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Sequel to the Cheapest Electric Bike! – Wave 2.0

Sequel to the Cheapest Electric Bike! – Wave 2.0

Nearly a year ago, I emailed Wave Electric
Bikes about their Wave Beach cruiser – which claimed to be “The World’s most affordable
eBikeEVER!” at $599 USD, for early backers, available through indiegogo. It seemed too good to be true! …and it was. The Wave 1.0 was a terrible bike with a shady
crowdfunding campaign… (More on that later.) So, they’ve sent us the follow up – the Wave 2.0! Is it the improvement they need to re-earn
consumer trust? Or is it just a slightly less-terrible bike
with a slightly less terrible marketing strategy? [Animated intro]
[Pre-roll] The Wave 2.0 is a non-crowdfunded bike that
is currently listed on waveelectricbikes’ website for $1,000. If you were to buy one, not that I’m recommending
it, the box comes with a big red warning, stating that professional assembly by a bike
mechanic is required, if you don’t opt for the $95 charge in the checkout to have someone
do it for you.. though the included instructions seemed pretty
clear to me, so I – apparently – took my life into my own hands by putting it together myself. I guess I won’t be able to make any warranty
claims. Now that it’s assembled, let’s see what we’ve got. The Wave 2.0 features a 750 watt brushless
hub motor, 6 speeds, and a REPORTED 25mph top speed, with 23 miles of range using the
throttle only, and 40 miles with pedal assist these numbers are likely thanks to the 500
watt hour battery with Samsung cells and aluminum frame, both of which are big upgrades over
the Wave 1.0’s generic cells and steel frame. And my real world numbers actually get reasonably
close to those – I’ve gotta give them credit for that -considering that WaveElectricBikes
obtained these numbers with a 165lb rider on perfectly flat terrain with no stopping
– completely unrealistic conditions that are not stated on their website! BUT – electrical components aside – as a
BIKE, the Wave 2.0 just feels.. kinda cheaply made. The handlebars have a lot of play, no matter
how much you tighten everything, it doesn’t come with fenders or a quick release on the
front wheel.. the pedals are plastic, the brakes squeak horribly when wet, the motor
shudders as it starts up, the “luxury stitching” on the handlebar grips is already coming undone,
the plastic kickstand has already broken, my battery case ARRIVED cracked, AND the rack
is useless to hold any pannier bags, because the battery is completely in the way… unless you raise it slightly with washers,
like I did. That woulda cost them, what, 25 cents? Furthermore, there’s no deceleration curve
for the motor controller, so it abruptly cuts in and out as you go below and above 20mph. The only way to AVOID This is by switching
the bike to “offroad mode,” which instantly REMOVES the speed limitation and allows the
bike to put out full power regardless of speed… making it VERY EXPLICITLY NOT street legal
in part of the United States and Canada. Make of that what you will. Not everyone will care that their vehicle
isn’t street legal. One thing *I* like about it, is the fact that
the front and rear lights are both powered by the main battery, and can be turned on
and off with the press of a button. Though, I wish they were significantly brighter. And the complaints don’t end there. The LED display has no odometer, wattmeter,
speedometer, or remaining range… it just has readouts for battery and pedal assist
levels. And if you want NO pedal assist, you have
to turn the entire thing OFF for some reason. Also, it can be difficult to distinguish the
buttons, or the LEDs,, from one another, especially if you’re wearing gloves. So, overall, the Wave 2.0 is just… a cheaply
made bike. I wouldn’t pay $1,000 dollars for it, and
neither should you. So what happened here? Why is it so lame? Well, ladies and gentleman, I did promise
to look into the history of WaveElectricBikes, and WOW did I dig up some DIRT. The indiegogo campaign for the Wave 1.0 ebike
ultimately raised 1.1 million dollars. And once they had the money, their promises
