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Rebecca Zamolo Finally Trapped the GAME MASTER in Real Life! (Spy Gadgets and Mystery Clues Found)

Rebecca Zamolo Finally Trapped the GAME MASTER in Real Life!  (Spy Gadgets and Mystery Clues Found)

– Matt there’s an opening up there, look! Come on. – Where are we? – Matt look there’s like three
other tunnels right here. – Wait so this means that these all lead to different places? Where are we at right now? – I’m pulling up my map. It says that, our cabin is that way. So if we start walking that way, we’ll be able to get to our cabin. – Does this mean that were pretty close to PumpkinPatches hideout? – We definitely are. – So this videos actually
sponsored by RetailMeNot. We were gonna go buy some clothes for this but I think now we need
to spend our time buying spy gadgets to try to trap PumpkinPatch. – I think we really need to figure out who Pumpkin Patch is. I think that’s gonna be a huge clue for what the Game Master Network is. I’m just excited to finally figure out who PumpkinPatch is and take off that PumpkinPatch mask. – Alright we are back
at our house right now and we are changed. – Yeah! – Rebecca has some coffee. – New clothes, coffee I’m very happy! – That’s right so we are
gonna go over all of our spy gear that we have, to
see exactly what we need. And see how we can capture Pumpkin Patch. – I think at this point
we have no other option. We have to figure out who Pumpkin Patch is and we have to get this right. So we have a ton of spy gadgets already but there’s one more
spy gadget that I think we definitely need or Matt and I to have. – That’s right! So right now we have. This listening device A rope and a little bit of a net. We have skateboard oh Rebecca’s never ridden this before. careful! – Hey Pumpkin Patch! Whoa! – Oh my gosh! Careful, careful – Hey Pumpkin Patch Oh my god! Okay, that’s going back up on the wall. Okay – If you ride a skateboard comment below. – We have this device, this is the device that actually found him,
PumpkinPatches hiding spot. One go pro, we might
need to get some more. – I think we definitely need more GoPro. – Flashlight, Blacklight. We have this little thing this was part of the trip wire you guys
saw in the previous video. And then this actually found in the safe. So we don’t know what this is. I think it might be a camera? A lot of you guys were commenting
that this was a camera. – Oh there’s like a red dot. – Exactly – So now that you saw all
the spy gadgets we have, we’re gonna look online
to see if there’s any final spy gadgets we need. – So now we’re gonna unto RetailMeNot. Before we shop we need to
install the RetailMeNot Genie. Let’s log onto the website. So its
and download the extension, For either Firefox or Chrome. Now that we have the
RetailMeNot Genie installed, lets look on the website
for some spy gear. RetailMeNot Genie is a tool
that runs in the background when you’re shopping online. You’ll see a little R
next to the search bar, once you install the extension. – That lets you know that
the RetailMeNot genie is doing the work behind
the scenes looking for relevant search items when
your shopping on websites. – Its super easy. And the best way to save money without even having to try, once its installed. It combines and applies
available offers at checkout. – So download the extension today. There will be a link down
here in the description box and see how you can save. – Matt I think we should
do walkie talkies. – You know Steve and the
great Sharble had those. – Yeah, exactly and we don’t. And I think if we ever split up we need to have walkie talkies so we can get a hold of each other. – Great way to communicate, okay. – Yes Lets get some walkie talkies. – Oh I found some right here. Wow! We just saved ten dollars
on these walkie talkies. What a great way to save
during the holidays. Lets see if we can them delivered. Thank you RetailMeNot for
sponsoring this video. So I am packing up right now. I’m putting all the spy gear
in this backpack right here. Getting ready to head over
to the PumpkinPatch hideout. Rebecca just went into
the house to go get ready. What she doesn’t know,
is that I’m actually probably going to prank her. I haven’t pranked Rebecca in a long time and I think it’s time that we do something to prank her. I think we still need to train
and try to catch PumpkinPatch But at the same time,
I think I can pull off a really good prank. But your just gonna have to stick around at the end of the video to
