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SEBA Luminous Wheel Review with Gregory Hoaja | Ролики | RUS CC

SEBA Luminous Wheel Review with Gregory Hoaja | Ролики | RUS CC

hey everybody welcome to my video thank you for joining me today I’m going to be giving you my honest unbiased review of the luminous wheel made by seven they have no reason to lie I’m not receiving any products from these companies to write cheery reviews or anything like that so this might be good and it might be bad maybe a little bit of both so anyway in case you’re not familiar several companies have wheels of this type which basically include LEDs inside the wheel which is powered by a magnet well not powered by a magnet but it uses a magnet to sort of mimic a a traditional motor that uses magnets the difference between this motor and a motor that would be you know inside of an engine or something like this is the fact that instead of using you know electricity or plugging something into the wall to make the motor work you’re using your legs as the actual electricity and then the motor runs so I don’t know if that sounded like a terrible explanation I’m an expert with regard to motors and engines and things like that but anyway let’s take a look here at the actual wheel enough of that boring jargon I was trying to make it sound like I knew what the hell I was talking about they’re not not very successful here though okay so when you have your standard wheel of course you have two bearings on each side and a spacer in the middle if you haven’t removed it for more speed control for some of the beginners out there this is a standard spacer that you’ll find inside your wheel okay now in step of Luminess wheel they use this spacer it looks a lot different and if you can see inside the hub it looks a little bit different than a standard wheel maybe you can see it maybe you cannot I don’t know how the camera is looking so with this with this space or that they use it is magnetic and when you put it inside the wheel it literally just stays in the center see that it’s just in there it’s not really coming out and so I really knock it out of there because the it’s because of magnetism it’s magic it just sticks in there and what this does after your after you put this in the middle you can just put standard bearings on each side I actually am using my freeride twin cam mw9 bearings which I was using in my previous wheels the Seba street invaders that came with my semi fr1 skates and I love my skates and ideals are super there they work fine for me 80 for a hardness now the Luminess wheel comes an 85 a hardness I have the exact same setup size wise on my skates as I did previously and we’re gonna show you something and by the way they come in different sizes I believe from 70 to 76 and 80 we have 76 for a fact because I bought one eye front rocker my skates it’s just what I do so I want to show you something as far as the way they they perform they like I said they’re 85 hardness so I I don’t really know the how well they are once they are broken in as far as like sliding capability and things like that and grip because I haven’t had them long enough to really wear that outer casing out so I can’t really give you too much information about that but I’m sure they’re probably fine they’re 85a they’re probably very similar to the street invaders with that regard now as far as speed is concerned I want to show you something because I saw some reviews from suppose a website somewhere I don’t remember exactly where if it was on their actual website or maybe a YouTube video but Sybil was saying these wheels are cool they’re fun they’re bright I agree with all that then it also said they are fast hmm I I’m sorry but my honest opinion on that is heck no they’re not I tested these wheels out for about four hours the other day on an indoor surface and this indoor surface is you can you can fly on this indoor surface I mean it’s it’s meant for skating so anyway I want to show you this wheel I actually and this was one of my questions beforehand and nobody I never received an answer from anybody but I verified it myself one of my questions was or one of my questions had been my grammar is terrible today and I’m a teacher I was wondering well would they get these wheels if the magnet is slowing me down to a point where it’s not enjoyable or if I just feel like going fast and I don’t care about the the led properties the the shining properties and by the way this special spacer is required to have the wheel light up when they spin if the spacer is not in the wheel the lights will not work so my question was can there we place this this magnets this magnetic spacer with a traditional spacer if I want to read if I want my speed back I want to I just want to fly a light like usual and I don’t care that the lights aren’t working and I couldn’t find an answer well I have an answer for you the answer is yes I did that just today and I want to show you something so here this second wheel right here this is the wheel which I replaced the magnetic bearing with a star I’m sorry the magnetic spacer I’m sorry with a traditional spacer I replace it just fine yeah we’re gonna spin it okay let’s take a look one one thousand two one thousand three one thousand four one thousand five one thousand six one thousand seven one thousand eight one thousand nine one thousand ten one thousand it’s almost ten one thousand and I could have spun it a little bit harder now the rest of the wheels have the the magnetic spacer to allow the LED to function so let’s spin this one more time one one thousand two one thousand three one thousand four one thousand five one thousand six one thousand seven one thousand eight 1,009 1,010 1,011 one so about ten eleven seconds I was able to get out of that now here is one with the magnetic spacer one one thousand two one thousand and it stops it almost like torques back depending on where it’s where it finishes its momentum with regard to exactly where that mag magnet placement is let’s spin this wheel this also has a a magnetic spacer to have the LED light up one one I don’t even get one second out of this one and I’ve tried to loosen this up as much as possible even to the point where it’s I’m at a loss for words I actually loosen this wheel enough where you can toggle it back and forth against the frame which really isn’t advisable but it does loosen up the wheels to make them go faster and this is as much spin as I can get out of it I don’t know if you can see it lighting up there or not as I spin it so this really translates to a huge loss of speed when you’re actually trying to propel yourself and skating and I’m firsthand living proof that I did experience that so when I tested these out and there’s some video footage I’m not sure if it’s here or there it depends on how I edit this video when I was skating on these I instantly was just I was really disappointed because I guess I was expecting something different even though I sort of knew beforehand what I was getting myself into this is a fun wheel it’s it’s cool at night it looks cool and it serves its purpose in that regard absolutely I can’t knock it for that so I guess what I’m trying to say is if you’re expecting this wheel to even come close to speed wise like a traditional wheel with the hat which which will include good bearings the answer is it’s just not gonna compete you I mean I I really had to work hard you get tired faster so if you’re looking for speed out of this wheel it’s it’s not there there when they claim that it’s fast it’s just not true yeah and of course if you watch their advertisements they’re gonna show every possible you know the professionals looking great the best shots of course yeah I get it it’s advertising but and I and I bought these videos based upon some of these ads and some reviews that I saw from you know P folks at here maybe sponsor than not or whatnot and that’s great I if I had to rank them on a you know on performance speed wise from one to ten I’d give it a two I’m only giving it a two and not a one because at least it’s faster than walking no I have to I can’t really bang it too much and be too harsh with my criticism because the wheel is meant for for fun it looks cool it’s safe at night so if i strictly had to rate this from one to ten on a how fun is it how cool is it which is after all that’s what these LED wheels are they’re supposed to be fun they’re supposed to look flashy and it supposed to look cool I give it a ten out of ten because yeah man they look really cool I’m really happy one thing also that I’m very very happy with is the fact that I now know that I can replace the magnetic bearing with a standard bearing as I showed you you can get your speed back and I’m sure this wheel will be just fine and that if you’re thinking well heck I want to go party and get a little bit get a little slow cruise on and light up lay up the sky then take that bad boy out put your magnetic spacer back in and off you go again so for its purpose and give it a ten okay it’s fun and lights up but don’t be thinking that this is you know a crazy you’re gonna go on a long trek bring some water and maybe some some cab fare because you’re gonna get tired a lot faster and also on that note I would have to say this would make a nice gift for a beginner or maybe maybe if you have a son or a daughter out there and there’s there they’re starting to toy with the thought of getting into inline skating I think it would be pretty cool to get them up pair of skates and replace them with these light-up wheels because of the fact that they really control your speed that’s probably very very good for you beginner while they’re while they are still learning their balance and just getting a feel for for the for the very fundamentals and wow this will probably keep them coming back when they’re lighting up as they’re rolling and impressing all their friends and everything like that so I guess that’s about it i hope my puffs on everything unfortunately I can’t really report its slide ability or anything like that because like I said I haven’t taken these on the actual street yet because I was going to return them but now I’m not gonna return these wheels I’m actually gonna keep them because they’re cool fun wheels and like I said when I don’t want to light up the skies and I want to get my speed back you just have to take one bearing out swap out the spacer put that one bearing back in and off you go it’s all good it’s all good right so I hope you enjoyed this review I was as honest as I possibly could be so don’t expect too much like I said out of speed but yeah if you need a lamp to read while you’re rolling maybe you can maybe these are for you so thank you for watching if you liked the video hit the like button I would be more than happy to gain you as a subscriber and until next time happy skating and peace to all my inline skating brothers and sisters out there have a good day bye bye


