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Segway Ninebot W1 Drift Test SUB EN/ES/RU/PL/العربية

Segway Ninebot W1 Drift Test SUB EN/ES/RU/PL/العربية

Hello dear, today
we have a really innovative product, namely the W1 drift of Ninebot Segway. These are electronic roller skates, so-called
E-skates. About 3 years ago, I was already through
the head: what will be the next technical Innovation and it was somehow clear to me
It will be a kind of electric shoe and it already had projects, one from France
or eg the Rocketskates, such red, very after plastic looking roller skates, but
unfortunately are inaccessible. But now Ninebot has the matter in hand
taken and a really good product is came out of it. Incidentally, Inmotion also has such a product,
but I personally like that of Ninebot a little better. At this stop the appeal to you: if
you want such an e-skate, then buy please the original. If you order in China, you have a long time
Delivery times, you may have bad and dangerous batteries, you have cheap replicas
and your health depends on it and that Service we offer, in German (English)
Language, repair in Germany you have not elsewhere. And I think I also speak on behalf of others
German dealer, eg for the scooter heroes Berlin, “hello” at this point to you,
you’re really doing a good job and that also costs a little more money, but
For this, the customer has the product in the end the hand he really wants. But back to the drift W1. We have installed a 44.4 Wh battery here
an engine – I always speak of one E-Skate – according to Ninebot 250 watts
and brings you a maximum of 45 minutes driving time. A “shoe” weighs 3.5 kg – that’s for one
Adult ok, but for a small child but probably too heavy. According to the manufacturer, children can
From 6 years ride with it, but will wear But they probably can not do it. The rubber rollers under the shoe have one
Diameter of 3.5 inches, that is less as with a hoverboard, but of course, if
it would be too big now, it would be funny appearance. You should create a pitch of 10 degrees
we tested it here, the driver weighs about 65 kg and it is a typical
Underground parking exit and there are these e-skates already at their limits and if there now
a 100 kg man on it, he would do it certainly not up. These shoes can carry a maximum of 100 kg. The e-skates ride a maximum of 12 m / h – like a
Hoverboard, but much slower than a electric unicycle. The wheels are made of solid rubber, without air so. There are also cool RGB LEDs, rear and
in front, so that you can see you. And if you press this switch longer,
then you change the modes of lighting, between out, blue and colorful. Besides, we have such rubber tabs,
where you can wear the e-skates. That’s really handy, I hope that
also hold because they are very flexible. But with us they seemed very stable
to be. An app does not exist, I’m relative
Gladly honest about it, because you too can change a lot and it usually takes
then forever, until you use the product So you can do everything about these e-skates
set with the switch. These two roller skates are not with each other
connected, if you ask yourself this question. They both work independently. The charger is designed so that we
you have two exits, you can see it all here Well, that means we have a charger
for both e-skates to load at the same time. The charging time is a maximum of 3 hours. The power switch can be used as I said,
to change the LED modes or if you are short press, you switch the devices on or
out. It works like this: if I did
switch on briefly, then the skates are still not active and work completely, but
You have to raise it first and then notice you suddenly, that they become stable and
then you can start with it. And if you do not use the e-skates, but
are switched on, then they are after 1 minute, I measured this here
then they are in standby mode and if you want to wake them up then you’ll tip over
put them back and they are stable again and you can drive with it. But they do not go completely and they do
do not go out while driving or if you insist, because you are always
The e-skates are minimally moved and register and do not turn off. There are not much to the controls
to say we have the water-proof here Charging socket, then of course the power button
and then the 4 LEDs that tell you about the battery level inform. Otherwise there is nothing to note except,
if the shoes have stabilized, please do not lift, because otherwise the role may be
turn very fast and then you could hurt. As I said: short press, then you do
you out, if you long press changes you the LED mode. But if the shoes are already tipped off,
So in standby mode, you can lift, then nothing happens. In addition, Ninebot offers the possibility
These e-skates are very easy to calibrate. You put her on a level surface
the tread, turn it on and on The role starts to move
you go back and that’s it! They are calibrated with that. We have no shock absorption, in
the slow motion one sees that this hard rubber Roll on the floor vibrates and that is not
especially comfortable, but for smooth surfaces It is not a problem and the things go
It’s pretty cool and the things are very nice agile and if you can drive hoverboard,
the learning phase is extremely short, for people the unicycling can also, for people,
who have not done it yet get used to it, but it’s not a big one
Art to go with it and it does on everyone Case very, very have fun. Our conclusion: the W1 drift from Segway Ninebot
are really cool e-skates, electric roller skates, whatever you want to call them
and we drove extra to Poland this time, to Świnoujście to the coast, really very
to recommend, a really great city and there on the beach promenade we have ours
Video shot and people looked and they wanted to buy this W1 drift,
on the spot, so to speak, and we really had to keep up the video and create
At the same time people are not rude to treat – that was very interesting. It was very noticeable and the hoverboards,
they also drive around there – quite officially By the way, in Poland – on the other hand almost work
Old-fashioned, when you get on with these e-skates the promenade drives long – so you can
to attract a lot of attention but at the same time you also have great driving pleasure
and of course you are much more flexible because yes you can move each foot individually. As I said a maximum of 100 kg, if her heavier
Unfortunately, it is not possible. It is definitely one for your children
very great product. I would be happy, if you are her
want to have ordered from me in the shop and looking forward to the next time, let’s see,
what we will again for a great product have for you and I say goodbye, until


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