find out exactly what happens. I’m so excited! I’m so
excited! Lets do this! – Okay so we are now headed
to PumpkinPatches hideout Matt packed up all of the spy gear and the walkie talkies came! – That’s right! – So Matt and I are gonna
be able to communicate I don’t know if he’s
here were gonna check the device to see if he is, and if not we’re gonna go and look for clues. Alright you guys, we are pulling in. Oh my gosh, its so creepy. Look Matt it doesn’t look
like anyone’s here right now. – It definitely looks abandoned. Whoa wait a second, hold
on I just saw something. That looks just like
the Llama from Fortnite. – Oh my gosh It’s pink! – Exactly like Fortnite. – Okay, So before we
go explore we’re gonna hook our phone up to the device to see if PumpkinPatch is here. – Doesn’t look like anybody’s here. – So it is abandoned. That means we’ll have
more time, hopefully. – Let’s get all the spy gadgets out and see what we can find. – Okay – Alright so I know we didn’t see anything on the spy device with PumpkinPatch in the pumpkin patch field. – Yeah – But I just want to make sure that we’re in the clear here. So this as you guys know
is the listening device you actually can hear pretty far away. So were gonna from a safe distance try to see if we can hear anything. – Okay, if we hear
something what should we do? – Were going back in the
car or we’re gonna use that net and try to capture PumpkinPatch. Its pretty windy. – Know what I can hear? Those pigs right there! – I know I can hear it really well. Piggies! Keep it down, were trying to spy! – Alright so I can only hear animals it looks like the pumpkin patch might be clear out there,
lets go check this out. – Wow – Careful beck. – Do you guys remember this whole thing was like an abandoned
ghost town for Halloween? It’s like all gone, except for the prison! they still have a prison! Wow You guys this is not a Fortnite
Llama this is a real Llama. Do you know PumpkinPatch? – Friendly Llama have
you seen PumpkinPatch? – Oh man, please don’t spit on me. – Oh, he likes you – Oh maybe not. He’s getting some water to spit. He’s looking at us. – The pumpkin patch
was over here you guys. – What?! – Whoa! – It’s empty – Look there’s no pumpkin’s there anymore. It looks like there’s bulls inside. – I don’t remember the
fence at all either. – I know! Wait a sec, that’s maybe why PumpkinPatch had his hideout above our house. Because his hideout was
taken over by bulls. I would not want to have a hideout here. – So how’re we supposed to look for clues? – I mean, I’m not going in there. Guys, let me know if you
see any clues around here. It looks like it’s gonna
be a little bit more of a challenge to try to find clues. The sunflower maze is gone too. Look Matt! – Beck, beck go get that! – I’m not getting that! – I think there’s something inside! Be nice! It’s a bull. Okay, I got it I got it, I got it. – Oh my gosh! – Okay, we have to see
of something’s inside. – Can you hold this? Wow! So PumpkinPatch is
still leaving clues here but he can’t get in so
he put it on the side. And the bull almost got it! Be there eleven twenty dog bakery. – That’s what I chased PumpkinPatch into that dog store, I don’t
know if it was a bakery. – And it says eleven twenty
that’s in a couple days. – In 2 days. – We should go back and that’s where we should set up the
trap for PumpkinPatch. Okay, that gives us forty
eight hours to train like ninja’s and set up all
the spy gadgets we have. So we can make sure that we
figure out who PumpkinPatch is, Because we need to take
off his or her mask! If you guys agree thumbs
up this video right now that we really need to
see who PumpkinPatch.. – Oh my gosh! The bull again! I think we’re gonna try
to leave the pumpkin here just in case somebody
sees it and they think that we got here, we want to make sure that we leave no trace. Leave the note here too. – Yeah and we know that
it’s eleven twenty in the dog bakery so we have
everything we need on the paper. – Alright – Rebecca’s gonna go put
that down we’re gonna go and try to find a place
to train right now. We need to trap him, and
we need to figure out how to trap him. So we’re gonna go train, right now. – We just parked because
we spotted these woods which we thought would be
the perfect place to use our ninja spy gadgets to
practice trapping PumpkinPatch! – It would – Its gonna be perfect to hang the net from a tree and then practice dropping it. We have to get the right timing too. – You think it’s gonna work? – I hope so! – Then we’ll replicate
