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okay all hi YouTube my name is Ricardo
lino and I am a wheel addict I’m with Moe and Moe is going to be the
cameraman Moe more word set at my skate shop for now just on weekends but from
January inescapable open six days a week nine to
five on Monday to Friday and nine till two I think on the Saturday check where
we are okay so this is the new bowl here at the Shred and probably I won’t be
able to scare it in a few days or weeks but I’m not gonna talk about that drama
now I’ll talk about it later so let’s check this mo got new skates you is this
way and it doesn’t want to skate the ball but let’s do this if more than ten
people felt that they want to see most gating okay so let’s do oh I’m gonna try it
can you feel it if there’s any comments and stuff you
need to do answer them they say myself I like the power slide
appeal actually all of the preference what you
three by three four by four you have to look into it in my opinion the best ones
are still to come but I can’t I can’t I can’t really say a lot more about those
but at the moment best best in my opinion an art Corryville and the Taos
I don’t really skate the Taos I like the art coevals a lot but also another body
part but if if I need to choose one like with a if you make like the correlation
price quality the Imperial for sure he has a set of a pair of Appeals it’s
amazing I had like three already I still have the orange one so Imperial for sure for a flying eagle video well in South
Africa I don’t have any flying eagle skates next time I go to Barcelona I’ll
be with Ollie Ollie panettone is like the disappear for flying eagle in Europe
I might do something with them I might try it you know in this I want to try
the skates I’ve been seeing the states a lot but I got someone to use to use the
skates so maybe they can try this case so see there’s people interested in
South Africa to try them let me go get for another one I feel my skates may be
a little bit too tight let’s see let’s see next run on the ball I’ll wait for
my sign I’ll go that way now I’ll start from there just like this so now I’m teaching
motovlog when you’re just talking they go like this
yeah yes it’s a really good one let’s see for
how long more I’ll be able to skate it yeah I’ll focus on this way for a few
seconds so that’s the u.s. this way I chose the
baby blue one and this is actually a Kaiser frame from the US dv2 clan if I’m
not mistaken yeah it’s the black one yeah so for those of you they don’t know did
you ever you never almost getting both that’s the cool thing with roller skates
which is it’s a lot faster than in landscapes
this might seem stupid and you might not see me as fastest probably I can go I’m
not feeling that comfortable because the the rolling base is a little bit shorter
than the inline skate and I’m feeling scared but that’s me because the wheels
are a lot harder yeah 108 that means that they just go faster every time I do
a little push I feel like I go faster on the inline skates that the wheels are
around in between like 85 or 88 and 90 92 these ones go faster but I don’t feel
in control at the moment so that’s it hello yeah the 125s actually perfect with
transportation and is a awesome skate because the bigger the wheel the little
attentions required with the wheel to cover larger distance Oh normal ah Jake
actually makes sense that’s why this guy works with me you know what it’s talking
about ha ha let’s see let’s go for it back flips back nips and that’s why you
should this how he shouldn’t do it I like you know what I feel it’s wrong I
feel like I’m locked into the same line yeah like
with time if you’re not subscribing to this which I think you should or if at
least you are otherwise you wouldn’t be watching me like but in case you’re
watching this without subscribing do it now because I’ll learn new lines if I’m
still allowed to skate here hopefully we are what am I I think we got some customers over this
and I’ll just take K of that see you in a bit so that’s it mo just got someone
in the shop he goes and works a little bit and me me I’m gonna take you live
with me on a journey on the bow let me just check something you ready for this
let’s do this come with me haha sorry guys
sorry about this I’m still here I’m still alive ding to set up the reset of the
suspended so I’ll try it one more I’ll try one more telling me I’ll do the same
line the one that I’ve lost check this you put as the still good
I love this thing I need to find another cameraman
and we tried to find another cameraman I’ll find another key to film me
I’ll have another cameraman meanwhile what can I do can I ask you for a favor can you be my
cameraman for a little bit what’s your name huh Troy yes
Troy is going to be the cameraman say hello YouTube okay can you see me okay
maybe yeah try to always follow me huh I’ll try to make another mine okay so five five to tour for filming is
thank you ah let me see if I’m still filming I
have no idea okay guys so just wanted to show you a little session
here we need to go back to work in Saturday morning the week ending around
the Christmas is around the corner I’m going to be I’m gonna be working
this weekend we need to sell some skates so if you aren’t it on if you want
skates you know where to come you know where to find me if you’re not and go to
your local skate shop secretary Bell what they have available supporting
because they are supporting these ports inline skating roller skating whatever
you want to college whatever you do cheers guys I hope you guys have a good
weekend and see you soon just check these balls it’s amazing
and don’t forget why we all started skating because it’s fun


Moe! Skate the bowl! Skate the bowl! You can fly down a hill a bowl is not as frightening as that or at least in my mind. Nice to know you have Moe on the scene Lino. As for supporting my local shop, totally all over that already. I really just wanna add a sticker of the store to my helmet so I can support them even when not going to spoil myself in their store.

Sucks you might have a issue with skating the bowl, preach that all wheel love to them when I seen the bowl I thought it would be cool to come skate it, hope it works out if so maybe IL stop in

hi ( i want to ask what you will choose to have a skate for speed in transportation is it speed skates like grand prix or urban skates like megacruiser ….?

Hi Lino! And you guys (: I have a question and I think this is the best place. I've never try to skate in a skatepark but I do inline skating from months with slalom setup (80/76/76/80) from the beginning. My question is – Is slalom setup good (safe)for skatepark or just go flat 4×80? Did anyone try skating ramps with slalom setup?

So how do the chaya karma skates compare to inline skates at the skate park is dropping in harder I’m currently looking at getting some karma skates

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