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Rubber Band Machine Gun? | 10 Strange Projectile Weapons

Rubber Band Machine Gun? | 10 Strange Projectile Weapons

what’s up you geeks You wanna sit in a sweet seat like this geek, on fleek, maybe you’re having a bite to eat, it aint Sit back and rest your feet in a seat. while being entertained Whew laughs me as a dolt like was it really necessary for them to be like oh by the way this slingshot is for adults You know what I mean. You know you gotta use it for those adult thing You know if you’re gonna slingshot someone make sure you’re an adult all right murders not for kids Folding wrists catapults, it looks like it’s like a fishing line What now he’s shooting an arrow out of it like choose is it a fishing pole Is it a bow is it a catapult is it a slingshot? Relax, dude it’s for fishing this attaches to this so that when you shoot it, then you can bring it back That’s some weird if F card Here we go this is it oh. I see look at that. There’s like little brushes right here Okay, that hold these arrows in place. This is kind of creepy dude this right Here is the front of the arrow You could see once you puncture the fish it will catch on the fish, so you can reel it back What’s really cool is you’re gonna see this in action today Sam has got a bucket of fish, and we’re going to be shooting I’m just kidding. That’s so messed up That’s so messed up some people I can guarantee you thought it was serious you thought I was serious You’re like Daughter we got another target behind us I’m gonna pretend this target is a fish, and I’m starving and I have no other source of food I’ve gotta like go and like resort to fish eating. We go this is it oh Man I mean I would have zero Accuracy with this it went through two platforms here. It’s on the other side and now here’s the thing it’s actually really difficult To get out it actually tore a bunch of stuff because of this hook right here I mean if you’re really really good at it Yeah But I’m sure some people Would be more effective with like just a straight-up slingshot cuz this I feel like is even more difficult By the way the other thing it just didn’t even work when we tried to put it on this one’s shot and mini juice bottles In her face, what? mini juice bottle interface plastic trolley guns sprayer head water pressure for garden They got it on like 7up and like oh, it’s pesticide Wow they say sure there’s pretty toxic for you So maybe that’s what they’re talking about I want to spray that in my mouth So you screw the top on you put this little hose in here like this I’m assuming and it’ll suck up all those juices and then spray it. Oh, okay. You just do it like that so what’s this then? Oh, so this build pressure inside the container and then the pressure is then forced outside through this how? Interesante let’s try it all right here We go guys should be pretty simple screw this on and then build up some pressure I mean if I wanted to I could technically just shake it and that would work just the same, but I’m just gonna Build up some pressure here This impression. I’m actually it could hurt you think so yeah Let me do it in the trash can really quick. Yeah Hmm dude, that’s good. Yeah welcome. Yeah, okay, I don’t want to miss Taste good though, I feel like this is the best way to drink soda I Say it’s a hot Ok jeah mini naval cannon black-powder Pocket firing cannon stainless steel So it’s a tiny little stainless steel cannon Do you think this actually shoots no, so it says it, Oh what literally putting a match to it, I’m a little scared now What’s the kickback on this puppy you know? Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, so it’s gonna be pushed back unless you hold it But I mean is it gonna go through a wall is it gonna put a hole in the window or something like that these are Questions that I have the only way to answer them is by adding to the car baby. Oh My word it is so much tinier than I thought look at that. How is that even gonna work? I’m so bummed Where are the wheels okay, so no wheels a little upsetting. I wanted to roll it around second thing is how do you shoot these? stops We mean you made it What are you talking about you weirdo got me worried right now. Yeah, yeah, alright. Let’s do it Yeah, safety stuff because these won’t do anything against gunpowder right gunpowder is pretty extremely flammable explosive all right So what we’re gonna. Do is we’re going to pour a little bit of this fake gunpowder. I mean real gunpowder Then and get a BB Stick that BB right in there push it down in there is you doing anything? Here’s our question is our powder even flammable enough Not nearly explosive enough. They should have been like It’s like okay, but this isn’t gonna do anything by the way if you guys are interested This is actually ground up match, but you need something far more Explosive than a match cuz I think it matches more about like the friction than actual combustion. It’s too difficult to load guys Let me know up up in that info card right there. Is this hot or is it shot? Can you imagine air Zuka toy? Can you can you imagine? I? Could imagine it At green and purple, sweet, but what is this it shoots air I can shoot air Destined to become a classic Arizuka’s unique handheld device that blows a harmless ball of air towards any object or person blows a ball there Hey How dare you blow up all air at me requiring no batteries or electricity the arizuka operates simply by pulling and releasing a built-in Elastic air launcher guys we did something similar to this in this video right there is actually really interesting It’s actually a thumbnail of that where we shot like a big ball of smoke But this is I think a little less cool. Just because it’s like where’s the air Oh, then it hit me laughs with amusement as you mess up. Someone’s hair Ruffle their shirt yeah, or just plain blow them away from across the room all right first one I get mess up someone’s hair. I could be funny, but if they got hair like mine or like hair like yours That’s up, you know. It’s not gonna happen four out of five stars though can this shoot farts and no but your butt can Hahaha all these reviews are good. Let’s test it out Add to Cart. Oh wow Zuka, he’s in the cross hairs. No don’t do it to me. You’re gonna ruffle my ties no Blast a harmless ball of air up to 50 feet This is enormous, I’m actually kind of surprised it fit in that box so the idea here. Oh, my wait Stop I can figure it out. I am NOT stupid. I figured out you. Go this way Oh Take down your hair to show to show them from across the room. Okay, actually do it up close first ready There you go Okay now stand farther back It seems like it’s bigger This is way more fun than I thought it was gonna be a hundred cent hands down already decided it’s pretty hot do it I’m gonna ruffle your shirt oh Whoa that’s actually like powerful that’s