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RIMS Science & Engineering Fair 2016

RIMS Science & Engineering Fair 2016

[ Music ]>>More than 900 students from Riverside, Inyo,
Mono and San Bernardino Counties brought more than 800 projects to the 34th annual
RIMS Inland Science and Engineering Fair, held this year for the first time at the engineering giant Bourns
Incorporated headquarters at Riverside. Projects included a wide variety of both
science and engineering topics from ecology and agricultural services to
engineering and behavioral sciences. For some this was the first time they have
competed in a science fair on a regional level. For others, the regional competition
in past years has been a stepping stone to science competitions far
from the Inland empire.>>My project is about, does
people make color assumptions. So what I do is, I have four drinks, all the
same, but I colored them all differently. And so, when people try them, I want
to see if they found that it tasted like the color that they assumed it was. So, like, for my yellow drink, I
said that it tasted like lemon, so I wanted them to expect
that it tasted like lemon. And according to my results, people, most of my
people were affected by the color of the drinks. I had only three people who were not
affected by the color of the drink. So, I found that people were
affected by the color of the drinks. They were also affected by each other. So when people would speak out loud
what they thought the drinks were, it also affected how they
thought the drinks tasted. Companies can use food coloring
to color their toys, drinks and food to make them more
appealing so that people could buy them.>>This is my first year at science
fair, and it’s absolutely wonderful. The name of the project is the effects
of mirrors on dolphin behavior. The project was focused on whether or not mirrors would be able
to affect dolphins’ behavior. And if so, does that point to a higher
thought process in the dolphins? We’ve known for a little bit that one species
of dolphin, called the bottlenose dolphin, is self-aware, which means it
has an understanding of itself. And one of the biggest factors we can do to
test that is to show them their reflection in the mirror and see if they’ll use
it in a certain way that only animals that understand it’s themselves
in the mirror use it. Such as using it as a tool
to examine body parts.>>So, for my project, I explained
how to keep bananas fresh longer. I put them in different environments,
like putting it in the screen bag, which keeps it [inaudible], which
is the process of ripening fruits. So I researched about it, and it said
that the ethylene in the fridge was kind of [inaudible] so the banana would die. So after the two week period, the bananas
were, this banana in the fridge were all brown and destroyed, and they were all
overripe and gross, and they were brown. And the ones on the counter did the best. My conclusion was, that if I were to
tell people what to do with their bananas to keep them fresher, would
be to put it in the screen bag that holds the ethylene and makes them fresher.>>I created a system [inaudible]
that allows people with heavy lifting to have muscle disabilities. I found out that there may
be people in the world today that have those problems, so
I decided to help them out. I have a conclusion about it, that
it was able to lift up 5 pounds. It was under a budget of
$25 and I only spent $18. This arm can be used to possibly
help the military, firefighters, people in the doctor industry
and stuff like that. I actually made it myself, like,
I designed it and did it myself. I want to be a mechanical
engineer, possibly like robotics.>>My name is Gordon Bourns. I’m chairman and CEO of Bourns Incorporated. And we’re very pleased to be able to
host this year’s RIMS science fair. I did science projects. Nothing as sophisticated as I’ve seen here. And I help my children do science projects, too. Thinking back on them, one of the science
projects that I worked with with my Dad, it was a Varley electrostatic generator, so that
I could store electrostatic electricity in it. So I would charge it up, and then I would
ask people to touch the top of the jar. And it really had quite a jolt. Well, I’ve had a chance to walk around and see
some of the projects, and I am truly amazed. In fact, there is a sixth-grader who has a
wind tunnel that will simulate flight on Mars.>>It’s about designing the correct airplane
wing for the drone aircraft for flight on Mars, to improve land rover capabilities. I want the [inaudible] to be attached on the
side of the wing so it does not interfere with the flow of the lifting surface. And another thing is, I want,
in my data I want to write, lift to drag ratios, and that’s my project. My conclusion, well, E had the
best lift and drag characteristics. And in addition to that, I learned
a great deal from all my K wings. Talking a lot about the [inaudible]
effect and how lift is generated.>>Winners were chosen by teams of
experts in science and engineering fields, and awards were handed out during the
ceremony at the end of the two-day event. Awards were presented with the help
of our sponsors and volunteers. The RIMS Inland Science and Engineering Fair
is a yearly event, and a wonderful opportunity for some of California’s
brightest new stars to shine. The RIMS Inland Science and Engineering Fair
was sponsored by the Riverside County Office of Education, the Inyo County Office of
Education, and the Mono County Superintendent of Schools, and the San Bernardino
County Superintendent of Schools. [ Music ]

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