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SEGWAY FAILS 😂 BEST Segway Accidents (HD) [Epic Laughs]

SEGWAY FAILS 😂 BEST Segway Accidents (HD) [Epic Laughs]

Epic Segway Fails 😂 (HD) [Epic Laughs] 🤓 Thank you for watching
Epic Segway Fails 😂 (HD) [Epic Laughs] 🤓


No wonder the owner of the segway company flew his over a cliff on his property. Dead men tell tales! Yup. Killed him.

I rode my Segway to work in England (Before they became illegal) and visited many villages and had just one minor accident. These machines are dangerous so be careful, get lots of practice, don't show off and then enjoy.

People are so in comprehensibly STUPID that they don't even have the SLIGHTEST IDEA of what they can & can't physically handle. MORONS.

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