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Secret Agent Programs Sharerghini Lamborghini Source Code to Stop Hackers!! (Grace Sharer Found)

Secret Agent Programs Sharerghini Lamborghini Source Code to Stop Hackers!! (Grace Sharer Found)

– [Stephen] Look, someone’s in the garage walking around then Sharerghini, you see that?
– Wait, who is that? I hear them
– Me too. I don’t think it’s a monster though, it could be that person
that’s here to help dehack the Sharerghini, I think. – Okay. – [Stephen] Should we open it? – Yeah, yeah let’s open it.
– Okay, you ready? – [Both] Three, two, one. – [Stephen] Slowly, slowly, slowly. Quiet, shh. (door creaking) (beep) – Thank you Mr. Uber, oh yeah back at the Sharer Fam House, okay let’s go find Grace Sharers. A lot of you been commenting on my last video that Grace needs help. That she’s been locked out
of the Sharer Fam House and can’t get back inside. So let’s go find her. (beeping) Oh hold on I got a text message. Five eight two three. Five eight two three, Sharer’s
comment that down below. I have no idea that’s weird. Grace I’m home. Grace? Grace? Oh pond looks good though. Hey Grace? Grace? The issue is, if you
didn’t see my last vlog, I went to a super epic race the, Indy 500. Where someone came up
to me and told me they had a source code for the Sharerghini. I’m the person with source code. Which was prone to be hacked. And as you know, Chad
Wild Clay and Vy Qwaint were also working on a source
code for the Sharerghini to prevent it from
being hacked and stolen. But that didn’t work and the code at the race didn’t work either. So that person said, come
back here to the house and wait for further instructions. So that’s what I’m currently doing. I’m waiting for further instruction and I don’t know who to expect here, but I’m also looking for Grace because apparently Sharers,
you told me that she was locked outside and Wow the backyard is really coming along. This was the monster zone
but it looks like they’re like turning it into part
of the house or something. They dug up all this dirt. I don’t know what’s going on but Oh that is something right there. Look at thi… Oh! Whoa it’s slippery. Whoa whoa whoa whoa Sharers, this is like Monster goo. Yuck! (gasp) It’s like chocolate pudding. No way! oh my goodness this looks so weird. It literally looks like chocolate pudding. and feels like it, too. Look at that. It’s so soft. What is that? That could be monster goop or something or it could be mud, yuck! I don’t know what that is. Let’s go find Grace. Grace! I’m home! Grace? Grace? Grace! Grace! – You’re here! – [Stephen] What are you doing? – I’ve been locked out of
the house for over 24 hours so I just decided to take a nap. – [Stephen] Well wake up. We got to get inside. – It’s locked! The house is completely locked. Someone shut the garage door on me and now I’m stuck out of the house. – [Stephen] What do you mean it’s locked? It’s not working? – [Grace] No, all the doors are locked. – [Stephen] Let me try the passcode. Oh you’re right. – We lost power but pretty
sure the power came back on. Because actually you can
see the light in there. – [Stephen] Oh yeah you’re right. The lights on. – But somehow the garage door got hacked and it closed on me. – [Stephen] What is that? – This is like a mini laptop that I found inside an egg
that I had to smash open. – [Stephen] Wait what? – [Grace] Yeah some crazy stuff has been happening while you were gone. So I’m so glad you’re back. Yeah so come check out where
I found this mini laptop. – [Stephen] What? – This egg was floating down
the river by the tunnels and somehow I captured it with this net. But the thing is, I don’t
think I was supposed to be the one that found this. I think it’s for someone else. – [Stephen] Who else could it be? No other Youtubers live in Virginia. – [Grace] I don’t know. I don’t know if it’s supposed
to be a Youtuber or what. But I was under the disguise. I had like a hat on so I think they thought I was the other person. – [Stephen] Who could that be? – [Grace] I don’t know. Sharers comment down below
if you have any ideas of who I could look like and who was supposed to