began slipping away… Delivery dates were pushed back…. multiple times… The Samsung batteries were changed to generic
cells.. The 1-year warranty vanished.. The promised top speed and total range were
decreased.. When the bikes FINALLY started shipping, customers
received parts that were damaged, incorrect, non-functional, or just missing.. In all fairness, SOME customers are happy
with their purchase, but.. many are not, and these folks are STILL posting angry comments
on the indiegogo page, demanding refunds and decrying the lack of communication from WaveElectricBikes. I spoke to my contact about all of this, and
he said that, “we definitely had some issues,“ but “we were able to resolve these issues
and produce the Wave 2.0 without any of these issues” Really? What brand of alternative facts are these? Because more than 1 and a half years later,
some of the original backers have STILL not received their Wave 1.0 bicycles. And… it gets a lot worse. While the campaign was still active, someone
posted this image, comparing the Wave 1.0 eBike to a seemingly identical bike from…
available for… $400 dollars?? But upon closer examination it’s.. yeah..
it’s exactly the same bike. Turns out, there’s a company that’s LITERALLY
called “OEM Bicycle” that sells these bikes, in lots of 100, and told me they have been
doing so since 2014… before the Wave indiegogo campaign even launched. And they’e doing the EXACT SAME THING is with
the “Lady Wave.” Or should I say, the OEM en15194. That would be pretty disturbing, since reselling
a product is against Indiegogo’s terms of service. But neither Indiegogo, nor WaveElecticBikes,
has responded to these allegations. Digging deeper, I found THIS forum post, which
points out similarities between Wave’s branding and music, taken from RadPowerBikes, and I
ALSO discovered that Wave’s logo is almost identical to Wave BROADBAND’s logo. Is there anything they DIDN’T rip off? Again, my contact at WaveElectricBikes denies
that any of these things are ongoing problems, And even says that it’s the Alibaba vendors
who are copying Wave, and not the other way around. AND, that Wave 1.0 customers, and Wave 2.0
customers, are COMPLETELY unrelated – whatever that means.. Because, I don’t agree. It looks like the Wave 2.0 has the same frame
design, wheels, brakes, LED display, battery case, motor, and motor controller, as the
Wave 1.0. I wouldn’t be surprised if OEM Bicycle (or
some other Chinese vendor) is still supplying WaveElecticBikes with parts, or even entire
bicycles. But because the Wave 2.0 is NOT crowdfunded,
there’s nothing inherently wrong with this.. And lots of Chinese products are marked up
and resold for MUCH higher margins than what I believe Wave is taking.. But none of that changes that the Wave 2.0
is a cheap bike, sold by a sketchy company with a track record of disappointing and misleading
its customers. They SAY they’ve moved on to a different business
model, but some of the Wave 1.0 backers, and ALL of the Lady Wave backers, have STILL not
received their bikes, DESPITE the fact that you can currently BUY them straight from…
which is making the backers VERY upset. So I would say, don’t buy anything from
WaveElectricBikes, at LEAST until they’ve made things right with their outstanding indiegogo
supporters. Which leads us to a pretty clear conclusion.. There are some significant and unavoidable
costs associated with building a GOOD eBike, so the cold hard truth is you’re probably
NOT gonna find one for less than a thousand dollars. If that’s too expensive for you, my completely
unbiased advice is just get yourself a REGULAR BIKE from a well established brand like Specialized,
Giant, or Trek. Or you could get a moped or even a fixer-upper
motorcycle if you’re mechanically inclined. And always remember, kids, if a crowdfunding
campaign looks too good to be true… it probably is. [Integration] Thanks for watching guys. Leave a comment below about your favorite
bike or electric bike, don’t forget to hit that LIKE button or DISLIKE button, or…
both??? Ah, that doesn’t work. Get subscribed, cause we’ve got more electric
vehicle reviews… on the horizon…. Heheh.. and click up here for the last crowdfunded
eVehicle I hated, the FlyKlySmartped.


