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“Reporting Crime Pays” Broward County Crime Stoppers Public Education Video

“Reporting Crime Pays” Broward County Crime Stoppers Public Education Video

Police took approximately $1 million worth of cocaine off the streets and confiscated nearly $320,000 in cash along with 13 guns in five vehicles in
a narcotics bust on Wednesday. After two years on the run, the fugitive
leader of the group accused of selling bogus oil and gas leases to investors has been charged with 13 felonies,
including racketeering, organized fraud, and grant theft. The
Broward County man accused of murdering his girlfriend has finally been brought to justice and
will now spend the rest of his life behind bars. All the crimes you just saw have one
very important factor in common. You. You see, each of these crimes along with countless others
were solved as a direct result of an anonymous tip from someone just like you. Someone who picked up
the phone and that called, sent a text, went online
to provide information to Crime Stoppers. Crime Stoppers started
in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in 1976 for the purpose of providing the
community with a safe and anonymous method to report criminal activity. Today, the nonprofit organization has grown
worldwide with representation in more than 20
countries. Because communities fighting crime together works. Crime Stoppers Broward County
was established in 1981 and is often recognized as one of the most
successful programs in the world. Having cleared over 20,000 cases, including 267 murder cases, and is also responsible for recovering over
$365 million in property and narcotics to date–all as a direct result of tips from the
community. “I would like to report some suspicious activity.” Our community in Broward County does
a great job. We, as a police department or policing
agency, our deputies are incapable of doing this by themselves. We need the eyes, ears, and support of the community. Please, call Crime Stoppers. They’re
very experienced people. They’ve worked without detectives and our
deputies for many, many years. They’ll make sure your information goes
immediately to the proper individual. “Broward Crime Stoppers, how can I help you?” We’ll act upon the information, and either a dangerous person or a dangerous item can be taken off the
streets around town. Well, typically there are two reasons why
people don’t report crimes. They don’t want to get involved or
they’re fearful, which is why Crime Stoppers exists. It allows a safe and anonymous method for
people to be able to report criminal activity. The second reason is that people think
that the information that they have either is not relevant or unimportant
for law enforcement. And in our business, no all information
is unimportant. We appreciate all tips. The information
that people provide could be the missing piece of the puzzle
that allows us to help solve a crime. “Broward Crime Stoppers.What kind of drug is he selling?” The Broward Crime Stoppers unit staffs
trained professionals around the clock to collect and disseminate information
to the appropriate law enforcement agencies. Reporting a tip to Crime Stoppers is
easy and convenient. Using telephone text or Internet
technology, anyone can submit information, and you
can trust that your identity is totally protected. Crime Stoppers does
not use any form of caller identification,
tracing, or tracking. Tips submitted online are encrypted and
private, and no personal information is ever
collected. “Ok, do you have a pen in hand?” “I’ll give you a tip number.” When your tip
comes in, it will be assigned a random code number to be associated with the case. “Dash 22.” You can use this code number to follow up on the status of the case. I’ll if your tip results in an arrest, you’re entitled to a cash reward and
will be issued a payment code number. Payments are
collected privately at the bank by presenting only the payment code
number. No form of identification is required. The people who provide the tips may be nameless and faceless, but they are the heroes in this whole process. We don’t know who they are. We’d thank them in person, but they remain anonymous. So our thank-you is the cash reward. And when a tipster comes forward with
information that helps to solve a crime, we’ve
created a safer world for all of us. “Well it’s obviously auto parts going in and out.” You can be a hero, too. As a citizen a Broward County, you are
the eyes and ears that see and hear crime. And you have a voice that can speak up
and help to stop. Stay informed, watch the local news. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to receive updates on unsolved crimes. If you have information about a crime, be
a hero. Contact Crime Stoppers. Besides
reporting information about unsolved crimes, you may be able to alert Crime Stoppers to
criminal activity taking place in and around your
neighborhood. Of course, if you see a crime in progress, always called 911. But if there is suspicious activity
going on, or if you have information that could
lead to a suspect being apprehended, call Crime Stoppers. “Broward County Crime Stoppers, may I help you?” 911 is when you have an emergency and you need the police to respond immediately to the emergency. Crime Stoppers is
a clearinghouse for tips that gives members of the community an
opportunity to be the eyes and ears for the police department. A number of times, we’re not in the
situation that see the things that members of the community can see because of our uniform presence, or it’s an areas in which we can’t get
close enough to observe the illegal activity. Members of
the community can recognize it as a tool to make their
neighborhood safe because we get an opportunity with their assistance to rid their
area of crime in making it more safe. In addition to unsolved cases
Broward County Crime Stoppers special programs division targets
specific crimes where citizens’ information is
particularly helpful. It pays a reward for that information. Call Crime Stoppers if you have
information about deadbeat parents, someone in possession of an illegal
firearm, terrorism, or even illegal dumping. Students a Broward County are also
implored to call Crime Stoppers to report crimes committed in or around
their schools. Together, we can make a difference. Because of community involvement, all
kinds of crimes have been solved from murder to theft, arson, any case you can imagine. But more importantly than just solving a
crime, we’re hoping to prevent some through a Crime Stoppers tip. One
example is human trafficking through Crime
Stoppers. We were able to save a woman from a
life of bondage. Sometimes it’s just a matter of being
aware of what’s going on around. “There’s crack cocaine here. You’re under arrest.” and when we all embrace the Crime Stoppers message, call in anonymously, confidentially, we help to stop crimes. The Broward County Crime Stoppers
program is a self funding entity and does not rely on taxpayer
contribution. All reward money is raised throughout the year by our board of
directors and special events, or corporate sponsorships and private
donations. Additional program funds come directly
from the criminals themselves. Broward County has a fine for
every crime committed. The proceeds go directly to Crime
Stoppers and are used to place more criminals in jail. Everybody makes a difference when they
speak up. When people call they make a difference because they add a chorus of information to the investigations
that are taking place, and they help get the bad guys off the
street. It really comes back to each one of us as individuals not being afraid to step up because there is an environment for anonymity. You don’t have
to give your name. You can give your information. That’s
what we want. We want what you know and you too, along with the community,
become safe. Crime Stoppers of Broward County thanks
you for being one of the most important allies our county has against crime and
encourages you, our citizens, to keep up the good work. Countless criminals are brought to justice
every year as a direct result of an anonymous tip
from someone just like you. By making one phone call, sending one text, or reporting
information online, you are helping our community become a
safer, friendlier place to live.

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