get this mini laptop. Maybe the RZ Twin was supposed to find it. I don’t know. – Wait a second. – What? – The garage code is four digits. Sharers we just got a text message that had a four digit code. Five eight two three. You commented down below. Let’s see if that works. Five eight two three. Oh, It’s working. – Wait, how’d you get that code? – I don’t know but someone’s been texting from a random, unknown number. Oh and the Sharerghini’s here. The Sharerghini looks good it looks in perfect condition. Chad Wild Clay and Vy Qwaint told me that the Sharerghini was
in trouble of being hacked. – Being hacked? – I don’t know what it meant but they were writing me the source code but it turns out they were
missing like 10% of the code. So then I had to go this
crazy, crazy Indy 500 race. And then someone out
of the blue ran into me and told me they had the source code, too. – Source code? – Source code and then
apparently that code didn’t work because their race car lost. And so then they said to come home and that someone’s
gonna meet us here today to give us the code to prevent the Sharerghini from being hacked. – Hold up! Source code, Sharerghini, hacking? What’s happening? – I don’t know. I don’t understand how a Lamborghini could get hacked. But that’s all I know. Grace, you know what let’s
just close the garage door. Let’s go inside. Show me what you’ve been seeing. Maybe I can figure out what’s going on. – Yeah so Stephen I don’t know if that creepy pond monster thing that was digging up the backyard
is living inside the house or if the Sharer Fam House is haunted. But come check this out. – [Stephen] Okay. – So good to be back inside. That was scary being
locked out of the house. So while I was home alone,
I was throwing a party. – Wait, throwing a party? With who? – Myself. – Oh okay. – Then I started hearing all these noises. And the Sharers were helping me out by commenting down below what they saw and they saw this weird creature that kept on coming from upstairs. – [Stephen] Wait where upstairs? – oh well kind of all over. – [Stephen] Wait hold on Grace. Look at this. It’s like dust prints. – [Grace] Whoa! – [Stephen] Look at this. It’s like a shoe print right there. – [Grace] Yeah. – [Stephen] Why would there be
dust like that in the house? – [Grace] And that’s not my shoe print because my shoe print is flowers. – [Stephen] No it’s
white dust in the house. That doesn’t make any sense. Our house isn’t dirty like that. Something is putting
white dust on the floor. – That’s so weird. It must be from the
creature that was upstairs. Let’s go check it out. Okay so quiet because
it will make this weird, alien like crunching noise. and I have a little
technique of how to see it. It’s this door over here. – [Stephen] Okay. – Oh but wait. Sharers stay there ’cause you can’t see my room
’cause I haven’t done the room tour yet. – [Stephen] Oh yeah. – Come this way. So while I was home alone, I was hiding in the
secret door ’cause look. There’s a hole right here. So I hide behind this door and when I was peeking
out through this hole, I saw a creature come from
that room across the hallway. It was a weirdest thing I’ve ever seen. It had like five legs I think. How do I even know what it could be? Well the first creature, everyone was saying was Punkin’ Patch and the second creature was saying like some sort of spider. But that’s not all Stephen. Come check this out. While I was sneaking on the creatures, this weird, weird noise
I’ve never heard before started going off and
won’t believe what it is. – [Stephen] What? – This antique radio. – [Stephen] A radio? – Yeah but look it has like a compass and like I don’t even
know how it turned on because mom said that this is so antique that it doesn’t even work anymore. – [Stephen] So how did it turn on? – It hasn’t been able to
work in like 10,000 years. Like, this thing is so antique. – [Stephen] Okay so wait a second. Look sharers, white dust. Look at that Grace. – [Grace] Yeah. – [Stephen] Just like on
the floor down the stairs. There’s white dust on it. – I don’t know if the monster
has to do with anything with this radio or not but I think the monster
came out in this room and then it darted across and it went through here
and I was right here and I was like, Sharers look! and I was chasing it just like this. And it zoomed across here and the last time I saw
it was in that doorway and then after that I
don’t know what happened but I ended up here and right here is where I found the note. – [Stephen] Whoa Grace wait a second. Look at this. Look how far down that is. – [Grace] Yeah. – [Stephen] That’s massive. – Yeah and look how far
down the concrete is compared to the wood. – [Stephen] There’s a small