The bike doesn't look bad considering it has a lot of features and it worked. I thought it funny you were criticising it for not having more features, like a speedometer and nicer buttons. The brakes you might be able to adjust (bend) to make less noise, but they are probably just complete garbage. The main thing to worry about is reliability and quality. The indiegogo scandal is crappy for sure. Haha.

$1,000 cheap??? I turned a walmart bike into an ebike ( total cost 250 bucks ) and half an hour of work…

Why anyone supports crowd funding is completely beyond me. If their idea was any good, they would be able to get actual investors.

All I want to know is if you got them to send you a free bike by telling them you were going to be reviewing it, and then just destroyed them lol

That's why I would never buy something that just showed up and made by unknown people. I am not a bike person, but it's the same everywhere. People are just stupid and falls for pretty much everything, I just wonder how they got such money to buy these expensive bikes(imo 999 is not a cheap for me, even if that's a bike, and I know bikes are not cheap, and if yo ucall this cheap, you are stupid enough, which doesn't make me wonder why such people buy this stuff and then complain), unless they are some reviewers.

Do we think "Wave" received over a million bucks from crowd sourcing to then just sell the other companies "Oem" bikes.?
As Sherlock Holmes would say.."Watson…there is something afoot"
Or as we would say…"something here stinks"

There is a new Wave ebike on CL right now (6/17/18) in L.A. for $200 w/o pedals. Thanks for saving me the trip to check it out.

amazing to me that someone didn't just build a universal bolt on e-motor set up for any standard sized bike… how hard could it be to make a generic mounting bracket? I know someone who hooked a weed eater engine to his bike and he could ride it for 70 miles AND kill every mosquito in his path at the same time ffs lolol.

Awesome review. This is SOOO typical of Chinese vendors only wanting to make a quick buck. They will likely be gone in another year only to pop up as another sketchy company. The electric bike business is impressively sad. You can have Chinese junk for around $1000 or you can have a nice ebike that costs more than a new motorcycle or decent used car. I can buy a perfectly nice $500 regular bike from a USA manufacture with quality components. Why can't a company like Trek take such a bike add $500 worth of electric assist and sell it for the price of the Chinese junk like this Wave? It's like we're stuck in the product infancy phase year after year. 3D printers are ten times better and one third the cost from when they came out. Electric bikes, however, still either suck or are grossly overpriced.

Don't give a s*** about Indiegogo funders anyone foolish enough to pay for something that isn't even made yet. Obviously just funny every day just like a sucker is born every day

$1000.00 is not cheap for an electric bike. It May be cheap made. But that's no excuse to take people's money for a piece of junk Hope they go out of business soon.👎👎👎

Ancheer makes some pretty decent e-bikes for pretty affordable prices ranging from $650 to about $850

I'm building an ebike for 800 dollars and it has a 1200w motor and full suspention wut u mean a good ebike has to be over 1000 dollars.

Do a review on a sondors bike, it was similarly funded on kickstater and raised about 1.3 million, it also claims to be the most affordable ebike ever, but unlike the wave( in my experience) it's a pretty good bike for around the same price

Edit: just saw at the end of the video that you show it as one of the things that are too good to be true,(also on indiegogo and not on kickstater, didn't even know it raised money there lol) and I just wanted to say that I've had very good experiences with my sondors. Please do a review

Damn those are expensive, about 2 years ago I was about to get a chinese one for like 400 ish I test rode it and it felt decent but I already had a vespa scooter so buying it seemed not that necessary

why trhe fuck is this only praised electric bike that is worth SO MUCH MONEY, there is alot good bikes with less than half the price, idea of electric bike is to assist on hard to pedal conditions, otherwise you should be less lazy and pedal ffs

u can build a e bike yourself
1. Get a 300$ mountain bike
2. Get a 500$ ebike kit
and boom you got a mountain ebike for 800$.

You guys should talk about E-Bike Kits, they seem pretty cheaper then buying en E-Bike from a manufacturer, and you get to use your own bike that you already may have. I'm looking into it, seems like some work though..

Fuck that,
Here in Canada you can buy a 4$ Cell phone charger with two 18650 cells inside for 4$
Each pack gives you 4.2volts @ 2.2Amps (two 18650 cells) and a charging circuit to charge them both with usb in and out.
For 4$!!!
I've bought 12 of them so far and plan to buy around 100
This will give me a 1,600 watt battery for only 400$ plus our stupid like 25% Tax

Then you go to walmart and buy a cheap but powerful shop vacuume for around 40$

Then buy like a 60$ Voltage Step down converter so you can series all of your battery packs together up to 70 volts and then parrarel 70 volt packs to boost your amps

A 60 volts Voltage Transformer will only supply 10Amps
But the 1600 watt battery is made up for 4volts @ 400 Amps

You do have to break open each pack and hard wire all the packs in series.
This makes it more effiecient then trying to step up the voltage

If you start at low voltage and boost up, this means you will consume lots of amps from your pack, amps in wire = heat
But I doubt the doller store charging circuits will like being plugged in series.

Now just stap all that to any shitty 20$ garage sale bicycle and you've just made like a 3000$ machine

Right now I'm working on a reversed tricycle.

I'm taking two regular bicycles and chopping off the back triangle.
Not the whole triangle, just the bottom arms, and the angled bar leading from the back axle to the seat post.

You want the seat post in tact, you will take the two bikes and stitch them ass end to ass end with whatever you can muster.
Personally, I"m going new generation red green style. With gorilla tape instead of duct tape.
But essentially, I want thin alluminum layers wrapped around, thick enough to a knife from poking through, but thin enough to flex, then also add some sort of rubber seal to the alluminum with about 3mm thickness.

Repeat this process as many times as you want.

Anyways, You want these two frames ass end, to ass end.
This is the front of your tricycle.
These are your two front wheels.

