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Ohdbfhaebfklebjlfjeklwjbfjkebfbehjbf Siri can dogs pee. I mean sorry Peas. Sorry mebkjfbejfkjefkjwbegjfbejfkwegfebfkjbejfe Basically you abused your lips to hold up the glasses ejbfkjebfbefgjefgbuwefhioefe How do you do fellow kids who could it be why is tik tok superstar Laurenzside i love tik tok!! Of course here to bring you some more weird and wonderful tick tock Recreations and as you can see I’m still not out of ways to start off these videos So today I thought it would be fun to focus on some tick tock memes and by that. I mean some copyright friendly, of course trends and Popular things that have happened on tick tock that have pretty much become a meme Because of that and we are just gonna get right into it with the first one Because we have lots of memes to cover and the first one is a special one because it is a prank meme Alright somebody walking with a speaker sneaking into the room and putting it down running away And then playing this song What are you doing then of course, there’s even people who run into their gym classes and hook up their phone to a speaker And then running away So, yeah first tick-tock recreation of the day, but I need a Bluetooth speaker Well, I’m in luck because today’s video is sponsored by LG and specifically LG’s X boom go Pk7 bluetooth speaker here. She is isn’t she beautiful? As you can see she’s just as colorful and fun as I am So by now you guys know that my tick-tock video has always seemed to get claimed and in order to be able to keep doing Them I need sponsors like LG Thank You LG. So yeah the LG X boom Go pk7 is LG’s all new speaker brand designed for a premium sound experience. Ooh And with the Meridian technology that’s built in the LG X Boom go has perfectly balanced sound at any volume, which is perfect for this prank meridian is a premium British audio manufacturer that Revolutionized the audio industry with its expertise in DSP also known as digital signal processing What are you doing I just peed Why don’t you do this? I can’t could you do this? Bobby so Dennis right guys step. I don’t want to step in your pee my pee. Is there cleaning this up? You have to clean my piece With you Bobby I don’t I don’t know. I don’t know Okay. So this next tick tock I actually got the idea from Miss cupcake It’s so simple, but genius and hilarious I’ve seen a couple other people do this not with this audio but this face where the lips hold up like the sunglasses and then you have to put like a hoodie around the rest of your Head and I am all for that So I’m gonna do this be ridiculous and then just go annoy Bobby because why not at this point? Okay, so I found this perfect hoodie. Oh Okay, so it’s gonna be kind of borrowed I can’t see but I have three types of glasses We got the Hello Kitty the Lady Gaga from like early 2000s. We got pixel the pixel Let’s see what the pixel look like. So basically you have to use your lips But hold up the glass Okay Oh I can’t smile and out ah Okay, there’s that or there’s this. Oh, we’re going back to like old tic-tock days where I look ridiculous And I have to talk weird girls. They’re gonna fall he’s gonna blend in to my hoodie it takes the best ones gonna be these cuz they’re vibrant being that most of the tic-tock so far have been like pranking Bobby with Some tic toc pranks or memes or I don’t know what this video is shaping into just a picture of everything I think I’m gonna do the various different funny scenes and then the last scene when I make the noise I’m just gonna like try to pop up somewhere near Bobby and scare him. He’s gonna love it. I probably should tie this uh-huh I think this works All right, I need to get away from the ring light Bobby Hi, here’s somebody I Don’t know what you look like, but you look like something Can you tell that I have does it look like I have eyes sorry. It’s a meme though I’m gonna mean it’s been my dream. Well lips are too small to hold the glasses up Okay, there you get away from the ring lights. All right ready? I don’t know. I’m saving ready to go This is harder than I thought. Is it still recording? Yes Did I do it Okay, first shot done, all right, I’m gonna try to record me turning around like whipping around to reveal me Like this ready? Did it work Back Then this is some one person epic tick tick tocking. You guys are witnessing. I Have no idea what this looks like from your guys end, but it’s probably great All right, cut it up, okay. So this one I’m gonna have to move around for very dangerous, okay. We’re you guys too Good I Love the a new vibe you like looks over to see what I’m doing on my phone and then Realizes I’m recording and gets like boys and you may wonder why I’m always pranking Bobby on his computer. Well, hey, he’s neither editing So he’s focused and I want to ruin it or be he’s playing Desa me too, where he’s also super focused and I also want to ruin it That’s why I always get annoyed reaction because I pick like the worst moments go do it. Okay, so this next one I’ve been wanting to recreate for such a frickin long time, but I could not find my hoverboard anywhere remember never ever goes Oh Simpler time but yeah, I couldn’t find my hoverboard anywhere And as you guys know I am moving in like a week now actually when you see this video it might be that weekend But yeah, anyway, I was cleaning out things and packing things and I freaking found it. So I finally get to recreate this I hope I don’t regret it See again, so simple but basically I need to use my hoverboard to become a snake and then like maybe Inadvertently hit the phone try this and hopefully I don’t hurt myself Thank You Bobbi for Helping me with this. Remember the hoverboard never remember. Well, I have something fun to do with it I Have to try Oh, hold on. Is that the gate? Oh I made it up with two for you. This is too