water bottle right there. It looks so small from here. – Yeah but wait. That’s so weird. The whole time I’ve been home alone, the workers have not been here at all. I haven’t seen a single worker. – [Stephen] Wait they haven’t? – No I haven’t seen them at all. It’s like they built the trap halfway and then just dart it away. – [Stephen] Wait so they
just left it all like this? Incomplete? – Yeah and they haven’t told mom or us or anything about what’s happening. – Wait Grace did you hear that? – Yeah that’s the same exact
noise I’ve been hearing when I’ve been home alone. That’s the monster. – It literally sounds like
it’s coming from the garage. – Yeah it does. – Wait Sharerghini’s in the garage. Sharerghini’s prone to be hacked. (gasp) – The garage. Quick (shushing) – Approach it slowly ’cause
it does run really fast. – okay okay okay. To the garage Sharers. Something must be in the garage. Come on Grace let’s go. – It has to be it. – Okay quiet. (shushing) Take your sandals off. They’re flopping too much. – Okay. Oh by the way Sharers, I
just got my toenails done. How do you like the color? – [Stephen] Oh pink. – Yeah. – [Stephen] That’s pretty cool. – Okay come on! – [Stephen] Come on, let’s
go, we can’t get distracted. Quiet quiet quiet. Okay, to the garage. – Wait was that always open? – I don’t know Grace. That’s the secret door. – Just close it. Gotta keep that door secret. – Yeah you can’t even tell it’s a door. – Sharers how cool is this? This is the door to the basement. But if it’s closed it’s 100% secret. You can’t even tell it’s a door. A monster could just walk right past it and never know it was there. And then we have two more
doors there and there. Completely secret. – Yeah they’re really cool. – Oh hang on, I just got a notification. Security system went off. It’s the Ring security
camera over top of the Lambo. Hold on motion detected. (gasp) Wait a second. Someone’s in the garage, look. Someone’s in the garage. Walking around the Sharerghini. Do you see that?
– Wait who is that? – [Stephen] He’s talking. – [Grace] Who’s he talking to? – I don’t know. He’s talking. What’s he saying? – [Grace] We gotta get out there, Stephen. – (shushing Someone’s in the garage Grace. Someone’s legit in the
garage by the Sharerghini. – We gotta hurry. We gotta get out there. (shushing) – We gotta figure out what they’re doing. We figure out they’re doing okay. Quiet. Someone’s legit in the garage right now. Next to the Sharerghini Grace. This could be the person
that’s hacking us. – Yeah yeah we need to it out there. – Okay (shushing) Quiet okay. Hold on, I’m gonna take off my hat so I don’t hit it against something. – Yeah – [Stephen] Okay on the
count of three Grace, open the door. Slowly okay? – I hear them. – [Stephen] me too. I don’t think it’s a monster though. it could be that person that’s here to help dehack the Sharerghini. I think. – Okay. – [Stephen] Should we open it? – Yeah yeah let’s open it. – [Stephen] Okay you ready? – Uh-huh. – [Both] Three two one – [Stephen] slowly slowly slowly. Quite. (shushing) (door creaks) Okay you ready? – [Grace] Yeah. – [Stephen] Three, two, one, go! Hello? – [Grace] Huh? Stephen who’s that? – [Stephen] Hi can I help you? – Hi I Shawn from EZ Works. I heard you have a problem
with the source code on your Sharerghini. And I’m thinking I might
have a TunerWerks file that might be able to
solve your problem here. – Yeah we have a issue
with the Sharerghini but how’d you get in here? – Yes Chris sent me. He called me and told me that
you have a problem with this. – Okay – So I have this black box with the code. If the tuner works it would
help you solve your problem and make your car hackproof. Can i plug it in? – Plug it into the car? How does that make the car hackproof? – Wait how do you plug
something into a car? – Well I have a dongle
that will go into OBD port and from there we can
configure the software on your vehicle and
it’ll make it hackproof. – Okay how does that work exactly? – Well I’ll show you. – [Grace] Okay. – You can plug into a car? – yeah I didn’t know cars
had like codes and stuff. – [Stephen] How do you plug it into a car? Inside? – Yes inside. It’s actually, there’s an OBD
port right under your dash on the driver’s side and We’ll plug a computer to a black box that has the code for you and this will go right here. – [Stephen] Huh? – What is happening? (car beep) – [Stephen] Whoa, that’s weird. Whoa Sharers check this out. So here’s the black box