Surprising let’s bring a camera around the studio and let’s see it well It’s pretty loud, but I want to see it people freak out from a distance so what we’re gonna try and do Sneak up on some people I hear people downstairs Something flew over my head Err Dude, it’s just there that is pretty cool It’s legit like flew over my head, and I thought I was looking for the item. I was like where’s it? hotshot I Couldn’t pull it on tanner Our BMG rubberband machine-gun rubberband machine gun rapid-fire shoots up to ten wooden toys wow What does that mean they use the wrong thing does this shoot wooden toys or does it shoot rubber bands? $36 look at this thing they straight-up went to town on designing like a machine gun rubberband. Oh my gosh Why from my entertainment it must be? This is actually really cool, it’s funny How the rubber bands here keeping in the batteries? So it has been loaded as you can see here with a bunch of rubber bands each one of these columns right here has one two three four five six seven eight rubber bands And we have how many columns I don’t know a ton saved you first kids alright. You ready Yeah, I don’t think it’s gonna shoot that hard oh Yeah It keeps getting hot like well before see There you go, I get how it’s supposed to work But like the it’s just not Engaging right this piece right here is supposed to spin and when it spins it pulls up on a rubber band right there And then it shoots right but for some reason, this is slipping in this Basically this DC motor has got some sort of like gear conversion in here and something is slipping in here And that’s what’s creating it to not Looking at this thing and I got you in the face like six times great idea But not good enough. I’m have to say it’s shot party popper 30 inch confetti shooter Shoots confetti oh oh yeah, Oh does it dude I’m glad that they specified right there indoor and outdoor use are we planning on using this indoor yeah? All right, dude as long as I want to cleave the base. I’m down oh My goodness Oh Oh, my gosh. These aren’t fireworks are they they’re just confetti shooters. You don’t like them, right? yeah, I assume it’s shooting up this way right yes because It’s not Literally shot is so much confetti shot so far Yeah Given his face. I was like do we need to tell a chart first I Know Have you ever seen this before I feel like that shoots something out of the top like it? Makes the most funky noise The gravity you got Alright, see you later. Bye. No no office ninja. Desk toy office. I was at a blowgun blowgun kit with soft ammo and target oh and Soft ammo got soft damage comes with two blow guns 24 soft ammo darts and a styrofoam target But evidently they’re hard enough to stick in the styrofoam so could still hurt you want to do a little challenge here, yeah He’s got a tie on so blue is gonna. Be mine red will be yours those are all the projectiles are you? Know blow the other way silly other way other way other ways yes, do it. No not at me spa lady look I did it. There’s your blowgun so now we have our blow guns oh Okay, so it comes with this is the styrofoam target. We’re gonna try and hit the target at this distance Okay, you can sit in your seat, and I’ll sit in mine you get four shots. Okay? Oh I got That was your turn what I am so excited. Are you kidding me? I’m not kidding you My Chinese you’re wasting all your time Is my final turn oh And the red again, so I got red red blue and white can I just try it with yours stop stop. What? Lumley strength what you do you like disassembled at all You’re tripping out It literally stopped I like a second before it came out If you don’t do this I swear Bullseye he has no long strengthen Whatsoever that’s okay, though? Just I mean I wouldn’t go into hi out to do it anytime soon one more time just one more thing I can’t even believe how little long strength you have if this doesn’t work I Read that Hot because it’s actually pretty fun, but I think Sam I think we know what she rates this Whoa I’ve seen marshmallow guns before but this one looks intense like oh we got a little video here. Let’s watch this Wow just like all right action Wow like he how already had it in his hand not everyone’s used to being on camera It’s alright. It’s alright. I’m not really. I don’t really care I just think the fact that he was nervous made him say like wow shoots marshmallows up to 30 feet more because boo marshmallows oh So cool Wow I’m not gonna shoot it, and you’re you only shoot in your face Can we I think I should shoot it somewhere else first because I just put a lot of pressure into this puppy Yeah, I don’t think I should shoot that into your face I guarantee you if I just do like one pump, then I could probably shoot it into your page Two pumps, and then you should catch it you think you can catch this Sam. This is so you can redeem yourself Oh that was closer. We’re getting closer guys. Okay, this is it. This is a ten I say that good. That’s a hot one That’s up hotsy-totsy potato gun toys now see that’s a title and I can respect. You know I mean they’re not tag spamming They’re just like that’s what this is it’s a potato gun toy all right Daru shoot potato pellets six inch red and black plastic potato gun completely harmless I doubt I bet you if I shot myself square in the eye it would hurt But I’m not gonna do that shoots pellets 50 feet harmless But it shoots 50 feet ages five and up oh come on. I got to see this ed Carter. Oh Nice what the potatoes? Yeah? What did it come grease like that yes? That’s nasty as you can see completely harmless. Never wears out sturdy construction more than 300 shots from one potato That’s kind of cool yeah, you literally just stick it in like that and kind of break away, and then you have a bunch of a potato in the gun and then what shoots it is pressure of just pulling the trigger oh Yeah, that’s pretty harmless. That’s not gonna do anything I missed See what’s happening? Here is when you pull the trigger your hand kind of moves I have to shoot to your right, and then I’ll hit you yes. See ya there you feel it. Yeah She went so slow no, it’s the pressure of the gun you gotta clamp it There you go, I felt that it’s alright. I say it’s shot. Just because like it needs more like more pressure You know if there was some sort of leverage system over here Then it worked probably a lot better with more pressure because I’ve seen some potato guns that shoot pretty dang far But that didn’t even get to the ceiling you know I mean so I say this one shot see that video right there That is 10 hilarious prank products that we actually Tested out pretty funny. Also this video right here. That’s a video that YouTube thinks you specifically will enjoy Will you enjoy? I don’t know guys if you want to help out the channel all you got to do is just click one of those videos Helps us out tremendously. Thank you very much for watching. See you next time high-five


