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Riding The New Segway miniPRO

Riding The New Segway miniPRO

What’s up guys? Lew here, back with another video And today we’re gonna have some fun This is the brand new miniPRO By Segway This, my friends, is a more Professional take on those Little navigator vehicles That I’m sure you’ve seen This is the all-grown-up version From the legends in Personal transportation They said, hey, we’re coming out With the killer to all those other devices With a bunch of extra features, More durability, More safety, and so on So I said “Alright! Send it out!” So what is this thing? The miniPRO. It has a top speed of 10 MPH, 14 mile range, An anti-theft alarm, Aircraft grade magnesium alloy frame, And safety controls built in It’s also able to connect to your Smartphone, and you can like remote control it As I understand it. That’s pretty insane Now you’re driving it around? I mean, that’s fun on it’s own This thing also can handle individuals up to Two-hundred-twenty pounds. No problem for old man, Lew. Now, this one has This, like, little part here. For some level of Safety, and comfort Silica gel… Here’s some lunch for ya’, Jack. And here is the unit, Alright, so there’s a couple different pieces That smell of, like, what is that? Fresh rubber? Unbelievable. Look at the tires on this! So it looks like we’ve got our LED Lights in the front here Which will show you the power level, Speed limit, Bluetooth, whether it’s locked or not And there’s a power switch, there. You see that, Jack? A little door for your charging port This guy here, I’m guessing, And that’s that! And it’s height adjustable too, by the looks of it. Look at that! That might be me in a few hours from now. No, uh, it won’t be but, come on. Power cable, power brick for the power cable, keep it charged. A tube to add air to the tires? Let’s get out of the studio and test this baby out! Alright, so, as you can tell, Took this baby for a ride, Super solid. A totally different animal outdoors. As expected though, You steer it around with this, Of course, it controls on the app But it’s cool, it balances itself without you even on it You got your battery light constantly displayed, which I like, And he lights, which are configurable And look, you can set these light to any color you want, Now be safe, guys. Alright? If you pick one of these up, Be safe, follow the guidelines, Follow the warnings. Now this guy is becoming available on Amazon, I believe right now. So click the link in the description if you wanna pick one of these up, for yourself. We’re Tecnology Heads. Why walk? When a gadget can do it for you?


Oh S#$T I forgot to say LOL, after I said to GIVE ALL. As I'm sure you know I was LOL after I said that. Ok well thanks again for everything buddy.

Id love to see a youtuber take one of these to a park and ride up next to a jogger with a soda in one hand and a candy bar in the other lol.

I have a MiniLite, but honestly who cares, they both are awesome and the pro is more for older kids/adults and the lite is for younger kids

You must trust this gadget to take pictures of you next to a drop that would mess you up for life if it decided to go forward.100 thumbs up great vid.

I live in SF, this just isn't practical for curbs roads lip edges jagged asphalt. Unless it's just ment to be a luxury toy instead of a short commute tool then it's neat

But his hands are so weird looking…they look a lot older than the rest of him…why are they like that?

dude i was watching old stuff on the channel and i saw this it is amazing but what is more amazing is with that you are filming or who is filming the video i wasn't that interested up until now who is jack but as i watched the video i noticed that there wasn't a shadow of the man/thing that is filming i mean like is jack a ghost or something 😀

And if ur inventor u can add a seat to the thing that sticks up from it the part in between ur legs so u can sit while using it.

imagine if u accidentally hit the road bump or pothole, and that stick crash straight to your testicles.

Now we can't walk by ourself that how we humans become independent on technology or maybe we can say we become lazy

I used one on holiday and it is the coolest thing ever. But I looked on the Segway site and they aren’t selling them on the site anymore…. 🙁


All these electric vehicles are over rated. Once you gotta go uphill forget it. Once they build one that goes up steep hills I'll buy it.

Gadgets. Have a look at a foot xray sometime and tell me which tech you like the most. Feet have 100 moving parts, EACH!!

I use this thing for work and I love it!!!! It allows me to be way more productive in a fun way.

Amazon sucks I ordered mine from walmart no issues very happy already put 115 miles on it and I have no complaints. Used to have the minilite. This is cooler. More miles. More torque too.

Love how you took the Segway out for a walk!! Better than a dog, you don;t have to carry bags to pick up…
BTW: July 2019, under $400 at Target & Walmart

This product is pure junk. I only used mine for 2 months last summer. Went to charge it this summer, but it won't charge. Now I have to throw it in garbage. Took it to technician, but he said he can't do anything.

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