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[Indy] ♪ Bad-dum bad-um-bad-um-dum
don’t fall down the hill ♪ ♪ While you’re showin’ off your outfit. ♪ ♪ Don’t fall down the hill
while you’re showin’ off your outfit ♪♪ [Music] “ROLL OUT” BY @JFPRAPZ
♪ 5-4-3-2 ♪ ♪ Let’s roll! This is how we roll, ♪ ♪ this is how we roll,
this is how we roll, let’s roll. ♪♪ [Male voice] Yes! Hey guys, welcome to
Planet Roller Skate! I’m here with Coco. [Coco]: Hey! [Laughter] [Indy]: She is a fashionista, roller girl,
yogi, awesome chick. And we’re here– where are we? [Coco]: We are at the base of the San
Jacinto mountains in Southern California. [Indy]: Well here’s a tiny, tiny
peek of what we’re seein’. I’ll show you some more
scenery here in a second. Well, first off I’d like to point out that Coco styled me today. So Coco’s style of skating backwards is
very unique. When you see her she’s
cruising down the street and it’s beautiful so I just
want you guys to watch this for a second. [Funky Instrumental Music] [Woman’s vocals] The other night on the street skate,
I saw Coco skating backwards and it was beautiful she was just
jamming along the entire time. I tried to copy you and I couldn’t.
So that’s why I was like well let’s get Coco to teach us how to skate backwards. So that’s what we’re going to do today! So when you’re learning how to
skate backwards you want to make sure that you don’t want to pick your feet up
too much. Just because you’re going to lose energy and momentum that you
need to create skate backwards. So that’s why you’re really going to press
on the outside of your toes. The outside of your wheels pressing yourself out,
using your legs coming back in, and then once you get that,
then you’re able to create the wave movement you need to start to go backwards. So you’re gonna start with your feet together pressing on the outside of your toes
here, pressing in to the outer wheels. So you’re pressing out— –coming in. [Indy] Oh so it’s the bubbles, but backwards! Coco: Yeah. [Indy] So if you notice my eyes are looking forward, and I’m dropping down like I’m sitting in a chair. If you try to do it with your legs straight… You’re not going to get very far. You have to bend and drop. Coco: Once you got that down and you feel really comfortable… You’re gonna try to switch it up. So I’m gonna show you from the back. Out, crossing…back. Starting off with your feet out… Bring in the braid… Crossing over… Back… [Wheels rolling across pavement] [Wheels rolling across pavement] [Indy] I’m scared! (Laughing) [Indy] It’s a scary hill you guys. [Coco] Scary. [Indy] Alright, so we’re gonna have to change location because this hill is actually… [Coco] Knees are more important. ♪Music By Kim Manning♪ [Indy] Busteeed. [Indy] Ok, so, 1:
it was a bad idea to think that we could teach you guys a skate the tutorial
backwards on a hill. Two: security came for us sooo… Onto the next location. ♪Music by Kim Manning♪ [Coco] So. We’re gonna break
that down once again, you want to make sure that your knees are bent and
course your weight is forward. You’re going to be pressing
out through the balls of your feet and the edges coming back in using
the inside of your thighs here. Pressing out then
maaaybe picking up your foot, pressing out, picking up this foot, pressing out. And then of course, maybe braiding… [Indy] Ooo, braiding! I like that terminology. [Coco] So, once
you feel like you got that down, start like this… pressing out… Then you’re gonna to maybe try and crisscross bringing the right foot in the front
bringing this one out. [Coco] Everything I do, all my transitions are
pretty much with my feet on the ground like just staying on the ground. [Indy]: Cool. [Coco] It’s called like, “sticky feet.” [Indy] Okay. [Coco] Sticky feet
where your feet are lifting up off of the ground but of course that comes with practice and it comes with years of
creating your own style and what, uhhhm– what you feel is right and how you allow
yourself to flow and your own skating style. [Indy] I’m gonna show you guys the way
I learned too, but there are different ways there’s no right or wrong and that’s
what’s beautiful about rollerskating. Is maybe Coco’s way works for you
better whenever you’re learning and maybe the way that I’m going to show you
works better you never know. It’s however you feel comfortable doing it. Alright, so I start with my toes
pointed in, knees bent, booty out. You look where you’re going…
and to begin you just pick up your feet. If you keep your toes pointed in
you’ll roll backwards. You’re not trying to step or
walk, you’re just lifting and rolling. And at first it feels a little weird… If you get unstable, drop it down. Once you’re comfortable stepping, you can
start pushing out a bit more… So I’m pushing this way. So I’m using these
inside edges of my wheels to push out…out. Lean forward…put your hands
on your knees if you feel unstable. Once you’re comfortable
with that you can really jam. And it’s like drawing ‘c’s with your foot. Definitely a much better idea to teach
on flat ground then the hill. [Coco] Yeah… [Indy] That was a lot of fun thank you so much. I’m glad I caught you before you go back to Europe [Coco]I knowww! [Indy] Coco is always traveling around
doing handstand workshops, yoga workshops, uh, where can we find more information about
that? [Coco] My name on instagram is @gypsetcity Of course because I like to gypset
and see other cities. So I will be back in Europe, uh, next week, and I’ll be teaching
some workshops uh with handstand AND rollerskating which are likely very fun– [Indy] Duuuude, her handstand–
you guys– You can see her entire handstand progress on her
Instagram for the past year and it’s insane it starts from like like not
being able doing handstands at all to full-blown like, like hand balancing it’s
really inspiring you guys should go track that progress and learn. Thank you so much Coco. [Coco] Thank you so much for having me, Indy! ♪ “Coyote” Instrumental by Kim Manning ♪

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