Now if you are imagining it correctly, you will realize you have to turn the wheels 90 degrees to make them face forward.

Now think about where the pedals go.
And now remove those pedals

Put two bars in the holes where the pedals were and this is now your central support that will run to the rear end of your tricycle

The front end now uses generic front end bicycle parts, now special parts needed, but that's the same as a regular 500$ Tricycle

Yet the back end, is a regular bicycle back end, so again, you don't need any special axle, or wheel chair rims, to replace them.

I'm aiming for a turtle vehicle.

Doesn't go fast, but it will be heavy as fuck, unstoppable, float, keep you warm with just your body heat alone, create fresh water while simultaneously cooling you off of cooking you food, carry anything you will ever need, attach to your family like a long train that will add the its total capacity and strength, all cabins can be controlled by the single front leader, There are no windows you use cameras and either a projected imagine on the front surface you look at inside, or just looking through a regular computer monitor, this is much safer where you can look in every direction possible, while looking in one spot.

If this machine self drives itself, it'll be much safer when everything fails becuase it only goes a max speed of 12kmh

This machine will crawl its way up the country following rivers where when it starts to run low on supply, or just wants to return to what it calls home, it couold just hope on the river and float back

If a tree laid in your way you could cut it apart using your excess electricity

This device is designed around the idea of being able to absorb any and all natural sources of electricity.

All of the parts you'll have to replace regular are so small that you can basically carry 3 version of this one machiens main componets in a single box.

If tire blew out, you could easily carry 10 extra tubes
Personally, I'm trying to find a roller blade company that will make a bicycle wheel, sure its uncomfortable to ride on without suspension, but then again, sussspeeenssiooonn.
Who cares if the wheels are rock hard if you're floating onto of air controlled cylinder suspension.

The motor it uses is so small you could carry 3 extras easily.
Can your regular car do that?

I can carry forks, many rims, and entire back ends.
The essential components are all small and compact to the point that they would easily fit into like a ward drob type box.

You would carry many boxs behind you like a train
But drive through a forest more like snake

Not needing to cut any kind of path because it should be under a 4 foot width

And most important I think:

I can give this to my child at 4
And she can carry it on her whole life
It gives her a safe place
It gives her power
It gives her Transporation

Its like a bomb proof caccoon on wheels

Built around trying to carry a giant Excersise Bicycle Wheel that weighs over 200lbs
You have to spin it really fast, then stop it as fast as you can.

The better your system is (Batteries, Electro Break, Ect)
The faster you can stop the weight without creating any kind of heat loss.

Even if there was heat loss.
You add to one of your outside layers a bunch of Peltier Pumps/Thermal Electric Genereators/Thermal Electric Coolers to absorb as much of the heat loss as possible

Not to immediately source it back in as more heat, but to store it to possibley be used as a coolant instead.

If you were in the desert, you would want to spend most of your time transforming your excess energy into a cooling effect.

This is condense water from air and bam, you now have pure glass of water in the desert

So pure in fact, you would want to sprinkle and stir in some sand to add taste and minerals

I could go on for hours and probably make a book into a movie about it.

But then realize I don't have the team, the know how, the care, or the ability to actually accomplish all of these things in one life time, while still producing something that's actually a…. I would say marketable because I"m not trying to sell it,

Produce something that actually serves a true purpose to making everyones daily life that much easier.

The fastest way to a three day work week while still saving so much cash, that you could buy houses out right in a decade or two even on the lowest income jobs

PLease read this and actually close your eyes and see it for how amazing it is….

Augmented reality is so much greater for our reality then you realize, and the only way we can make it great is if we carry two ps4s on our backs at all times with about 10-20lbs worth of batteries.

Rediculous right? But damn near close to almsot what exactly we're looking for.

When you look into my Augmented reality googles, you will be looking into my rabbit hole

You will be looking though my looking glass

You wouldn't see a normal reflection like in sunglasses, you would see the world as I see it.

As I walked around my world with my computer and together the computer and I changed everything we saw.

I don't know what I want, it doesn't know what I want.

But I can ask it to just keep showing me random results, and I can highlight what I like green, and red for what I want to keep changing.



Could go on for hours…
I've told…. way to many people… and I've lost all hope in the idea that it serves any true purpose to share these ideas..
While at the same time, knowing that not all of them will be accomplishable by myself.

