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SALACIOUS B. CRUMB PUPPET!! Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Merchandise + Cast Member Interview!

SALACIOUS B. CRUMB PUPPET!! Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Merchandise + Cast Member Interview!

I was an engineer I was an engineer and
people people didn’t liked what I did cool simon pegg destiny so I mean I look
better I get this best and everything so listen listen so be yelled at me because
I was playing too much with my camera by my wall thing also you were paying
attention well let’s beg too much so you did crash
I did it’s your fault yes it is next time bye okay next time you want to
be a pilot the next time wooden the next time you don’t you teach me love it and
mostly there – over there see distrustful well it was only once I
think I scared just between you and I you know actually if you use that I’m
sure it will grow them on feel like okay that’s nothing to be worried about right one thing you’ll notice right away is
that it’s impossible to see everything there’s so much detail here I mean I’m
just I’m just walking by here right what is this what is this it’s a it’s a
control panel listen it’s a control panel and if you could happen if you
click this this door could open it’s really every single nook and crevice
look at this crevice right here this nook so much detail I’m telling you it’s
the truth if this little area here where people he’ll look over at the Falcon the
doing some television stuff here obviously it means the first day so
they’re gonna have some television stuff and castmember told me that i want to
see some high-end merchandise to come here oh boy this place my social anxiety
is going to we’re going to be put to the test and look at this place oh boy all
they really outdid themselves here I don’t even know where to begin maybe I
will start right here right here I’ll grab this lightsaber and I’ll fight all
these people off back away I have a Yoda statue staring at me that’s cool look at
this beast I want to take that home and I have my own Yoda stick so I get this
little King how cool is this like me may the force be with you Luke Luke look this credible design I mean every
now and then like this goes off and like this little guy up here is this like
making all this racket I mean look there’s droids everywhere everywhere you
go there are cloyd’s you got some of the helmets in there
there’s some helmets and old have a look at me detail do you know how many people
would want one of these just one of them yeah I know just adjust no before you
listen I kind of go before I know before you go that’s how much right you in here
so plenty of BOTS it could be a tip about being an engineer buddy I’m not
gonna not a good engineer so give me a tip next time I come out I want to crash
my plans I crashed five times so you know it really it’s really a team effort
walking in that cockpit so the pilots that I’ve been doing their job right and
the pods in their job there’s an engineer hopefully right things are
running pretty smooth yes it’s when the pilots are starting to
crash you then they keep you really busy they look back at me to stop my buttons
are flashing I’m talking about the things in the water and you gotta you
gotta get gotta get all the buttons everything in there so and join the
Rockets it’s fully immerse if you gotta be a part of this you must be so happy
right now oh this is amazing moment for everyone
yeah just being here on the planet seeing everyone experienced things
coming out as smugglers wrong with the big smiles on their face I walked in
here you know with the big crowd and I got to be honest with you I it’s cloudy
today I’m witnessed I really cried I IV and I saw that I’ll need to have some
embers there I mean it made me really emotion it’s an emotional overall yeah I
mean like honestly I was watching all of our guests come here there’s something
we’ve been in here for a little bit of time working starting to get her ready
for everyone you haven’t seen the guests come through and seeing their
then I got miss yeah and I won’t lie I just saw you run to the back thank you
so much just thank you so much I said you’re Butterfree out there see that I’m
know before you go just to reach hold me that you can get like a salacious crumb
puppet to go on your shoulder just walk around it’s like remote control now it’s
in the market place I don’t know where the market place is I guess this is just
down this way I guess it’s just down this way okay look what I got
look what I got you can see somebody noises around here
see him you see his tail he sees tear right there
he’ll tail no it’s not my dog chewy its salacious crumb look at this it’s a
puppet and he has a magnet right here see it’s a Magna that that attaches to
his his butt and he makes noise I didn’t know he makes noise okay I
gotta take my jacket off I don’t think let’s say I put this under my jacket the
CP sticks No
so what I gotta do I gotta take my jacket off put this like this he should stick that I don’t know there he goes it’s not it’s not a beautiful stick but
this I mean it slides a rap oh you know what so maybe right there like that then look he has like this real control
and he moves he’s not very he doesn’t like stick great but that his arms come out there you go but he doesn’t really stick that well I
mean it’s it’s kind of you know word he’s gonna fall over so
I’m not gonna wear this around but are you happy


Wow first comment and wow the details are outstanding and the characters look AWESOME and the merchandise is amazing

Thanks for joining me on my Galaxy's Edge adventure. This wraps up my series on my first ever trip! I will surely be back soon but until then, back to Princesses, Queens and fairies!

What a great interview with Justin!! How cool that you got to meet him!! I’m trying soooo hard not to watch too much SWGE footage so we can be at least a little surprised when we go later this year, but I can’t not watch your stuff!! So much fun! ☺️

I personally would have not bought him. I just have never liked him I thought he was always creepy. No wonder the actor who played C-3PO had a panic attack with that thing during filming of one of the scenes when he was biting his eye off. I think Princess Leia also said she didn't like him. They should also make something better to have him connected to you too do the magnet thing better. I'm glad you had a great time see what fun you can have a Galaxy's Edge even though with the social anxiety I totally get it, it can happen with me too sometimes. See what fun you can have at Galaxy's Edge even more so at Disney World if you and everyone else come with me for my birthday, we don't have to spend all day there we can spend enough time for there for you get footage that you need and do things that we want also do there and then go to the other Parks that's perfectly fine.

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