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Roller Skating | Roller Dance

Roller Skating | Roller Dance

(upbeat disco music) – In today’s Motivation
to Move we’re going to skate to good health. So I am here with Elizabeth
at the Chicago Athletic Association Hotel to talk all
about roller dance fitness. Now Elizabeth when we talk
about that we were our body and we’re working our minds. – Yeah what I love most
about is it doesn’t even really feel like a workout. Each month we cater
to a different theme. This month’s theme
is partner skating. Next month’s going to be jumps
and we do different stuff every month but overall
it’s the same core theme of let’s have fun on skates. Let’s learn some moves and
let’s get a little sweaty. – We’re having a lot of
fun but yet we’re getting a great workout. – Yeah what I love about roller
skating is it’s low impact on the joints especially
compared to running. It’s good for your bones
it’s good for your core, it’s good for
muscles and it’s just a great cardiovascular activity. A lot of us skated when
we were little and we had the roller rink parties
maybe haven’t picked up pair of skates ever since. But literally it’s not just
for kids, it’s all levels. – Honestly, a great
way to meet new people. It feels close it feels tight. – Okay you’ll teach
us some moves? – Let’s do this. – Let’s get rolling.
– Yeah. (upbeat music) – I got some cool jazzy dance
moves that I’m gonna learn how to do on my skates. – So this one’s a little bit
like an oblique ab workout. First I want to see
how low you can get. Like get as low as you can go. – Okay.
– We’re set. So I want you to take your
right hand and place it right behind you and then I want
you to shoot out your leg real quick like so out and in. (jazzy disco music) – Oh no. – That was perfect. High five. – Five, six, seven, eight. Walk down up two,
up three, and four. – Yeah! – I’m out of breath
but you got more. – Are you cool with
doing a partner spin? – Sure. – Yes you’re facing me
have a nice tight grip. I want you to use your triceps. We’re gonna go counter clockwise
and what you’re gonna do is have your right foot pointing
to where you want to go, and then your left foot is
going to do a little kick. It’ll naturally start happening. So just a little push, right. (upbeat disco music) You’re doing amazing. – That will get
you out of breath. – It will get you out of breath
and you what the best part is it’s like really
helps with your balance. – Yeah it’s great
for your balance, which then gets in that whole
core from top to bottom. Okay exercise number three is? – Shooting the duck and it’s
broken down into three parts. – Okay. – So first we’re gonna
get as low as we can go, and then I want you to shift
your weight to your left leg, grab your other skate. Grab it by the toe stop. – Can I just leave it down? – Yeah leave it down, it’s
a lot harder standing still. You ready to try this? Drop low. – Elizabeth I got to be honest
with you that was more fun than a workout. I do feel out of
breath and sweaty. – That’s good. – I think the biggest lesson
we can take away from today is that working out can be fun. – Exactly and it just makes
us feel good about our bodies and to show how strong we are. – Feel those endorphins
already going. – Exactly.
– It’s so much fun. If you want more fun ways
to get motivated to move, just check out our website, Okay let’s do the duck, ready? – Let’s do this. (upbeat music)

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