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ROLLING: A California skateboard road trip of a lifetime

ROLLING: A California skateboard road trip of a lifetime

There’s something about those moments
before a trip. It’s like this window of anticipation for what’s ahead, and for what you’re about to find. We made a list of scenic spots and
gathered a team of pro skateboarders to embark on the ultimate west coast
road trip. Is this a ticket? That’s a fair penalty. A toll violation will be sent in the mail. Perfect, we’ll never get it. As a skateboarder, we connect to the
elements. We see nature as a backdrop to our art form. It’s not every day you get to plan out
your downtime in a 30-foot RV. A quick search in the Roadtrippers app , and we’re
off to the mountains A lot of people lack that free spirit,
just to go ahead and just say let’s go have a good time. To me, that’s the best
kind of road trip, and that’s what makes it so special A trip is all about forward movement. It’s that motion that binds us all


Im in the process of planning a trip w my awesome gf❤ and im thinking of going from toledo to like PA but its really hilly in PA so maybe like somewhere w flat roads that arent super hilly …

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