where were gonna do it at. – We’re gonna get this you guys. Matt look! It’s perfect! – Is that a swing set?
It’s like a tree fort. – Ah! my phone! – That’s never happened before. Whoa, you should try it out. – I might brake this. What if I go up here? – That might work. Alright so the first thing we need to do is set up this net, as
soon as he goes unto it. It goes up on multiple directions. – Yeah and it has to
be directly above that. – So Rebecca’s spreading
out the net right here. Cause we need all of these,
to point up like right here. – Oh! Thumbs up if you think this is gonna work. – Also comment down below if
you know who PumpkinPatch is. Some people were like I
know exactly who it is! – Really? Chad Wild Clay is really tall. – A lot of people were saying it was Chad. You wanna be up there? – Yeah, I can do that. – How did we luck out with the tree fort? Got it?! Gathering up some pine needles, sprinkling it on. – Awesome – Pretty good – I think its ready. – Yeah? – What? – I just remembered I left
the device in the car. – The device? What do you mean? – The one where we see all the cameras? – Do we need it right now? – I think we should have it. – Okay well do you want to go get it from the car real quick? – Yeah – I’m gonna stay up here
because its really high. – Alright I’m headed back
to the car right now. What Rebecca does not know is that, I thought it would be
kinda fun, to prank her. And say that the Game Master is coming. I’m gonna dress up. I don’t have a mask
but I have a black hood that I can put on and act
like I am the Game Master. I think it would be so funny. So I’m gonna go put that on right now. This is gonna be awesome. Here’s a look at this guy. Okay I have my black hoodie on right now. The only thing I need to do is sneak up. Another way in the path
where she won’t know that I’m coming. Put on the hood, just like this and say Rebecca Game Masters coming
I can see him be careful. This is gonna be hilarious. Leave a comment down below
if you would ever do this. – Matt’s taking a while and I’m just out here in the woods. All by myself. – Rebecca over. – Matt its me what’s up? where are you? – Don’t be alarmed. I just saw the Game
Master, it looks like he’s coming right towards you. – What? What? The Game
Master’s here right now? – Be quiet Beck, be quiet. He’s coming straight, right to you. – Okay so, so what do I do?
Do I have to pull the net? I haven’t practiced yet, are you serious? – Yeah, I think that’s what you have to do you have to try to trap him. – Okay I gotta go I don’t
want to see, hold on I gotta go Matt. Oh my gosh – He’s right behind you, Rebecca he’s coming in behind you! – Behind me? Oh my gosh – She’s right back there. Got ya! Matt! – The Game Master is right next to you? – That is not funny. – Come down from there
Rebecca you look ridiculous. – I was, I was shaking. I was like oh my gosh I hope
the Game Master doesn’t see me, Thank god I’m up high in a tree. Why would you do that? I was so scared. – It was pretty funny, you
have to admit. A little bit. – No! It wasn’t funny, ask them! That was scary! Matt, this game is over. But seriously you guys we have
less than forty eight hours, to get everything set up
and to trap PumpkinPatch because I promise you
guys we will be taking off PumpkinPatches mask and
figuring out who he is! You guys ready?


1:31 I ride a skateboard EVERYWHERE. I ride it to school, I ride it to the park, I ride it to my friends house.

Pumpkin patch is rockey the gm has his dog and rockey has to do whatever gm says to get flip back so the gm told him to be pumpkin patch

In Matts 24 hours in a mystery box video there was something at the end that was probably to hypnotize you

Pumpkin patch is Rocky the game master has flip and game master is making rocky to get 1 million subscribers and rocky was working with the game master for a long time go. Love rebecca and matt zamfam pawzam😘😍💝👑👑 yoll are the best YouTubers in the world love i am part of the zamfam

Pumpkin Patch is Rocky Kanaka and The Game Master is a YouTuber person.Dog Bakery is the favourite place that Rocky takes his dogs.

when they were listening to see if pumpkin patch was there and Rebecca said "those pigs!" im like oh ok "quiet piggies were trying to spy" im dying!!! lol keep up the humor matt and Rebecca!!!

Rebeca and matt I now how pumpkin patch Its Rokey.👀👻😯😙😙😙😙🎭🎭🎭🎭🎭🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃

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