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Record Breaking Backwards Limbo Skater

Record Breaking Backwards Limbo Skater

COMM: Eight-year-old Devisri Prasad is a record breaking limbo roller skater. 00:20
DEVISRI: I started skating when I was in first standard. I was six years old then. 00:31
COMM: In only two years he’s earned seventeen records and can limbo skate only eight and
three quarter inches off the ground. Devisri might be naturally flexible but practice makes
perfect, and he fits in a gruelling training regime around school to make sure he’s on
top of his game. 00:48
DEVISRI: I I practice for three hours in the morning and three hours in the evening. I
come back from school at 4pm, eat a snack and get ready. Then I skate for an hour and
a half on the road and another hour and a half on the skating ring. 01:09
COMM: But he doesn’t have the help of a trainer. Devisri learned how to skate from watching
videos his parents showed him, and now the father gives him the low down on his limbo. 01:20
G. LOKANTHAN: Whenever he makes a mistake I show him a video and he rectifies it. Whenever
he wins gold medals, as a parent and a trainer I cam very proud of him. 01:36
COMM: Now the prodigy has got his eye’s set on big prizes. 01:40
DEVISRI: I want to break the Guinness World Record and get a gold medal for India at the
Olympics. 01:52
COMM: In pursuit of his Guinness World Record on August the 26th 2015, he was filmed making
a number of impressive runs, including skating backwards for one hundred metres under fifty-two
cars in just 22.59 seconds. He’s now made an official application to claim not one,
but five word records for limbo skating. Including the furthest distance skated forwards and
backwards under cars and the lowest limbo skate recorded. END


Does he know how to do anything else for fun? He's pretty young and as a kid, I'm sure I would of gotten bored of rollerskating 6 hours a day…

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