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Review inline Skates Rollerblade Metroblade 2017 | 3×3 WD Urban Skate

Review inline Skates Rollerblade Metroblade 2017 | 3×3 WD Urban Skate

Hi there,,,today I am goin’ to do unboxing of new inline skates Metroblade from Rollerblade, The brand which consider one of the top of the line in inline skates. These particular skates is Metroblade which was launch in 2016 for 4WD version while for 3WD version, which using 3x110mm wheels setup, it was just launch in early 2017. These Triskating setup is quite popular today as new way of urban speed skating. Ok Guys, let’s do the unboxing,,, In the box consist of pairs of inline skates (off course lol) Let’s see it’s wicked the first impression is the design of the black boots with yellow lace as an accent really eyes catching,,, I suppose when you are rolling, it will be hard for anyone to overlook at your skates,,, Especially for those whose not consider as tall as me,,,lol ,,, definitely one will gets notice,, we could also find the a pair of slide pads as boot protectors, extra black laces, include the screws Technical Manual book which came with multiple languages 5/32″ 2 sets of Allen Wrench head for axle removal the design is really cool,,, Metroblade was specially designed as Urban Skates that could handle in multi-surface not limited to fine surface like in skate park, but also could maneuver well on crumple ones like on asphalt, paving block, also trottoir It really look like a bad-as*! What I really like is the boot has timeless design,,, For those who love Basketball it look like early edition of Air Jordan with sneakers style, It doesn’t built by plastic/fiber like mainstream skates but with kind of suede fabric, send the strong as fashionable-urban gear The straps itself adapt the Velcros tech both for the upper & 45 degree strap which are matched with the sneakers-like design The Velcro could be detached & replaceable once it worn out I heard that the mounting already adapt the carbon but I’ve noticed that it doesn’t look like interlace carbon fiber, something that I should recheck It very slick & stylish very well-built quality Rollerbrand once again deliver as one of top player Its very slick & stylish The boot adapt high cuff design, while the inner sole built from premium fabric to absorb sweat with beehive pattern & texture it shows again the level of detail that they’ve put into it This skates already adapt the HSE Heels Shock Eraser, to minimize the shudder on our Heels to anticipate the urban terrains & heavy-duty usage, I really happy with the specs so far Bear in mind that it has no inner-liner instead it design as dedicated-unreplaceable sponge unless for the soles, So you should consider its hygiene to ensure level of comfort over longer periods of times As mention the yellow lace goes well with black boot its tick and has no the sense of slippery but good grip instead black boot highlighted by yellow and combine with grey frame, its very sick mannn,,, The frame was adapt lite material such metal alloy The overall set could be consider quite lite under 1 kilos I guess i can imagine it would be comfy to maneuver with The frame also already CNC not jointed or welded material so we could expect its durability The size is 255mm or 10 inch it goes well with 3x110mm wheels, I don’t think it was designed to be upgraded to a bigger ones such 125mm So it was accommodate faster and agile maneuver in urban terrains We move into wheels It use 3x110mm premium wheels from Hydrogen made of a high-quality PU material with hardness 85A which is moderate choice to consider durability and its grip for any kind of urban surfaces it doesn’t expected to be worn out fast Bear in mind that for changing the Hydrogen will quite costly, nearly $110/set I notice the material of these Hydrogen is great The rim are wicked made from some kind of plastic mix with like alloy just like alloy racing rim on sport cars The bearing are Twincam ILQ-9 Classic Plus not follows ABEC system which features a self-lubricating nylon retainer on one side, and a metal shield on the other Lets take a peek how its spin Its sleek, fast, very smooth and silent ,,, Can’t wait to try this beast its totally wicked This Metroblade recommended for intermediate to advance skills, Make as give away treat to kids who never learn to skate will be such an overkilled Considering the value up to $400 it’s not consider for nubie, at least he/she already has some basic For those who wants upgrade is recommended option It was not equip with the break pad since it was design for intermediate skills As wrap up for Metroblade are: unique, lightweight, and stylish with vintage sneakers boot I really love it Can’t wait to rollin’ Ok that’s all review of Metroblade-Rollerblade from my side pls add your comment, or like and subscribe for Metroblade performance test and more videos,, Thanks,,,


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