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Robot Chimp! | DOPE or NOPE?

Robot Chimp! | DOPE or NOPE?

Do a back-flip. That’s not a back flip. What is he! He’s eating your microphone. He’s eating it! He’s eating it! He’s eating it! He’s eating it! Oh my god! Back off! Back off! Oh my gosh! *Laughter* Okay, okay. *Fake chewing sounds* He was just like chewing on my cables over there dude. *Intro music plays* What’s going on guys? I am Matthias, and welcome! To another episode of dope or nope. Today we got something odd? This is a product that I looked at in a past video, okay? I didn’t actually buy it. All right? I looked at it. And I’m pretty sure a lot of people were upset that I rated it wasteful, so today. We’re going to give it a chance, and Actually test it out before we begin that though make sure you click that bell icon. To get notified of future videos! So you don’t miss videos like this! Where I? Where I! Respond to you, and all of your comments, and actually pick out these products that I. That I rated bad to begin with, and you Guys said we’re good. We’re going to put to the test. This right here is the original video. This is creepy AF. Zoomer Chimp interactive chimp with a voice command movement, and sensors. And then I said this. Since it has such good reviews if you’ve got the cash. It’s a cash it. But if you’re like me, and you’re like I’m not going to pay 120 dollars for a fake chimp. Just for the price alone, I’m gonna have to say trash it! Alright so I said, essentially It’s a trash it, because it was super super expensive here is the actual product just to show you this all right? Zoomer Chimp. Go bananas over Zoomer Chimp. This lifelike, Primate knows over a hundred tricks and voice commands! He balances and moves like a real chimp. Unpredictable only a hundred tricks. Pretty sure it’s predictable. Humans are even unpredictable, And there’s infinite number of things that they can do, and they’re still predictable like right now dude if I slap you, You’re gonna stay ow. Or I say bro. See? I’m predictable. You’ll be like. Oh, you don’t know what I would say. *Laughter* I wanted you to say oh. *More Laughter* Brian was trying to grab under the table, so I said no, I’m not bananas over that *Weird Noise* Now here is the Toys R Us page. Lowered in price? Evidently, I wasn’t the only one that thought it was too expensive. Really a hundred and twenty dollars for an interactive chimp? Just go to the zoo and interact with that chimp! Well, let’s watch the video again Introducing your new! *Brian Interrupts* Your favorite spokesman. Zoomer Chimp by Spin-master! *Matthias Interrupts* Oh his voice isn’t even synced up. Will never be bored hanging with their new completely unpredictable *Matthias Interrupts* Oh geez its creepy how, It stands up. The more you play with it. *Matthias Interrupts* What? What did you hear? Did you see that? He was like grabbing his head dude. We’re going bananas! Going bananas? Does that mean just malfunctioning? They’re smart they marketed as going bananas and its just some glitch. See! Here’s the thing when I rated it poor. You guys had some responses to that. I’m going to show you. I’m so shook Matt! I’m shook. I’m shook Zoomer Chimp is actually amazing! I have it! Matt stop crying about the money. You make more each video than how much you spend! If I made, less money than how much I spent making the video I Couldn’t keep making videos *Laughter* But you don’t like it because you’re a adult there’s a dog and dinosaur Zoomer! The chimp is Awesome! You guys said it. Add to cart! Zoomers! *Sarcastic Yay* Dude look at its soulless black eyes. I don’t remember the chimp Having those two dots in their eyes you see that! Looks like a spider with like Like there’s like two different sensors in there I don’t remember looking like that man! Hundred tricks. 200 plus sounds!
Two sounds per trick. Okay, so on the back We say voice commands performs tricks it follows you. Oh yeah, lifelike. Oh my gosh. Is that a real chimp. Oh, it’s just a robot Who’s getting fooled? Oh geez! Okay. *Wimpy Scream* Okay, let’s look at all the pivot movements that movement Oh! The neck goes back too. That’s interesting You take a look at those eyes dude. They’re like evil staring double pupil eyes. Oh. Okay. So what are you doing? Oh, dude? It’s face moves look! *Manly Scream* *Laughter* Relax dude! Geez dude he was going at my no no spot. Look at it’s face. Its like browse mode. Ain”t that creepy? *Monkey Noises* See? Before – Ah it pinched me! *Monkey Noises* Relax, okay? Stand up! Stand up! I think what they mean by unpredictable is that it won’t do what you want it to do. Stop dancing! What are you smelling? It’s smelling Brian dude, and then it was like ah I’m going to turn the switch to the other side. Oh! It just killed him dude. Let’s look at this this guide here. Green eyes, auto mode. Blue eyes, curious mode. Purple, voice command. Guard mode. Angry, and then low battery. Okay, so go bananas, stand up, sit down. I said stand up like eight times you hear you heard me. Make sure to flip the switch to your desired language. To wake me up press my back button. Oh, right there That’s that even I didn’t even know this was a button. Okay? He’s awake *Monkey Noises* Woah! Oh! He’s like a hover board! He’s standing! Go bananas. Dude, this is it’s like a sentient chimp God! Put him to sleep. Dude. Go to sleep! *Music plays Out of Toy* *Laughter* Don’t know what kind of chimp usually does that, but that’s strange. Sleep! Let’s bring in conor and see what he thinks about this. I want you to take a seat next to me here Well that looks creepy So he already think that looks creepy dude. Those are wheels for hands Yeah, it’s like a demonic. Why does it have so. What the heck is one with its eyes? I told you dude. It’s got like 80 eyes dude! It looks like a spider *Laughter* Literally exactly what I said, dude. It looks like a spider. Okay, so what do you think this does? I mean obviously it drives. Correct? I mean I guess that’s a way to put it. It drives. It drives what? Your car? Well… I mean its got like wheels. That’s what I mean. Like… And it’s got a button on the top some assuming you press that button and it like. Do it dude. Press it? *Startling Scream* Don’t *Laughter* Got him. *Claps* Look at his face. That still doesn’t..Why does he have like 9 million pupils? Whoa! Relax dude. Ew did it just fart? Is that what is.. Whoa! Dude he’s wiping his butt on your table. Stand up! There you go. Oh, it’s so fancy. Can i ask him to do something? Sure. Ready? Do a back flip! That’s not a back flip. What is he! He’s eating your microphone. He’s eating it! He’s eating it! He’s eating it! He’s eating it! Oh my god! Back off! Back off! Oh my gosh! *Laughter* Okay. Okay. What the heck dude? *More Laughter* *Fake chewing sounds* He was just like chewing on my cables over there dude. Okay so how much so you think that is? Oh I mean. How much would you pay for this? If I would pay for.. If you are like a kid that like wanted this? Lets.. Probably 120 bucks. Stop dude. Stop *Laughter* No I swear! He’s always the most accurate one. I swear! Like 120 bucks. Just because it’s like it’s got a voice command, so it’s obviously going to be higher priced. It’s pretty sturdy, it has wheels, and it had like I mean just a.. Look of its like. You saw this product. No i didn’t! No. *Laughter* Not at all. It’s literally 119. What!? Are you serious? Wow! I’m impressive. Well you’re off by a penny dude Okay well.. Level up all right. So, that being said this is a dope or nope? Yeah, that”s pretty dope. I think it’d be cool like if you have a kid, and.. Like you need to keep them entertained and, stuff like that. You say dope. Alright well.. Thanks for coming out dude. Guys subscribe to Connor Team Edge Gaming. Click that link right there. Okay. Alright. Team Edge Gaming. Alight Brian dope or nope? For a hundred twenty bucks?A definite nope. For 50 bucks. We got it for 50 bucks. I would say dope. 50 bucks. That’s rough dude. A 120. I say the same thing. I say the same thing because I’m going to be honest with you. I’m going to take this home and see if Luna likes it. Tomorrow! I’m going to do a community poll. Check your sub feed. I’m going to post a poll what that means is that you’re going to be able to decide if it’s dope or nope I’m gonna let you guys decide. I’m gonna actually go test it out on Luna right now. We’re going to see if she likes it she likes big eyed creatures like this. I’m thinking she’s going to like this a lot, so I’m going to post a little video on my Twitter @Mathiasiam. Go follow right there, and we’ll see if my little my little baby likes this toy. See a thumbnail, right there? That is three of the most annoying alarm clocks. We could find, and let me tell you they’re annoying, and they wake you up. Some are dope some are nope. Alright? Click it. We’ll see you over there high five.


