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RIT on TV: RIT opens new Battery Prototyping Lab – on WROC

RIT on TV: RIT opens new Battery Prototyping Lab – on WROC

Anchor>>The batteries of tomorrow could be
developed at the Rochester Institue of Technology. The university opened a new battery proto-typing
lab today. Jeff Rusack says this lab could be used to tackle some global issues.
Reporter>>Rachel, this lab could fix simple things like making your cell phone battery
last twice as long. It could also make the electric car more practical for the average
person. This was the sight at RIT this morning as scientists, politicians and business owners
celebrated the opening of the battery prototyping laboratory. The idea of this lab is to share
it with researchers at the university and with companies throughout western New York.
The lab is designed to be similar to a manufacturing plant, so companies working on new batteries
will be able to tell if their designs could be mass produced.
Schauerman>>>We help them commercialize their product and take it to the next level – then
that’s the ultimate goal of this facility. Ganter>>Instead of doing it at the lab scale
you have automated equipment that can really replicate the commercial scale.
Reporter>>The directors of the lab, say RIT has already made a cellphone battery that
lasts twice as long… it’s just a matter of mass producing the prototype.. Something
this lab could make easier. Anchor>>Very interesting! We could all use
some longer lasting batteries.

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