Congrats for all those tricks! 🤜🏼👍🏼

Hui, der Heelflip sah aber fein aus 👍 Dann bleib mal bei der 8er Breite oder diesem „low“ Concave. Hatte ich noch nie gehört. Mega Skatepark.

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