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This video is so misleading and dishonest. Only one of these item can even be considered a weapon, which would be that Sling Bow. I wanted to seem som damn projectile weapons, but all I saw was a lot of stupid toys. -__-

The f did you guys do to her friggin face?! I was legit shook caught off guard! 😨😳😆 dude the Fly AsSALT gun is dope!! That's a slingbow n they're all the rage these days.. I'm shook.. You just diss every product without thought or effort sometimes. Oohh mini bb cannon.. Oh.. Nope.. The cannon is shot.. Sh*t.. Oooh airzooka is hot! Lol! Right in the fazog! Dirty joke opportunity!hah when she shot the confetti n lold like that I lold n almost peed. 😂😨😮 holey crayap I want the blowdarts! The marshmallow gun.. I.. Dirty joke opportunity! And I can't… All in all great video! But I wish you'd have went n practiced with that slingbow, idk maybe it was a bad version but they're legit popular and usually $$$!

The salt blaster is a real thing does take the fly's out at close range really is a dope if you know how to use it plus I love the beard keep it man its a reason to live

They had a salt gun at a restaurant once. Alright welcome to r/salty jk lmao. Anyway I went to this restaurant once and they leave the door open during open hours and flies sonetimes get in. So when I went there, these people were complaining about a fly or two buzzing around them then the employee goes to get something (me assuming it’s a fly swatter) employee comes back, nerf lookin, salt shootin, fly killing gun in hand and I’m like “wat da heck”. TL;DR the fly died and I feel that the gun was highly useful yada yada, this that, THE END.

I own the same model salt gun and it works amazing in my camper and around my pit bull who is terrified of swinging objects

I used to have a potato gun the neighbor hated my sister and I we would get a potato and stick the gun in it and it would take chuncks of the the potato and just launch it everywhere so the backyard were just full of potato chuncks

Is it a coincidence that some of these items were shown on Dude perfect? The world may never know!

Since you dont know you screw the bottom of the arrow off and continue to drive the arrow thow the other side

You shoot flies with it because you could never smack a fly or you can but it’s just hard because they fly away Most of the time

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