I don't know about you guys, but I STILL think this chimp is creepy like nothing else! After this video, be sure to check out "10 Tech Gadgets That Will Waste Your Money!" ➡

Don't be mean to Matthias guys he could be broke have ever your mum got broke and did not buy you nothing so don't be mean

😳😳😳😥😰😂😓😅😱 xD. What dose X D mean. I am a fire stop sleeping and you better put this comic I mean you I mean this call me in on your next video or I am going to be really mad so much that I am going t😿🙀😺💍💍💍💍👶🏿👦👱🏻‍♀️👺🧠👺👎👈🏾👌🏼o🖕🏻

Why the F**k are you all complaining… its Matt's channel he will do what he wants. You can't control Matt stop controlling him.

I have dinosaur zoomer and when I turned it on it ran around and ran in the garbage can or bin that had fell over

I find it funny how they kept trying to give it voice commands after reading they need to change the eye color to purple.

I'm shoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooook

>Matt and the guys read manual
>Manual says that eyes should be purple if you want to use voice commands
>Matt and the guys keep green eyes throughout the video and tell the monkey to do things with voice commands


Matthias you were doing it wrong it clearly stated when the eyes were purple that it is in voice command mode but you guys were trying to give it commands when the eyes were green

Personally all those little kids in the comments like it but it's rude to tell Matthias to buy it and yell at him it's not your money.dont be rude to Matthias in the comments that's just plain rude

ROBO CHIMP This thing just went on sale at GTMO Naval base, a day after I saw your review. OMG, I wanted to buy it but my kids are too old and I'm sane, but still thought it was funny af and a great coincinence

I'm a 70's child and I have been wanting one of the like for ever !!!!
If I can get my 3 children to chip in and chimp me 😀

they market the zoomer chimp to kids 5 and older but I think it is for 1 and under. it's eyes are creepy no regrets saying it's creepy nope

I got this, it never did anything I wanted it to, I chucked it at the wall, it's dead, me and my cousin decorated it, you would LOVE to see it.

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