hard starting out there. I Can’t get out. Is it too big? Yeah, you got it Okay Did I break my phone I don’t want ya Laurens trying again she didn’t die I have a champ if I would have said the word snake that it wasn’t 500 he’s like what you look so tired is crap I Was trying to do the Wiggles Nice. Oh, alright. So before I show you what this one ended up being like I edited a little bit This is filmed like a day or two after I filmed the actual tick-tock and oh, yeah, look at that. Oh look at it Look at that Yeah, I was laying in bed and bobby was like oh What’s that? And I thought it was hair Dye staining my skin from me like adding purple back to my hair in the shower But oh no, it’s a freaking bruise and it hurts a lot. Now, this is from that tick-tock It’s the biggest bruise. I think I’ve ever had in my life. I’m not over exaggerating I can’t remember a time where I’ve had this big of a bruise. I also definitely got bruised here So I would not recommend this at all Like at all my arm hurts a lot and I could have done way more damage to my head. Yeah It’s right here right here is little bruise. So this better get a lot of views hashtag 2019 culture. It’s sad alright, let’s say I forget snack So I wanted to put in the blooper so bad of me crashing with the camera And this was the only way I could figure it out cuz I was like at least you guys see what I was trying to say before I smashed into my phone and Then you know I did the Dark Souls you’re dead beam at the end because I mean a little meme tik-tok episode Anyway, okay. I need a little bit of a break after that one So let’s go with another simple yet effective tic-tac means this one’s actually trending the most right now coasters It’s this time work thing So, I think I want to use it on Dexter Actually before I do that I want to show the one that I did with Gaby while I was visiting her I Loved it so much Definitely my favorite filter but even better than that one is our failed attempt where I actually fell in the making of it but watch oh There we go and up down. I Love ya me face as I’m laying on the ground one more time. Oh, oh, there you there I go Up. Here’s another dog one. There. It goes. I don’t know why it’s so funny. Alright, I’m gonna get that review This needs you to go and get Dexter to run up the stairs. Oh My god, it looks so weird It didn’t work so much at the top but I think it’s pretty good, okay. Alright, let’s see this So good Floated over the first couple steps And it looks like five is moonwalking very good The first couple steps get me every time with this one, okay? So while I was waiting England I found out about this trend and I’ve been wanting to do it because it’s pretty much a meme now Yep, she’s wrong even It’s so good. Oh My god so good so I know that this is Belle, Delphine I don’t know if I’m saying that right but I know that her mouth actually naturally goes like that but girls on tic toc have been starting to like draw this onto their Mouths so that they can have that like quirky Adorable smile. Yeah like that. So I’m gonna try it and we’re gonna see what happens. I might look terrifying but you know, Don’t I always write it did the close-up shot of Belle’s face, and now I got to film me looking confused Do I look confused That was me looking confused and having an idea, okay Now comes the hard part where I have to draw in creases with my eyeliner my liquid eyeliner Hopefully I don’t end up looking like the Joker but I might have to try and do this super quick That was not super quick, you know what I’m gonna do this in the mirror and then come back did I do it? I keep getting black on my teeth. Is this it? Okay, um trying to like do her thing, oh No, I mean you could see ready so I did it right in here And then I tried to like hide it Oh God black keeps getting on my teeth. This can’t be good for me Why is this a trend so if I smile the right way? Like that, then it looks kind of real at least to me from this point of view This side looks more real than this side. I tried to redo it like three times Okay, let’s try to do it on here I’m gonna do a close up to the tick tock so people can see like the inside like what I did Okay now I gotta try and just like do the face I probably look so creepy and then I’m gonna do another photo of her Oh No, I just zoomed into one last photo or I got throw-up the piece sides and then do like Hide my bottom teeth The last one oh my god, I try it one more time Oh my god the end of that wood I’ll leave it that last one is the best it’s like me being like Hopefully most people that see this know that I’m not doing this seriously, but who knows probably not. All right. Let’s see this one And it like went viral already and people are like tearing me apart being like that’s how her face naturally looks I’m like I I’m not debating That I’m just debating that my face doesn’t look like that and this is the only way to get it to do that i can never do that! I wish I did this more cos right at the end right there IM A BITCH!!! Some ONE CUT MY THROUGHT I kind of got it but the rest of them don’t really look spot-on and then the last frame people were like in the last frame that I looked like somebody was forcing me to do this and I was like No, that was me trying to be funny, but it’s just be like fake smiling at the end. Try to be funny guys Okay, but I will end the video looking like this. So guys that’s gonna be it for recreating tick-tocks huge Thank you again to our sponsor LG and specifically the LG X. Boom go Pk7 like I mentioned check out my link in the description below as always if you made it this far in the video Make sure to leave a like before you go Let me know in the comments below how you like my new quirky tick-tock girls smile subscribe if you’re new to the channel I put out new videos almost every single day. And as always I will see you guys soon


