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Roller Skating Adventure ๐Ÿคช YOU Don’t Want to Miss!!!

Roller Skating Adventure ๐Ÿคช YOU Don’t Want to Miss!!!

every now and again you get a client that shines above the rest and for me that client is in B JAMA Jones you can look at our YouTube channel at the link in the description section or you can hit her up on Instagram here Indies passion for rollerskating her dedication to the community are unmatched I’m lucky to be her attorney we scheduled a meeting a couple of weeks ago and what we plan to be a legal planning day turned into a Venice Beach fun day all right enough talk let’s get to the heart of Indy three [Music] [Applause] what’s up planet roller skaters Indiana Jones here with pigeon and Ian core Xena we are here at the new Moxie skate shop that’s going to be opening soon in Venice Beach and Tina’s our attorney and so today we were just getting some legal advice huh yeah you guys are gonna need a lot of help legally and I’m here to help you we decided to take him out for a skate you brought your skates right yes all right so I think it’s time for you to get some skate knowledge all right I’m ready all right let’s say we’re gonna skate around Venice Beach and we’re gonna give you some challenges and things that we’ve taught people before I’m playing at roller skate and they’re gonna get to watch as you try to keep up with me and pigeon take it easy on me please [Music] be one of the challenges is to get in the middle take a selfie with the venison and cross again before the light [Music] [Music] challenge one complete good job thank you so much for Joe I would say hey so wait a good curve right here oh alright challenge complete that was too easy about to have a crap challenge next challenge is to sneak a Skitch we got this nice little traffic key footpath here with all kinds of fun scooters and bikes and things so your challenge is to catch a ride with one snake a Skitch as you catch oh do you know what sketching is yeah but I’m a creepy guy you guys girls can do it hey what’s up can I catch a ride [Music] [Laughter] [Music] hold on okay so we’re rolling up on the skatepark yeah I think we definitely need a skatepark challenge and you definitely have attorney vibe so you’re actually doing way better than I expected yeah you’re kind of kicking butt on rollers he seemed to have some tricks down so I think we need to step this up a bit did you know you take to any Indies [Music] hey you never know so we’re gonna put you to the true challenge we’re gonna see if you can drop it in a bin escape art maybe maybe just the role in the little [Music] [Music] [Music] I say he’s skating good you might want to dress a little more appropriate for the go to work with holes in it [Music] do this I loved it good job making friends at the skate park [Music] I don’t know why to liquor that’s like friendly shop is like 500 yards away so fill the fine stuff and then try it out right here yes exactly it’s that ministry [Music] oh you completed the real challenge on your own the real challenge is to film your friends at the sweeper hey let’s post up for a minute take a break nice you got it you got it [Music] whoo all right so I think we got we did some basic challenges like skate on one foot a piece and jump over crack Sophia venison good selfie stop yeah he stopped dropping him at the skate park dropped in the park that was good one not the sketch I’m trying to think pigeon and what’s it something that we could teach people that we haven’t taught them yet that we could do as a talent and by people do you mean ya know people as in our audience – yeah we could so we could teach the audience something you and Ian at the same time do the glitter pony no trust me the gutter ponies buns I don’t even know what that is all right let’s see the pony okay just so you guys know here’s a breakdown verbally so the glitter Pony is you lift one leg and then you jump with the other and land first with the other but like you put your toes up down first to push this isn’t helping me hey watch it it’s almost like skipping it’s like a hop scooter push skip yeah bori ladies and gentlemen pune leg is a technical term nice pony leg pony yes man so it’s knee up first so you should which is my glitter yeah yeah so you’re jumping onto your toe stop Angie’s gotta help break it down to this super confusing because like I wasn’t instructed professionally so we just trying to help this is actually a figure skating move one of my old coaches was a figure skater old roller derby coats so it actually helps you if you’re like going through a small space I need to get speed pretty common in roller derby or figure skating your toe in front yeah yeah so I think we found the challenge it was actually a little bit of a challenge for you so I work on that glitter pony that’ll be our starter trick next time we hang out how are you feeling the nostalgia you can always see that point when somebody is on skates again for the first time in a while they get a little look a little sparkly a little fun sometimes they cry a little bits okay if you cry well I’m getting back on this I’m getting my daughters on these things I just can’t wait so fun yeah make it so fun can we find time on [Music] [Music] [Music] good challenges that we completed I have to say that it’s unbelievable probably [Music] elevations are really important and that’s one of the reasons why you should go to my channel and watch heart of the matter where we talk about current and pending okay really enjoy we try to do it in kind of an accessible way talking about things like insurance you girls are gonna have to really get involved in in your new business ventures so some of you guys are probably avoiding these things and that’s why we have friends like Ian that can teach us about them and it not so scary so long as you promise all right the next challenges are gonna be like next level like nags next level well I’m gonna practice I got these new skates and they’re nice and scuffed up and I’m gonna recover from my injury about that fall today and awesome well thank you so much hanging out that today alright well thank you guys so much watching this episode stay tuned for more awesome planet roller skate adventures and until next time [Music]


Loved the video… Especially when you were trying to get out of the bowl… I will check out her channel… they look pretty fun.

Making me miss CA, love this vid what an awesome collab. Maybe I should bust out my quads again lol

This is so much fun and an adrenaline rush. I love it. Wish I was there…on second thought…no I donโ€™t because I cannot skate. You surprise me every week.

Very great video my friend Thank you for sharing. I am your new friend, Pls Back Dear. sub done and like 9

Loved it! Great action and you deserve huge credit for getting the skates back on after … years! Interested in what types of insurance Indy and other business people need?

That was cute! It reminded me of the film. โ€œRoller Boogieโ€ (1979). Look forward to more skating adventures! (toddthesage101)

So much fun! Indy and Pigeon are awesome and maybe there's a follow-up video of you going over the types of insurance you would be advising all start-ups to get from the beginning.

Awesome video and yes, you break down legal issues and jargon amazingly well! Good job on the skates. Makes me so want to live in Cali!!

Haha, too too cool man! What a fun day, man! You were crushing those challenges ๐Ÿ’ช!!! I hope any aches from the fall heal quickly โฐ

killing those challenges Ian! Love this video! You really know how to make your videos fun! I love that you asked for a side with the slowest guy. So good and with a tie. " attorney vibes" lol

Ian, loved this video. It was super fun and playful. I also love that you had elbow and knee pads on. A must when you're roller skating in Venice Beach.

Some of my most painful moments ever have been on skates..or more accurately on my back!!!! You make it look easy (and fun). Nice one Ian!

What a enjoyable time! enjoy yourself. another one upload. I hope your channel day by day increase. Full view your video and like. pls let's help each other

OMG LOVE THIS! All of the years Stacey was actively a litigator, she NEVER had fun clients like this! ๐Ÿ™‚

OMG, Ian I need you to be my lawyer, lol. I'm thinking many people will feel this way after watching this. You're so FUN! I giggled the whole time!

Awesome video!!! Met you on Michael Feyrer Jr channel and glad I did haha so much fun.๐Ÿ˜Š

Omg I want a Venice fun day with Ian!!! ๐Ÿ˜ฉ Sans skating though b/c itโ€™d turn into a Venice hospital day ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿฝโ€โ™€๏ธ

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