and it plugs into the car right up there and now you’re, what hacking the car’s computer system? There changing the codes on the car so that you’ll be hackproof. – Whoa changing the
codes on the Sharerghini? I hope that’s a good idea. – So I’m gonna start
hacking your computer and change the code so that
you’ll be hackproof. – [Stephen] Okay What do you see? – Well I see lots of codes coming up and there’s something about Project Zorgo. – [Stephen] Project Zorgo! – Project Zorgo? – [Stephen] That’s who’s
been after Chad and Vy – Whoa wait. How’d that had that get
into the Sharerghini? – [Stephen] Can you clear that? Can you get rid of that
Project Zorgo can’t hack us? – I’m already working on that. – All right thank you. Let’s wipe that code right away. We need to get this car hacker-proof. – On it right now. (beep) All done. Your car should work right now. All right , my work here is done. I’m gonna report back to headquarters. Take a Sharerghini out for a drive and everything should be fine right now and you’ll be hacker-proof. I also added an extra feature so it should be extra powerful right now. Sharerghini’s gonna be faster than it was. – Oh Grace that’s perfect. Sharers this is gonna be epic. Let’s hop in. We got a hacker-proof Sharerghini. – Oh yeah and extra fast! – [Stephen] Hop in. whoa whoa whoa where’d he go? – Wait, whoa that was weird. – [Stephen] Hello? – [Grace] Is he in the trunk? – [Stephen] There is no trunk. – Oh whoa that’s weird. – [Stephen] oh okay. Alright not sure how he
got in or out of the house but we got to take the
Sharerghini for a spin, Grace. Let’s go test it out. – Yeah let’s do it. – [Stephen] Let’s go let’s go let’s go. Okay it’s on, let’s go test it Grace. Let’s take it out to the neighborhood. And give the Sharerghini a spin. Three, two, one. – Okay, whoa. – Here we go. There we go. It looks fine, I think. – Yeah. – I think the Sharerghini’s working. – Yeah I think so. – I think we don’t have
anything to worry about. (rattling) – Whoa what was that? – What was that? I think that was the car. – It sounded like something
popped, like a tire popped. (rattling) Stephen I think you hit something. – What is that? (rattling) – I think the engine is
breaking or something. – What is that noise? – I don’t know. – Hold on let me pull over over here. I don’t know what that was.
– Did the tire pop or the engine break? – What is that noise? – I don’t know Stephen. I think you should go check it out. – Hang on Grace. Let’s check this out quick. What was that noise that
sounded like fireworks. What is going on? – Whatever it is didn’t sound good. – No what is that noise? That was crazy. Grace what’s that noise? Where did it come from? That was crazy. – Yeah we should probably
call that guy back. – Hold on there’s a message coming through on the navigation system. It’s saying it’s an updated code, Grace. Look at this.
– Updated code? – [Stephen] This new update
called the Pop Bang Feature helps keep hacking signals away. Due to the frequency
and power of the bang. I think this is what they’re talking about. Ready? Three, two, one. (rattling) – [Grace] Whoa. – That’s what they’re talking about. It’s the Pop Bang Feature. And it has so much high frequency that no signals can hack it. Listen to it, ready? (rattling) That’s loud, Grace. – Yeah. Whoa Sharers, the
Sharerghini is even louder which means no signals can
come into the system at all because it’s so loud. – Yeah Sharers I think that means the Sharerghini is hacker-proof. Oh yeah, Grace! We fixed it. We’re good to go! – Oh yeah, Steve. Let’s go take this for a drive
’cause now it’s hacker-proof. (rattling) Whoa it’s so loud. – Buckle up lets go it’s hacker-proof. Oh yeah! Woo! – Oh yeah, woo!
– Sharerghini! (rattling) – Wow.


okay , i get your a youtuber,, i am a parent an ahve evidently watche dmy toddler watch your videos of you showing off your lambo!!!! how is that kid friendly. why not educate them rather than showing off the money that you earn from youtube fyi i know youtubers but they do not show off like this!!! i have family members who own lambos but do not show off the way you guys do its a bit much how my son watches this !!! maks iot child friendly , i think youtubers these days have money orientated minds now and have forgotten how they started their channel ……

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