I was showing my two year old cousin YouTuber names and he was saying the names..

Me: ×Shows your name×
Two year old: U-Uh… Worenlzizisaid!

When Bobby was walking on the stairs with the filter 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 he is meh when I wake up in the morning 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼😂😂😂😂😂

Hi Lauren seaside let me tell you something why do you do this I will zee but you’re supposed to say see you guys later why do you just don’t know your words don’t you you’re so dumb you’re so dumb dumb dumb dumb dummy say I love you I love your videos and I haven’t called somebody dumb for two🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

I was laughing so hard whenever you did the P one ૢ

and the one with the glasses and your lips I did that one

And the one with Belle Delphene I have that thing

Heck yes LG is classic and has been around forever and never breaks…. I and my parents and grandparents have LG everything and some of them we have had for decades!

Thats a nasty bruise

Also I think I have the natural thing with the smile belle delphine has.

Follow my tik tok @french_lavenderxox345 I'm not really popular plz follow

And I have natural freckles.

If this gets 100 likes I'll do the belle delphine thing on my Instagram (when it gets 100 likes I'll edit my acc in)

Lauren:I'm a frign snake🤣
Lauren:*hits chair* ow😭😭😭😭
Bobby:OMG LAUREN ARE YOU OKAY?!?!?!?!?!?😥
Lauren:is my phone broken?😰


I smile without my bottom teeth and i actually cant get my smile to show my bottom teeth so i actually end up smiling with my mouth closed cause my smile looks weird
when i do get my bottom teeth showing it hurts and i look like a crazy person 🙁

Your so sweet to Dexter and bobby you make him go death but dexter you make sure he’s not in the room so it doesn’t harm him!

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