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Roller Skating for the LAST TIME at our rink.

Roller Skating for the LAST TIME at our rink.

the last roller skating rink in our town
is closing at the end of this month so we are headed there today they’re having
specials and we’re going to go there for one last time they have like a skating
rink and they have those play tunnels they have like arcade games and stuff
and so the kids are going to miss being able to go there because it’s something
that they look forward to doing really would go like once a year you know it
currently but we used to go a lot more when the kids were younger so when
Audrey was little they had a moms and me day I think it was most days and it was
free to even get in so we used to go there a lot especially during the winter
just to burn energy and they’ve gone to birthday parties there and so it’s just
gonna be kind of sad but it actually close it don’t move good job aren’t you gonna go

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