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Roller Derby Battle in Miami || Barrio

Roller Derby Battle in Miami || Barrio

(intense music) (people shouting) – Every Saturday, Miami
Latinas are busting lips and butts while on wheels. And you can hype ’em up from the sidelines or join in on the fun
if you’re brave enough. (shouting) – [Derby Roller] The second
you start to understand what this chaos is, it
can be addictive to watch. – Miami may not be known for
its skate scene, but trust me, this city is all about
that Latina-or-die life. You ready to get a little
roughed up Thrillist? I’m your girl Kat Lazo and
you’re watching Barrio USA. (upbeat pop music) – I’m at the Xtreme Action
Park for my first practice with the Gold Coast Derby
Girls, and something tells me it’s about to get ugly. I literally feel like a 5-year-old. You gotta use duct tape. It’s an extreme sport. – Just go down on– – Ugh!
– Oh, OK. – Is this sport dangerous? – No, it’s not dangerous. Well, some would say that
it could be dangerous. You definitely could take a tumble, so we wanna make sure
that you’re nice and safe. – Nope!
– Nope, back out, five-wheel. – This is good.
(laughing) I don’t know how to go backwards, so– – There you go trying to swim again. – You probably have different names. Something has told me that in roller derby you don’t have regular-shmegular names. – My derby name is Venom Rose. – That’s beautiful.
– Thank you. – But also intimidates me a lot, and I am just gonna shift over here. – Kindly Kills is my name. – Kindly Kills?
– Correct. – OK, so very polite but also vicious. – Indeed, indeed. This has taken on a
whole new meaning for me, in terms of competition. (women shouting) And you find yourself
pushing yourself to limits that you never knew you were capable of. – Like as a Latina, I’m not
supposed to be doing this. Like we’re supposed to be dainty. I’m supposed to be home cooking. I’m supposed to be taking
care of my partner. And instead, I see so many Latinas here killing it on the track. – Love it.
– Yes, yes. Your derby family literally
becomes your family off the track, too. And so far, it’s been something
that, regardless of how rickety and sore I am, I can’t
walk away from it, I love it. – I say let’s hit the track? – Let’s do it!
– OK, here we go. I’ll get there. (intense drum beat) – [Kindly] So here goes. – [Kat] OK, the
objective here is for what? – [Kindly] The white and
the gray star are trying to get through the
pack, the opposing pack. – Keep going! I don’t know who I’m supposed to, I don’t, I just want someone to go through. She got through! – [Venom] Yeah, and she’s
sneaking by on the outside. Oh, oh! (clapping)
– Yes. So that’s–
– Oh, sick! – Out, out, out!
(whistle blowing) – [Derby Roller] We’re in, we’re in. – [Kat] What I know about derby is like, ugh, throw elbows, do this, violence. But it seems like it’s
a very calculated sport. (intense drum beat) – The second that you start to understand what this chaos is, it
can be addictive to watch. And then the different
personalities, the names, the showboating, the costumes
sometimes, it is terrifying. – I feel like I need that. I don’t look intimidating at all. – Yeah, you definitely
need some bout makeup. I’m sure that every girl
can tell you their story of how they came up with
their name, but it’s fun! You get to be somebody else. It’s awesome. (whistle blows)
– Oh my god, we gotta go. – Five seconds!
– Oh my god. All right, well, I’m more
excited to just cheer on these mujeres from the sidelines. Let’s go. (intense music) Our Gold Coast crew is going head-to-head with Xtreme Regime. (women talking indistinctly) (intense music) (whistle blows) (women talking indistinctly) – Out, out, out.
(cheering) Go, together, together! (laughing) (whistle blows) (women cheering) Good job, good job, good job, good job. – [Kat] I see more
users than anybody else. (laughing) (women talking indistinctly) – Man, you laid me out. – You may not have been on my
team, but I still love you! – Great hit man, she laid me out. That’s hilarious. I have no front teeth! – A lot of people are, they
have like pent up energy, and then this place you
can just let it go legally. Like we are geared up, you know the rules, and you can just go out. – And I think it becomes
an expression of self. Each and every derby girl
has their own same style, and it’s just a way to be yourself on a totally different realm. – [Kat] From defying gender
norms to crossing borders, they’re making sure
that Miami’s skate scene isn’t going anywhere. (upbeat pop music) Make sure to subscribe
to our YouTube channel, ’cause you’re not going to want to miss this season of Barrio USA.


Yo, that's not even in Miami. That's in Fort Lauderdale. I live 10 minutes away from that place. Miami is an hour away. They have a killer indoor go kart track.

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