And also on top of that, having to worry about the fact that even if I do accomplish to build even the most crude model, the dick head cops in my city will end up just stealing it like the always try to do

DONT TOUCH greatkeen bikes who trade as sequel bike on aliexpress , DONT buy from here if you have a problem they will ignore you and cut you dead , my frame has poorly manufactured bearing seats for the fork stem and no matter what you do it wont adjust ! and rocks badly or you have to overtighten to minimise then the steering is stiff and dangerous ! as soon as they realised it was the frame they cut me dead contacted aliexpress who washed there hands of it very quickly ! you only have 15 days to open dispute as they were delaying saying they were talking to engineers ! that time went !

Just buy a new bike and an ebike conversion kit and battery boom 500 bucks and u get a better quality yet cheaper ebike with the ability to build it how u like and upgrade the parts at your own pace.

Why not just build something like this yourself? Surely you can easily find a motor and an old bike at a landfill or something and just strap a 12 volt on the back of it? I don't get what exactly you're paying for here, something like this isn't going to replace a car anytime soon so why buy it?

95$ to assemble bike from half assembled state? Just to mount wheels and pedals? Are you kidding? 5$ max here.
Wet brakes always squeak when. It has to be this way. Otherwise you most probably have broken or incorrectly mounted/setup wheels/brakes. You don't want to hear others sounds brakes can emit.

You can try converting your bike to an ebike but for the motor, controller, and battery you’ll have to pay about $600+ 😖

was anyone surprised that the bike was just a rebranded product from alibaba? Shady kickstarters have been doing this for years now. Even Meze headphones first generation of products were rebadged alibaba products.

Boi my electric dirtbike goes 35 mph for $699 motor is 1000w and has a longer range and can be fitted with 18650 battery’s

$1000 bucks? Eben comes with rusted chain and rear sprocket, all that for $1000 bucks! Yeah, no thanks. Anyone who sends me a new product with the intention of correcting there poor public image but neglects rusted parts I say no thanks and good luck! All this and I haven't even watched the whole video yet.

A little late to the party, but at 6:14 EN 15194 is a European standard, rather than the model of the bike. Not at all important, but still a bit funny for an European. Great video as always. link:–448301_SAIG_DIN_DIN_1011035/

I am currently educating myself about e-bikes. This model is one I want to give a test ride. The bike shop I visited had MANY in stock. Bike owner's son rides one, and he loves it. Lots of more expensive bikes in the shop, but the son's owner chose this one. This video is news to me. Has Wave finally gotten it together, or will I encounter more of the same?

i work at a bike rental get some of the same complaints…riding a bike is sort of like trying to learn how to use internet search engine for the first time its simple if everything works but theres normal problems that can be mitigated if not avoided if you know about it but you usually have to break some things before you know how much damage it can take, how you are damaging it, kickstand for example is ment for the weight of a bicycle but everyone thinks it can handle a riders weight thats not true…i heard that old style kickstands are actually made to break off in a bad accident so less chance of stabbing rider.
more expensive can handle more mistreatment but still has same problems but i wouldnt buy a bike from walmart er something, too much breaks too fast.

I bet they paid more for those fuckin kenda tires than they did on the rest of the bike. What an absolute POS. They probably make each bike for $100 after you factor in all the costs of production, marketing, "research", "testing", etc.

Clearly the people who posted good reviews for that absolute pile are either paid reviewers, or they're idiots. They literally talk about how shit is breaking like the kickstand and fenders but then somehow they consider that a good thing. Unbelievable.

Wave is selling the company:

just picked up an Ecotric flash 26 500w for 699$ amd this thing is solid and fast! check this one out. best Ebike under 1000.

If you DIY'd it, it would still be much cheaper and better than this or a radwagon or any of these e-bikes being reviewed. quick release on wheels are theft magnets, motor rumble is normal on some hub motors, but everything else I understand.

Thanks for this review, is really well made.
You are more than a reviewer, you are a journalist and all the information that you communicate its extremely important to the community.


It’s better just to get a good kit and properly install it on a well built bike if you don’t want to get one from a shop but I’d still get the kit from a shop that sells them like one with known locations you can look on their website call them etc. that way you can also make it way more customized for probably a bit cheaper too.

haha ! nice try ! im betta off making my own ! : ) i rock & rule the waves ! ha nah jokes. the ocean rules the waves

SLIPPIN IN YOUR ADVERT AT THE END IS A BIT NAFF. thats the kinda thing that will stop people subscribing. we dont like that shit ! bless ya

When are people going to learn that these crypto-Chinese eBike/Scooter/Whatever crowdfunder campaigns never needed your money to begin with, and are just robbing you with the old Foreign Bootleg Bazaar scam?

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