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Recuperar Fans´Moment de la APP Segway Ninebot

Recuperar Fans´Moment de la APP Segway Ninebot

Hello friends, what’s happening here Atharif, well, today I’m going to show you a video, after the last move that Segway-Ninebot made us with its app to take us the fans’moment and finally, it has already
it was the auction to take away the ranking of kilometers, nothing appears only
My vehicle and your profile appear, with the half of the options, you can not do
nothing and this application has become in, do not be boring, it only serves to
see the kilometers that later do not mark well, well then let’s do that
recover all that grace that the application, let’s make it go back to
have fans’moment and their ranking of kilometers The first thing we have to
to do is go to profile to “I” to configuration, close session we
will ask if we want to log out and we say yes, then the only thing we have to do is to start logging in again
our email or name and password of our account
Segway-Ninebot, everyone knows his, I’m going to put
here mine covered so I do not see it and only my email, in case
you want to send me something, some doubt or consult, I will try to answer if I have
that knowledge and I know how to respond, I I would try to do as soon as possible, a
once we have registered, in the top right that puts europe
at this moment, we click on him and we’ll see what the European server has
we change the American and we tell him to accept,
we will leave the policy of law mandatory data protection, by
what the server has taken from us European and we say to accept, if
We logically want the fans’moment, since We are on the European server and we
we say login and automatically the application will connect to the
American servers, we will have everything again, absolutely all the fans’moments, the kilometers ranking, the warnings that we usually send
how to take care of batteries, I do not know why what, is always the same, in our
All comments absolutely, it has not deleted nothing, still there, just do not
they let us access, what they do lose are the little coins, I already had three thousand and
beak and I have stayed in 1700, the last little coins that
had before removing the servers, but as you can see everything is there, everything that I
I have published has been maintained and continues being there, simply that by law
mandatory data protection European, well then Segway-Ninebot in
instead of adapting, he preferred to take us away from in the middle, but leave all the information on the servers, there are my videos
videos that I publish in Christmas of the last year and they are here and I can see them
and they are, they have not been deleted, they have simply denied us access by the mandatory law of protection of data,
are my followers, all from the first to the last,
I say, they have not deleted anything, I do not know what have they done to us this trick,
but the truth is that there they are and we can recover them when we want, if we go to the kilometers ranking daily appears all at zero and the
kilometers that you had the last time, in the total of the last time you
you connect to the application while still the connected European server, to
I appear 500 now, I already have 1400 km and everything appears, well these are faults of the Segway application, that when it emits it’s a video, it’ll come out again,
I do not know how to remove it, except by closing the application, everything else is everything,
I recommend you do this and do it to through the American servers to get everything back, the information is, it will be saved more and more is
much safer, because the American servers, I’m sure you’ll never erase them, if you’re going to the weekly kilometers appears seville and in total seville appears that is that I hope, as people connect, can return to have the ranking of
daily kilometers of my city, in this case seville.
Now let’s see how we recover the total kilometers that we have, for that you simply have to connect the Ninebot again, it’s already connected
you will add the kilometers that you do not had counted until now, I have 1,418 and if we go to the ranking of total kilometers, well this is the
failure of the application is a can, absolutely all the
kilometers that you have today, in this case is 1,418 kilometers as it appears here. Well friends and this has been everything, I hope you enjoy again with the Ninebot application, the
fans’moment and the daily ranking and nothing, If you liked it, give it a like, if
you want to see more videos do not forget subscribe, if you have any questions or
question leave it in comments, what I will try to resolve as soon as possible and not
forget to share my videos in the social networks, well I hope you liked it, see you in the next video, Greetings so far.


A mí ni me aparece esa pestaña de Europa. Donde lo puedo cambiar? Decirte también que mi app solo está en ingles y no es castellano como la tuya

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