I've just thought that it would be nice to realize the braking system for skates based on the magnetic spacers.
I have a pair of cheap luminous wheels from oxelo and they are tend to stop after two-three spins also. But they are not that shiny as seba ones. But they were surprisingly durable on the road i must say. I suppose that If use only one shining with three normal then the loss of he speed won't be very crucial.
thanks for review! it was profound and entertaining.

I guess the resilience will simply be the magnetic friction that's needed to make the lights work.
Good review.

Hey Gregory! You seem dissapointed by those wheels, but don't give up on them yet.
I've spent all summer skating on similar wheels (Flying Eagle Lazer) and i've got a few tips that might help you.

The main problem – "plastic" spacers. They don't want to play nice with bearings. Straight from the package some of my wheels spinned "freely", but some seemed to be "stuck".
And it took me an evening of swapping and flipping of bearings around to get all 8 wheels to freely spin, and they even wobble when I gently shake the skate.
(Around 5-6sec of freespin seems to be enough for those wheels.)

Another problem that I personally ran into – relying on rockered skates.
Probably because of my ice skating background, I have a habbit of pushing at a 45 degree angle (instead of a side push).
Any time I get new set of wheels – I absolutely can't get any speed untill they develop "natural rocker" and allow me to "twist" my foot for a push.

Seeing that you prefer front rocker, you might have a similar issue.
If you want to test it out – go for a 3-5 skate sessions on the asphalt, "grind" your wheels to a natural rocker and see if it improves your speed.

As far as speed goes – when "lightup" wheels don't misbehave, they seem to run almost as fast as normal wheels.
Almost. 🙂

Thank you for taking the time to show us this. You appear to be skating nicely in the little video. Much better than me.

Example of bad engineering, the wheels can be made to use very small coil instead of a huge magnet. Anyway, thanks, I think I would stick to the regular wheels or may be just glow in the dark wheels.

Hello I like to know what is the different with Seba luminous LED white and LED white glow ? please let me know , Thank you

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