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ROLLEROBICS Workouts – functional exercises on inline skates

ROLLEROBICS Workouts – functional exercises on inline skates

Hi, my name is Judit.I’m a Nike coach in the
Box Barcelona, graduated in Sport Sciences and I collaborate with Powerslide brand,
especially for the Swell line. We, together announce a series of videos
about Rollerobics workouts with different routines through a combination
of functional exercises on Inline skates. Rollerobics is the fun and challenging way to improve your Inline skating workout because it brings you many benefits: Correct bad posture and
muscular imbalances Provides fantastic fat burning workout,
by using full body exercise that improve strength, endurance and boost metabolism. Develops muscle tone strong
lifting their own body weight Involves core activation In general, every session includes
flexibility, mobility, core stability, balance and strength training principles to keep your
body constantly challenged in all areas. All the videos will be here on the Channel so
make sure to subscribe & don’t miss a workout and follow in the social media:
Facebook & Instagram. See you soon!


i really enjoyed that idea, i am going to try with my imperial. the only thing i didin't get is why force judith to talk in english? you can always use the subtitles.

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