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some of you might know that I work with
powerslide but that doesn’t mean that I’m gonna tell you that the powerslide skate is the best and the rollerblade skate sucks that’s what I’m
gonna do Olá YouTube, my name is Ricardo Lino and
I’m a wheell addict I’m in São Paulo Brazil and right now I’m in rolling
sports warehouse they are distributors for power slide and for rollerblade, so
what we’re gonna do today is I’m gonna put one skate from rollerblade and one
skate from power slide and I’m gonna show them by side by side and I’m gonna
give you my opinion about each skate some of you might know that I work with
power slide but that doesn’t mean that I’m gonna tell you that the forest
landscape is the best and the rollerblade skate sucks that’s not what
I’m gonna do I’m gonna tell you the facts so this is the imperial grand
Negro night I’m not really sure it’s kind of like a super light grey color
and then the liner is white it’s a light color skate I think girls would like to
skate a lot and from rollerblade we have the rollerblade twister 80 this is the
ladies edition so these might be two skates that girls will like out of the
box the first thing that you see basically they are the same size they
are European size 41 I think the road weight skate the shell boot is a 40 and
41 in this skate because it’s a 41 the liner goes all the way to the front but
if it was a size 40 then there will be some space in front on the power slide
imperials they are 41 42 so basically the shell boots have different sizing so
let me try to explain it is in a different way
usually when you have a hard boot skate plastic shell boot skate the brands
don’t make one plastic shell for each size so usually they go on two sizes
from what I see here the power slide skate
is 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 from what I see in the twister they are
different so this seems to be a 40 41 it’s a different sizing and if you want
to have your schedule and on top of the scale for you the good thing about the
power slide skate is because the liner the my feet is a dual fit liner they
will expand the inside of the line let me try to show it to you all this front
part is neoprene so this means that the laner will expand and because the liner
expands will give you a tight fit like a snug fit that’s a cool thing from what I
asked to the the guys here at rolling sports the distributor what they also
told me as feedback is that the Imperial as a way narrower fit than these so if
you do have a wide foot the rollerblade twister will fit great
but if you have a narrow foot from from what the term here at rolling sports
you’ll feel like your foot can slide a little bit on the inside specially if
you’re using the biggest liner for your size as I said before this is a 40 41
shell boot so if you if you’re a size 40 and if you’re using a twister the the
liner is going to be a 40 but outside is a 41 so that will make your foot on
inside slide a little bit on the other end this one is way narrower which means
that you’ll fill the skate a lot more like snug but if your foot is too wide
probably it won’t fit as comfortable so I think that feet wise that might be the
main difference then on the frames they do have different cuts but they both
look super super solid they seem to be the exact same size let me see if they
say it here both of them are like four times eighty
this if they are the same size they should be 243 millimetres frames which
means that’s the size of the wheelbase the wheels both have 85a wheels these
ones have the power slide spinner wheels the imperials and the rollerblade come
with rollerblades supreme 85a the shape of the wheel it’s a little bit different
so the rollerblade wheel is more like round and the power slide spinner
it’s round but it’s somehow not as wide not as thick as a rollerblade wheel
which means that the rollerblade should be a little bit more stable but at the
same time the power slide wheel should be I don’t know if I can say it a little
bit faster but it seems to have a little bit less surface in the ground bearings
power slide comes with a back nine wicked bearings and the roll of red
skates come with ilq 7 from trill twin cam so bearing wise they both came great
laces the lacing system from the rollerblade is completely different from
the power slide the power slide ones is the the regular one that just has some
holes some loopholes that the laces go through on the other end rollerblade
seems to have a different system which is just the lacing system comes on top
so it’s different I am not sure if when you pull it yeah alright just on top but
on the rollerblade skates though the laces go through the first loop of the
liner which is cool because it’s supposed to keep the line the liner in
the same place but at the same time if you want to take the liner out you won’t
be able to take the liner out without taking the laces that’s just a little
detail but if you take the liner out quite often that might make a difference
there’s a lot more holes on the rollerblade boot
the Imperial is on like two olds in front and fuels in the back but it’s a
little bit more credit rollerblade skate other difference from the role from the
rollerblade to them to the Imperials is this 45 degree buckle this rollerblade
buckle is quite complex which is you first just put this plastic piece the
need adjust it but then you still have this regular Paco for leverage that’s it
put it in close that’s it the power slide one you can just crank it so
there’s no cranking system on the 45 degree buckle from rollerblade but it’s
a different system it seems to work really good too none of the liners ever
laces these one comes with it multiple liners put it in the oven for five
minutes put it back in your put it back in your skate I’ve tied it as much as
you can and they’re supposed to get the right fit this one stays women’s feet
so apparently should be something specific for a woman maybe a little bit
narrower I have no idea but it should be something like that then one last thing
that I saw is the screws the axles the axles on the frame on these are just the
regular allen key and on the power slide they come with a Torx tool which is kind
of like that little star thing I do love these torques thing because you can
actually crank it a lot more you can’t add a lot more and usually they don’t
you don’t have problems with this it just lasts longer but on the other hand
you need that tool here but then the cap screw is not as torques even if I use
usually I use the same tool but it’s not the same ds1 the roller blade they all
use the same screw so that might be and Vantage that you use the same tool but
then you can tile it the same way as these I guess that’s it they seem to
have a like about the same weight I didn’t put them on the scale but as a
conclusion they both seem to be almost the same with a few different details
but the most important thing is going to be the sizing if you have a narrow foot
Imperial is for sure going to be your best option
or if you have one of the biggest size of the shells like if you have a size 40
size 42 or size 44 you are going to be using a bigger shell than your then your
liner because the liner from rollerblade it’s not only shorter but also narrower
so because the the shell boot is a little bit wider than your foot on
inside should move a little bit but that’s just a little detail and not
everyone is going to to fill it so I guess it’s up to you whatever you have
in your town whatever you have access to whatever you get the best promotional
whatever you get the best price these are two really good skates and they will
make you roll that’s it I hope you enjoyed this video if you did enjoy this
video don’t forget to subscribe to the channel give me some thumbs up if you
like it thumbs down if you didn’t but let me know what you don’t like about it
and just don’t forget why we all started skating because it’s fun Cheers


Rollerblade Twister: I am better than you because i'm older!
Powerslide Imperial: No, i'm better cuz' i'm prettier
Seba FR1: Uhm, hey… I'm available on all colors.
Twister/Imperial: No one asked you!

Rollerblade is for wide feet
Powerslide is for narrow feet
That's it
And FR Skates if for platfus feet and big feet.

I am looking for good quality inline skates for $250.00 10 1/2 wide foot with 110mm wheels, what is the best brand for wide foot bladers doing fitness blading I hope that a $250.00 dollar pair will last for at least a year until I can afford a high-end pair

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