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Roller Skating with Jade Bird

Roller Skating with Jade Bird

( music playing )Hi, I’m Jade Bird,
and I’m going to skate for the first time ever. Who knows what will happen? ( laughing )
No. ( groans )
Ah! – Oh, my God.
– I got you. – Oh, my God.
– You’re good. This is not normal. I think roller-skating is
definitely ’70s America for me.Um, we don’t really have it
in the UK that much.
I mean, I think we’d all just
break arms and legs.
So you can do it backwards
like… I can’t even do it forwards. I don’t feel safe. All the way! I got you. Skating is, um, unpredictable,
to say the least. Uh, it’s fun, I guess. Uh, and dangerous.
Don’t skate. ( laughing ) I don’t have a disco ball. It’s kind of the thing
you always must have when you’re eight years old,
um, but maybe I’ll get one now. I don’t know.
I like it. I’ve been Jade Bird.
I’ve been roller-skating away
at Lollapalooza. Uh, I’ll see you guys again
soon. Thank you for watching.( music playing )

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