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The challange contains all the things I could
do when I was younger. So I mean, is it even a challenge? Okay so you have been practicing.
You both did a great job today. But the moment is here: we’re going to do the challenge.
So what we’re going to do is, for every trick you learned you’ll get a letter.
We will start with a drop in… …if you got it you’ll get an ‘S’. If you finish a kick turn after that
you’ll get a ‘K’. Wheelie: ‘A’. Ollie: ‘T’. And the final one: the grind.
And that is ‘E’. Oh and for you: because you push Mongo so often
I was thinking about teaching you a lesson… …if you push Mongo one more time
you will loose a letter. I think that is fair. I can do it the right way. Yes, like that. Let’s do it.
– Okay. Turn! You can do it. Yes, that counts
– Oh I can’t do it and I’m getting so frustrated. Just keep going. You got an ‘S’ now. So I’m thinking ‘okay time for the wheelie’. Wheelie.
– Yes, I’ll count that one in. And miraculously, it goes pretty well! Keep going for the Ollie.
Take your time. Almost. It feels like I’ve tried landing it for about 300 times.
But every time I fail. You have to do the grind. Begin to grind.
– Okay I’m going to grind. I’m trying to do a grind but my motivation
is completely gone. I can already hear Rijk laughing in the back of my head. You know what?
– You’re getting tired aren’t you? I’m going to walk the final bit. I can’t do it. You’re done with it?
– This is everything I have. I did get the ‘S’ and the ‘K’ So if I only would have gotten an ‘8’
i would’ve had ‘skate’. So, now you’re up for the challenge.
– Yes. I prepared my own run. Is that okay? I’ve been practicing it the whole time.
– Sure. 3, 2, 1… That one doesn’t count.
– Why not? Because the back touched the ground. That’s two. Again.
– Just go again. First the ‘S’.
Wheelie has to be a real wheelie. That’s a short one.
– It’s short but it counts. ‘K’, ‘A’, now go for the Ollie. Oh. ‘Skat’
– Was that his right foot? Yes, don’t cheer yet… Oh. I always push with my other foot.
– In sktateboard we call that Mongo. That together with the protective gear… Wrong foot! I was hoping he wouldn’t do it.
But that was the third Mongo. Doesn’t that just count as 1?
– 3 Times. And as it turns out, I did a Mongo
three times. So I got 1 point. Chill. Grinding really didn’t go well.
So for grinding I got no points. Fuck grinding. I won’t grind anymore. So I only have 1 letter now?
– So I am leading at this point. Maybe I am too strict. If you go from the tallest one You’ll get two points. Fine, I’ll do it. I’m kind of scared.
– Yes, I’m a bit scared as well. I’ll drop into the highest quarter pipe here
and then I’ll get two points. Take your time. This is so steep. It’s like a wall. If he nails this he has won the challenge.
– I know. Are you okay? Fuck! And I fall down hard. But like really hard. I didn’t make it. Which means I didn’t win. As soon as he gets up I’m thinking ‘yes!’
Because that means that I won. Let that sink in.
Do your dance, do your thing. Yeah, okay. Let me put it this way, you both did really well. You haven’t skated in a long time but you owned this park. And you never skated before, so respect to the both of you. You learned the most today.
At least I had the most airtime. Thanks for today.
– Thanks for keeping up with me Thank you guys for watching.
We have a lot more video’s on the Concentrate Bold channel. Check all the video’s. Whatever.
I can’t think properly. Like, subscribe.
– We’ll see you next week. Or in a different video. I’m in so much pain.


9:40 wnr ik iets heb geleerd maar als ik het wil laten zien aan mn vrienden gaat het natuurlijk fout

Cringe rijk had ook nog kansen gehad voor die eerste x want als je kijkt hoe vaak die chick is geweest heeft rijk t maar 3x max geprobeerd

Dan ben je meermaals winnaar van pro division en dan zeg je wheelie inplaats van manual😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Wtf is dat voor leraar Mongo maakt echt niet uit wat een vult skater bescherming dit dat bla wat een mongool

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