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RT Life – Mini Segway Skills

RT Life – Mini Segway Skills

What are you doing? Alright, so we’ve got this goofy Well, this is Burnie’s goofy little like a uhh Lean-ie segway. Mini Segway? Yeah I’m going to find somebody to test this out Who doesn’t have the skills that I got yeah and then we’ll get back to ya. Okay. You let me know Alright Right! Max: What? Max are you ready? Im ready Max have you ridden one days before? I’ve uh, I’ve ridden a segway on a segway tour. I’m Scared, but also, I just go look soo “Cool” Uhhm… you got it This is not a family friendly show And, He was never seen again I Know, He took to it pretty naturally. “But I’m a God now” Reverse Look at those skills You guys don’t have anything to do, ya know? Out of the dark Right into the wall Gimme my thing back Come Back! Thats Mine! Dont Leave! Goodbye Max! It was nice knowing you!


I really wish I could work for Rooster Teeth, but I do not have anything to bring to the table that they have need off.
Yaaay for carpentry >,<

How do people dislike these clips?! its freaking Max riding a mini segway! what could be cuter than that

I once had no feelings one way or another towards Max. I was indifferent. Now I am learning to love him.

Even though those things are becoming ever more popular, I will never use them! Takes the fun out of walking!

HEY YOU!!!…. I hope you have a good day and stay positive. Follow your dreams and never give up! I am dreaming of becoming a youtuber full time. Hopefully we can make our dreams a reality!!

I had a small hope that this video would end with him walking back while carrying it because the battery died.

Burnie wishes he was that good at the mini Segway right away.
Would have been worth a million dollars.
That's a lot of money.

Max reminds me of that weird tree terrorist from American Dad, the one who tried identifying as a tree and acted like a god

Does anyone know the track at the beginning of the clip? It was on another of Burnie's vlogs, but there isn't a caption for it.

I have the biggest crush on Max? I usually have a particular type that he does not fit at all, but I think he is just the cutest

He was never seen again by human eyes… People believe he was abducted by God (Or gods depending on your religion) as his skills were too good.

Does anyone else miss when Rooster teeth were in the older Office that you know had a Triangle Roof??? Don't get me wrong I still love Rooster Teeth to death But I feel like it had a charm when they had their smaller office and Didn't have as much people there! I Definitely miss the older RT Shorts. Achievement hunter seemed a lot better then as well like now they always seem….Different then they use too! Especially Geoff!!!!

MAXKREUMCKE has evolved into MAXIMUMCKE! It has learned ROLLOUT!
Maximumcke: The evolved form of Maxkruemcke, it ascends to the heavens on choruses of angels and rubber wheels. It was worshipped by ancient civilizations as a symbol of freedom. It is said that if Maximumcke's feet ever touch the ground, it will bring 1000 years of misfortune.

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