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Rhino Surfboards | Local Surfboard Shaper Ryan Simmons

Rhino Surfboards | Local Surfboard Shaper Ryan Simmons

Every tool that we use is a carpentry tool. From a hand saw, to a planer, to a router… to, you know, sure forms, spokeshaves…
everything. It’s all tools that carpenters use. So you start out with a chunk of foam, and then you use all these tools to whittle away everything that doesn’t look like a surfboard, to then make it into a surfboard. Shaping boards for local surfers I think is a little bit better, because one, we surf their waves. I mean, I can make a board that’ll work for pretty much any conditions, but
Florida conditions… we know what they are because we surf in them every day. My nickname started actually before the surfboard company started. R-h-i-n-o stands for Ryan hangs inside not outside. Because if you ever surf with me, I usually sit inside everybody. Then once I started shaping, I was like, well what am I gonna call… I don’t want to call it Simmons Surfboards or Ryan Shapes or something. Just kind of, went with my nickname. Every time I make a board, I’m like, ooh, I want to make me one like this! Then I’ll ride it for a little bit, then sell it and make another one. So really, the passion for shaping started really by me wanting to make my boards. Then as my boards got better, I noticed my surfing getting better. I don’t think I’ll ever stop learning. I enjoy doing it. The biggest thing… it’s keeping me surfing.

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